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Ashen "Cali 5" 5 Watts 10" Custom Handmade Tube Guitar Amp Combo : $649

By ashenamps on 06/21/2020 - Expires in 67 days
Localization: Moreno Valley, California ( United States United States)
Ashen “Cali” hand-wired 5 Watts tube guitar amplifier combo with 10” (or 12") speaker. You can select the kind of wood, design details (inlays, layering, wood mixing, etc.) and color for your custom-built enclosure.

This combo is similar in settings and usage to Fender Champ but has a completely different unique class A chassis design, completely hand-wired, point to point soldered, very basic (in terms of usage) amp is very responsive to pedals. We use Russian double triodes tubes seen in HiFi equipment (for a crystal clarity) for the power section and military quality mini-tubes for transparency of the signal and considering that they have a lifespan of around 5,000 hours, they will work for as long as you wanna play :)

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Ashen Amps Tube Combo Guitar Amp

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