Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

HT-5C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-5 series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 32 reviews )
 15 reviews47 %
 11 reviews34 %
 2 reviews6 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very disappointed!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
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Really impeccable finish

Connections very well thought


Easy and complete


Major problems of this amp: not always a very musical sound medium that persists despite the settings, Lead channel that saturates too quickly and is fairly rough, clear channel fade without personality that not Crunch! effectiveness of corrections rather limited, ditto for the ISF

Strangely the headphone, it's almost better!


Despite finishing top, connectivity very well thought this amp disappoints me every time I plug ...

No clear sound nice (even my old '93 Bronco transistors plain sounds better), Lead channel fast draft which saturates too quickly preventing any Crunch, a medium not musical (very boxy) accompanies all the settings and I still looking for the sound "lamp"!

Sorry but a small Fender Mustang 1 100 euros is more realistic settings with Bias and Sag ... and much more versatile live or line out!

Anyway very disappointed especially for the price bought! I will look closer to a head NT2H Vox Lil 'Night Train that looks very nice in this area "lamps"

Nm94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but could do ... meiux"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Guitar amp combo mid study lamps (12BH7 x 2) mid transistors (ISF)

Pannau of control on top:

1 instrument input, 2 switches and power glow light + 1, 2 channels with a common 3-band EQ, 1 volume and 1 clean channel volume gain + 1 for the second channel saturated, 1 ISF knob digging or favoring more or less mediums , 1 headphone output with 1x12 or 4x12 emulated, a mini push button channel change with its LED indicator.

Connectors: 2 HP: 1x8 ohms and 2x16 ohm, 1 effects loop with its mini pushbutton +4 dBV or -10 dBV. taking the supplied footswitch.

Effects: None.


Setup could not be more simple!

Easily get a sound: yes if we take care to manage the acute abundant!

Its quite right unless the TFR is right ... (Marshall it seems!) Treble a bit harsh ... Lack of roundness may be due to the HP 10 ...

The overdrive channel starts immediately thrust into overdrive ... The blues sound is rather a gain in volume and 9 ...

Manuel explicit and well done.


In my opinion (with 2 single stato Van Zant rock + pearly gate) the best channel is clear ...

There is only one of my pedals that sounds very natural in providing a more clear channel is my mojo ... The GTO TS 808, in OD, the DS1 make the sound too "transistor" to my ears ... This lack of "ttchhh" just to attack the note ... Yes I know it's not Class A! Nevertheless, low and rounded question one comes to regret more than 3 kg and a true HP 12 ...

Anyway we should not look at all these mini amps get his lights (they are packed with electronics that replaces ... eg ISF)! They often have two lamps while in small amps of yesteryear had at least 5 ... With the transformers that go with 6 or 7 KG ... And more than 1000 euros a ticket too!

But compared to transistor amplifiers novanex 15 W at its pourave we could afford just 30 years ago ... It is day and night, the medieval and modern ...

Render unto Caesar what belongs to him: this amp is made either for rehearsal or on stage but in an apartment then this register is not bad, TRANSPORTABLE (11.5 KG), nicely finished, handle solid vinyl and correct (mine is burgundy and the most beautiful effect: limited version!).

Should some kind of music? : Your ears will only judge! It is primarily a study of low-amp volume ... And 5 W's okay to work with 2 lines and rytmiques scratch!



weight! finish, simplicity, the clean channel and the price ...


The connectivity rather misplaced and boosted channel too steep and too progressive ... To try anyway with vintage double output level in order to work at reasonable volume ...

No reverb: Too bad because this series would not have ruined blackstar!