Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

HT-5C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-5 series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 32 reviews )
 15 reviews47 %
 11 reviews34 %
 2 reviews6 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mick_mc_charby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
The characteristics we were already fully described.


this is a very simple configuration, no brainer with everything and anything as n switch. just what it takes to make a guitar sound.

the setting are effective, there are good clean and light overdrive to large distortion.


this is a great amp for bosser at home and able to do a few Repeat '(a condition not want to play like a deaf)

I play blues to metal through the rock and hard rock and it goes pretty well.


I was from a can about 1 year and I am very happy. I remake that choice without hesitation it is reliable, it rings, can cheap, versatile and has a lamp.

Nico-Shyva's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" That's good!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
5W all-tube amp.
Clean channel and overdrive channel. There's a volume for volume up and clean for the saturated gain. There is also an equalizer (bass, middle and treble) + the famous ISF button that allows to switch between the "English" to sound "American".
This amp is very comprehensive in that it also has an effects loop (for a 5W, it's rare enough to be noticed, and it's very useful)! It has a headphone / emulated that can be transplanted. It is increasingly comes with a footswitch to switch the clean channel to overdrive channel.
In short, it has everything a great!


There are quite a few knobs, but it's amazing what you can do with this amp. One of the reasons I bought this amp is that it has a very good, even at low volumes. For all the lamp, it is not common, especially with distortion. It makes the apartment ideal amp for a large and powerful without its own round up the whole neighborhood.
That said, I've never gone more than two (out of 10, 11 not extend this one) but for a 5W, he sleeps well my 15W Peavy (transistor). I never tried, but there's not necessarily means the case requisitioned with a drummer too lumberjack.

The ISF knob which takes us from his type of its kind to Marshall Mesa is not there to make nice, the sound changes and it really gives us a good range of sound. I am talking here of the distortion.


To be clear, I bought it to play the Metal in the apartment. Suffice to say that I did not really dwelt on the clean channel. This is nice but nothing more. One can find much better elsewhere. That said, the clean channel is still the road, and for this I ask, I'm very happy.
For boosted channel is that of happiness, even at low volume! It's really nice to have this quality of sound without sending watts. The sound is clear, not necessarily too serious, but I've never given either lower than Re. I play on an ESP horizon microwave active and it sends the wood. I also play sometimes with a Pacifica with a Di Marzio climb the bridge, and the sound is also very good, not so cold even -> amp respect the identity of the guitar.
Oh, I forgot: the HT-5 also transcribed many dynamics: if you brush against the ropes or you avouanez, it reacts accordingly.


I use it now for a year and a half. I had tried other amp (15W instead), but I wanted a sound lamp, and the others were not only much more expensive, but in addition, they were worthless in distortion at low volumes. After, I have not tried all either.
At the time, I'd buy for playing in the apartment (because the head ... Marshall). Now that I'm home, I always play on him, except that group then I take my big amp. It was also used to record some guitar and made the sound is very conclusive.
The price / quality ratio is unbeatable and I would do this choice rather than two times!

DLudo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 5 watt ... Damn!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Everything has already been said.


The config is reduced to the essentials, some say it's an advantage, others an inconvenience. The number of pots being reduced, we easily obtain for a good sound without breaking your head too. That said, setting the ISF should be doing based on the EQ which takes a little getting used to.

Not very practical: the effects loop is quite difficult to access if the amp is set up. And know that God is indispensable.
I tried plugging a stompbox reverb without going through the effects loop sounds great and the sound yucky. As soon as one goes through against it, the sound is ni-kel.


I play mostly metal, with little going to the extremes. This is an amp that suits my musical taste and, by the lack of slight distortion, forcing a play properly.
I was looking for a sound "deep" for computer music. The amp is just perfect for that. In addition, the HT5 is a clarity and surprising power for its size and price. I tried it with several guitars and he actually meets well the personality of each of them. On wood mahogany or maple micro active or passive, we have a very different sound!


I use it for 2 months. I went from a 100W transistor This little 5watt just waiting to roar (and not like a snarling poodle).
I think it's the best tube amp of this power in the market, and value for money and really good. It is a mistake to play on the transistor when it is ca.

The pros:-Easy to use.
-The sound (very flexible & versatile)
-The power of 5 watts.
The output-émullé.
-The price.

The -:-No reverb.
-Unable to hear the emulated output at the same time as the HP. (One cancels the other)
-Difficulties accessing the effects loop.

bferrand's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A small bomb ..."

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
See more advice ... I bought it in hard head.
I put 8 / 10 for lack of improvements made on the reverb version ...


Very simple configuration, and finally what is an amp!
Everything has been said above and I confirm!
Sound: a killing!


I play everything but mostly metal, rather soft, so I needed a very versatile amp that can send the pie as well as playing in extreme finesse. I use emulated output for computer music or on my old 4x12 Peavey ValveKing (which can go get dressed ...) with a PRS McCarty and a boost from Xotic AC in the entrance (gem) to push a little hissing or get a crunch on the clean channel ... Is that of happiness ... I can have all the sounds I was dreaming. ISF is a very good job. The sound is responsive to perfection, clear, soft and warm if not downright incisive rhythmic if the tape a bit on the big bolts (perfect for metal riffs). Without the boost, we will clean the lens with a big rock sound very well made, with, multiply the opportunities to go to modern high gain sounds ... a good mix of reverb magic (holy GRALE in the loop) to go big sound dry and punchy, leads through the well connected, to the cosmic diffuse ground ... arfff ... I'm in love!


It's been more than five years, I test everything that is possible in such a real budget for sound recording and what to play during rehearsals. " Looks like I found the solution to my problème.Je him for about a month ... I do not regret my purchase, except perhaps for not purchase the reverb ... But since I already have a good ...

You can go there with closed eyes, this amp can do everything, and it does more than well! And it's cheap ...

TheJeff666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"lamps for computer music!!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Lamp 5 watt combo, 2 channels, wealth effects loop, line out / headphone simulator. In fact, it is a dual VAT with a baffle celestion 10 "and an effects loop. I took this combo to its characteristics, 9 only because it" lacks "the knob gain on the clean channel .... sniff ...


well it's a fairly standard tube amp, so no need to open the manual ... as soon as I received it, connecting the telecaster, all except the volume pot to 5 mediums widened slightly, and, live on both channels, the SOUND! after we play with the ISF and it SOUNDS! So very easy to use, true happiness, things change modeling (hardware or software) for immediate results.


As a combo, the sound could be fuller and rounder, this is normal given the size of HP celestion, but much better than the other 5 watt lamp that I could try or even buy (peavey valve king Royal 8, despite the disappointing mods). on the other hand, plugged into a 4x12 JCM800lead friend, that is happiness ... And the 5 watt are not joking ...
So for not too strong at home, the combo is nickel. To repeat, type the beef or small concert, plug it on a 2x12 or 4x12 baffle, you will not be ashamed (of the sudden I'm going to buy a greenback 2x12 cabinet .... pffff ...)

But that's not why I took this combo is to make a real computer music with his lamp ... and, emulated output on the soundcard, the sound I was looking for months ... without even equalize, but happiness ...

Clean channel: Ben is a clear tube with no frills. on the other hand is a real clean sound to light, so with this little trick that I've never been able to maintain, or feel, with a model that either hard or soft (and I had to try everything on this market. We are amazed at first, then it very quickly tiresome, frustrating for me ... even more you spend more time to set up and even to play with this kind of stuff, plus we must correct his catch to the mix ...).
The channel is very neutral at first, you have to do what you want. It depends on your game and amp settings and thus the ISF (a slaughter that thing ...). Very dynamic, responds very well to the game a little reverb in the loop, which works very well and is included in the emulated output, and off you go. Not possible to saturate the channel with the volume at less than 5, then, with microphones and powerful by increasing the volume, we can give body to the sound to reach a very nice warm crunch, and with the ISF, we do what you want ...

Distortion channel: Aaargh!! too good. As versatile as the clean channel, very gradual gain going from bluesy crunch to the very very big distortion. The ISF is a new dimension, we have several amps on hand ... Lead, rhythm, various experiments, anything goes. I just have not managed to have bad sound, and I am far from having experienced all the possibilities of the beast ...

The effects loop works very well (Me, I put a small multi effect for tremolo, reverb and delay) and the amplifier accepts pedals very well live (wah, overdrive light for me).

Edit: after 2 gigs with a drummer and another guitar player a bass player, the first with a reasonable volume bar, no need to plug the Blackstar on a 2x12 cab, super sound, immediate placement in the mix, not even to touch I sound foot. second concert with the same training but a louder volume, connect the sound with blackstar in the emulated output, very efficient, but the sound is working well on the table to be placed correctly in the mix (pan EQ ... ), less dynamic than the direct sound (normal is an emulation) but once it has adapted to the sound and venue of the concert, it makes him frankly.
The personality of the guitar is very well respected. I play on a LP Custom copy mounted P90, and a telecaster deluxe 72, the guitars very different then. I also tried it with the studio LP from a friend who was amazed with his guitar in channel two big crunch mode and ISF mode british ... I am quite mode Rican ...


Bought new two months ago, and experienced in various situations, soon resumed with the combo sound emulated by the output (I'd do an edit at this time).

After a history of rock monomaniac old Fender amps with large lamps in (hot rod deluxe twin reverb, bassman, princeton ...), then spent another big electro or I have tested almost everything that was in modeling ... I was looking for a lamp to his real work and save my house at low volume and headphone and have all the same scratching sound of a real and workable for what a reasonable budget. Well nothing to say, I've used ...

the +

very good clean sounds
very good overdrive
good dynamic sounds of guitars met
effects loop
emulated output

The -

knob no gain on the clean channel
This deserves a good combo HP 12 "base

Most excellent value for money for the price of a big pedal, it was a very good combo lamp with effects loop and emulated output. A true Swiss Army knife for the guitarist, you can do anything with this combo, even play at Stade de France ... All you need is a good guitar, fingers and a little creativity ...

Edit: I'm going to buy may be one for the stereo ....

Disto14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A great amp but could be amlior ..."

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
All-tube amplifier 5 W
Very well thought out with very UNESCORecords connector (rare for this type of amp house), including an effects loop and a headphone output with HP's formulation (1X12 or 4X12), perfect for able to register in silence with a good quality of his or even to get a dub sound live.
Many possibilities, rglages (equalizer and also the possibility of giving a color or amricaine Plutt british)
Two channels: Overdrive and clear.


Is a small amp and studio work. It is perfect for this use l. on the other hand, not powerful enough to play in groups.
Very easy to use. At first I


does a little of the clear sound that I found just enough crisp and clear. It is not a Fender and even putting the ISF to position "amrican" remains a very medium in the sound.
The sound is very saturated right for an amp of this size and power. on the other hand, he left a little buzz if pushed too. It must be reasonable and not Hoping play metal with (at least with good sound).
About the ISF (Infinite Shape filter) which allows to vary the color of his just and well, I think that has not changed much in the final sound!
In my opinion, the original HP deserves to be changed by a better quality and which would sound much better, plain as saturated.
I express this amp by plugging it into the HP of my Fender blues deluxe and well I can tell you that has nothing more to see!
The sound through headphones is wonderful and perfect register.
In all cases, compared a whole bunch of amps that power is very far from one who has the best sound (the price is also consquence).


I bought all rcemment but sold due to urgent need of money. I would have well-kept and improves (change HP).

We must compare this amp with all his power and I just think it's very far from one who has the best sound (the price is also consquence). I tried an Ibanez valbee a Fender Champion 600, a modified Harley Benton ... He has all Surpass.
I find that even when a better price for the HP would be in the original equipment as possible is one that is really not that great.
With this rserve is a great amp.

tonioux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
everything is discussed below, all-tube amp with 5W power tubes or the equivalent of a 40 Watt RMS amp so it can look good with a 50W transistor.


very very simple not need manual


I play mainly metal core above the ISF which is simply the outline provides a really good sound palette. With EMG (config two EMG 81) we can finally enjoy their potato because it pulse! disappointed by the clean (like many other apparently) but the EMG 81 at the same time it's done for the distortion to be seen with an electro. In short the sound is warm and good, the knobs respond well short sound quality in return!


after trying transistor amplifiers is incomparable ...

the +: - the quality of manufacturing, assembly and component
- ISF that works wonders
- With the addition of a 2x12 cab, it sounds even better!
- The price! € 280 new for the all-tube combo wouahouuuu transo Vox and the company in the garbage! shame that few people know this brand ...

the -:-sounds cleans ... it squeaks ... domage ... test with electroacoustic I think to really give a reliable opinion on this subject because EMG 81 is not the ultimate in clean.
- The weight

zephyrsong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
5w tube amp
HP 10 "(very medium type)
clean channel and overdrive channel (footswitch sold)
3-band EQ + knob ISF
Effects loop with 2 output level
Upcoming speakers
Headphone output with speaker emulation (1x12 or 4x12)

Amp very comprehensive for its category.


The configuration is simple, but be aware that the ISF knob acts greatly on the sound. He lets go of a sound American (type fender, mesa boogie) to a more british (type marshall, vox).

Having sold with a footswitch is very valuable.


I use a Fender Start mexiciane.

Clean channel: very good, provided you have a reverb to give the presence and magnitude to the sound. It is worth can not be clean of Fender, but he respects very much the sound of your guitar.

Channel overdrive: Great! The sounds are really superb, you can have a very light crunch or rather a big overdrive. One can easily get a sound close to AC / DC or Eric Clapton.

The dynamic is also excellent, even at low volume. It feels good heat lamps.
I play in the apartment with the volume on 2 / 10 and it's a real pleasure.

The ISF is the miracle, whatever the channel.

In addition, it excepts well stompboxes. I use a Line 6 M13, an EHX Holy Grail, a ds2 boss, ibanez and a wh 10 v2 and the sound is really stunning!


Blackstar hit a home run with this amp. The latter is intended for use apartment / house / home studio. The price may seem excessive, but it is by far the most comprehensive 5w tube amp. Having tested Grestch the fender vibro field and peavey royal 8, I can tell you that the Blackstar is over, there is no doubt about that.

thund3r57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Amp lamps (12BH7 and ECC83)
2 channels clear and overdrive
No effects
Effects loop
Upcoming speakers
Emulated headphone output (switchable 1x12 or 4x12)
Knob ISF


It was a very simple configuration the two channels with the same EQ (Bass, Medium, and Tremble ISF)
At first view you get a sound easy but to find these sounds must touch the EQ a bit.
Edit: I've had it 2 months now it is well established (especially HP) so recall does not push too hard at first to avoid damaging the HP


My style of going to the Blues Trash metal, so I wanted a versatile amp and it is!
The ISF can render either UK or U.S., to 0 (UK) is pretty well defined edge typed property on the mesa without being ISF to 10 is more fat and heavy, typed marshall.
I play with is an Ibanez RG350 time, sending it and the amp really well respect the instrument.
For cleans I think they are good but not extraordinary, for the solo parts in the treble is a very round and warm sound but the rhythm with the basic chords (LA, MI, SOL ...) we have a more neutral than personality.
For the overdrive channel it to a knob and a volume gain, the gain is made cruncher mini amp in a way very nice, until you gain at 10 am in a really good crunch very round and you feel good that the ECC83 is not for nothing, knob gain at noon we discover overdrive sound pretty ideal for hard rock (70 ', 80') Iron Maiden no problem for example, Judas Priest ... 14h from the gain is frankly to raise the metal is heavy and round, unfortunately that is the trash like metallica to be struggling to find his account because the sound is heavy and round and not quite "dirty "So the good-on with a good distortion is happiness, in fact the couple are now the amp with a Boss DS-1 for metallica it just happens, it is especially interesting for a good sound with nirvana DS-1 coupled with the crunch from the amp on the overdrive channel, it gives depth to the sound of the DS-1 so it's ultimately a good balance.


I've had it about 1 month and I begin to feel comfortable with, before I had a Marshall MG10cd coupled with a Yamaha amp allow me to have a sound about right ... but very power level limit and reliability. Suffice to say that with this tube amp that changes, it cleans to cool and very nice saturation, cons by the choice of HP is limited, a better quality would celestion was very beneficial, but it passes, then if you wanted buy it and you had a good budget option for head with 2x12 speaker cabinets such as what it seem extra.
I want to highlight the exceptional build quality, a high quality Tolex a beautiful leather wrist, the amp seems very sturdy and very classy.
To summarize:

+ Finishes
+ Tone crunch and overdrive
+ Versatile

- The HP celestion a fair bit
- If you play mostly trash go your way or investisé in overdrive for
booster and a good distortion Metal style metal muff!
- Length of footswich (about 1.50m) this little displeasing especially for the stage but hey this is not the role of
So ... this amp for the home is acceptable.

In the end I cracked its crunch and its possible variations due to modulation of the guitar volume.
I find the value for money not outrageous given the finishing (I got it for 389 € at the corner store, same price as ... without the shipping costs ^ ^).
I do it again this election 100x I hesitated on how to choose a transistor amp with good cleans, a modulation type Vox VT or low wattage lamps, I'm not disappointed at all I enjoy every day by turning on Stand By ON: D.

clepX's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
5w lamp combo with 2 channels (clean and overdrive) HP 10 "

1 input jack instrument 6.35
clean settings: volume
OD settings: volume gain +
common 2 channel EQ: treble, middle, low and ISF
Switch ON / OFF
Switch StandBy
effects loop
footswitch to switch from clean to OD
output for additional speaker
headphone jack with 6.35 emulation 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet
The amp is very well made, simple and very beautiful I think it looks solid and inspires confidence at first glance. The first time I was still surprised by its small size but it has the advantage of not being too heavy. The handle is leather so fine and the detail of the small scratch for storing the cable In the back is seen.


Using ultra simple, all essential settings are there on top.
Therefore, the manual, you do not watch more than that and anyway it's pretty amber. I find it lacks some examples of settings and perhaps some explanation of the ISF (how to use it effectively).

At first it looks a bit its settings, the simplest being to score, but there is a very interesting site that lets you save its settings and share (


First, like any tube amp, you should wait a little before playing, as long as it heats. Personally I expect a good ten minutes it starts to be pretty, and then it's getting better by playing. We have done a bit early when it's our first tube amp.

The sound is astonishing for an amp of this quality! We expect to have a sound a bit "musty" the views of the size of the craft but not at all, it grows even stronger for 5W! The advantage is that the sound is good even at low volume and can easily play quietly without disturbing the neighbors (or the opposite if you prefer <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" /> ). But it's still a tube amp is when you push the volume the sound is good! I think this amp conect to a large external speaker should be a feast for the ears.

It can play almost anything with this amp! The ISF enables greater versatility in sounds from typed "British" to sound more "U.S.." It feels better the influence of the ISF, moreover, when we lower the midrange (about 9am).

It can get very good clean sounds but those that I find this amp loves the crunch and overdrive (after all they are alumni from Marshall who designed it). Large distos are full of harmonics but it is not my hobby.

I play it with various types of guitars (pickups single, double, accajou body, alder, maple) and it all goes, I even rediscovered the sound of my guitars with this amp!

I have not tested or the effects loop or headphone output with speaker emulation.

Ah yes, it may lack a reverb, but hey, as the sound is good, we do pay more attention too after a while.


It has been 3 months it is mine, and even playing almost every day over, I can not get enough, there's always a new sound to find.

I highly recommend it to those who seek versatility, sound lights and the small price!
In terms of place compared to the competition, it's true that I have tried him, but I had a tight budget and is the only one to be as well equipped at this price (bought 310 EUR woodbrass fresh, otherwise it is around 400/450 in store).

So it is beautiful, cheap and it has the sound or rather the sounds ... Why miss out? I do it again without hesitation that choice and I think I'll keep it a good time!