Carvin Vintage 16
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Carvin Vintage 16

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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Gor3cki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carvin Vintage 16
An all-tube amp with an exceptional quality finish, made in California (United States made in so ..).
16 watts is perfectly playable 3-4/10 in an apartment and played in groups (it still covers the drummer).
A spring reverb.
Simply plug in an input jack, a switch behind 16-5 watt amp not practical to operate the flathead screwdriver.
a channel with 1soak (gain) 1volume bass 1 1 1 medi trebble and a reverb
See link


Config. very simple, good sounds right away.
zero manual ...
you plug it done three settings on the amp and you play.
It can of thing but he is incredibly well (blues, rock, jazz)
no distortion and ultra modern (just a crunch that can be gentle or powerful).
Displacement level I am an angel, it is light, practical and calle perfectly in the car.


It is a very simple amp with vintage sounds incredibly beautiful and a spring reverb excetionelle (farewell fender) that gives almost a very slight touch of chorus :-) .
it's little but he does well, too well ... must try it's very very very good. Shine on you crazy trying with a diamond or a tele is a strato expresivité of regal with this amp!
they are ideally suited to my style of music, metal and other prohibited disto-art ....
I play a telecaster american deluxe, the couple is perfect.
this amp give me the taste of the analog (as of carvin belair elsewhere but too powerful for use in apartment)
5Watt the switch is useless to me ... it adds nothing and makes the lights work on the cheap (it's not fun)


I use it for 3 weeks.
I chose this amp after extensive research and testing of all full-amp in the other fender hot rod deluxe (not convinced and 730euro), the carvin belair (too puissant50w for me but also exceptionel), the marshall dsl40 ( 700euro also not convinced), the fender blues deluxe (no convincu), the classic peavay 30 (with technical problems and keeping vribration lamps, not bad but the price), the Vox AC30 (good amp but not for me and too bright, powerful), H & G 20th anniversary (not like at all), Fender Vibrolux Reverb (good, very good but not the same budjet) etc ...

1) the value for money (buy 560euro) is incredible
2) the quality of the finish is amazing (you have to love the tweed).
3) the sound is sublime and respects the character of the guitar (dined, expresivité)
4) the reverb is Hell (a fender, but emerges as the best quality has less to type in a fender amp 1800euro)

I'm in love and I increase my hours of study every day since I changed ... Exceptional is an amp for this price range, I advise all to go try it!

Hugo33000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carvin Vintage 16
Superb amp ... APRs have been a Fender Blues Junior, I kept only a few weeks, as unplayable by appt ... The Carvin Vintage 16 has superb sound, even low-volume home , thanks the possibility of playing five watts. The finish is beautiful in her dress vintage tweed. The Celestion Vintage 30 hp is a marvel. Wide range of sounds to classic rock and blues. I bought your eyes closed it based solely on the quality of the HP team combos Mesa Boogie, Orange, among others. Found in France, look to Germany.


Basic and effective


The whole pallet for his bluesy wish and trs beautiful clear sound. He does his job as a rgistre and it's perfect.
I'm not asking to have my Gibson Fender sound and vice versa. So when I see critics say an amp that is good for this but zero for cel makes me laugh ....
If you want more sounds with large distos, buy a second amp made for a.

The amp is like a universal amphibious car is not a good car nor a good boat.

Audio samples:


A 499 Euros in Germany is a great deal for the long moments of pleasure.