Epiphone Valve Junior
Epiphone Valve Junior

Valve Junior, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone in the Valve series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Epiphone Valve Junior

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 20 reviews )
 15 reviews75 %
 3 reviews15 %
 2 reviews10 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Aurin's review"Epiphone Valve Jr."

Epiphone Valve Junior
I've been playing guitar for several years now, solely out of solid state combos -- Peavey Rage 158, Crate GX40C and a little unit I built (Second hobby: Electronics). I play only for myself, not in a band.

I purchased the Valve Jr. from Musicians Friend on sale for $99.00 -- and shipping was free. I thought that it would be a nice way to get into true tube sound and a great price. Since I don't play in a band it was perfect for in home playing.

I love the units look and feel -- it's got a classic styling and the covering is well put together.

Now to the best part - the sound. I was thinking that for $100 I was going to get something mediocre. Boy was I wrong. It's crystal clear until you crank it up, then you get a nice warm distortion reminicent of many old tube heads -- but of course not quite mimicking any. For bedroom/practice use I would say that this is a great unit. You could probably even do a small club with it and larger ones if they'll mike you. That isn't in my realm of experience though.

My sole complaint about this unit is that it doesn't have a headphone out jack. It's got three jacks in the back for 3 different ohm loads but no phones jack on the front =(.

This is built solidly -- It'll stand the test of time if you don't neglect it. There were no blemishes or scratches when I got it.

All in all this is a terrific purchase for the price, especially if you don't already own a tube head. After I buy a bass amp I'll probably purchase a second Valve Jr. as a backup -- or the next "size" up.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very powerful. How? I SAID VERY POWERFUL."

Epiphone Valve Junior
A good little old all-tube 5 watt house. Finally, in principle home. Entrance, on / off, volume, HP and HP outputs an 8 "Eminence Crown in (finally mine, because I believe that there are other types of HP).
The quality is quite good, the Tolex is nice, handles are plastoc this is damage, the grillcloth is successful, the overall design is great. I would have preferred a small logo € rather than maousse "Epiphone" on the side of the amp but good.


The manual is 452145 pages, read all if we understand nothing.
The setup is really very complicated, it is a big problem on this amp. Necessary to connect the guitar in it. Not easy. According to press On. According to wait a bit because it is seen as lamps need it heats. It's really hard in 5 minutes to play. After must adjust the volume and it's complicated to explain to everyone that yes, it is a 5 watts and yes, it is a portable home and yes, it is normal for a small room the volume is unbearable past quarter of the race knob before the amp starts to warm up the sound a bit.
Joking aside this is a real problem the power of this amp in any case to use it is supposed to be: I play in stereo in my home studio or in very small rooms usually art galleries . No way to turn up the volume beyond the fourth race of the knob without everyone out ...
The sound is good apart from that wealth is surprisingly serious for an amp of this size, it does not vibrate, it does not sound boxy at all the sound is full and very pleasant.


Uh for my style of music this amp is frustrating. The sound, perfect. I, who have years of habit of Fender Champion 600 is another world: the sound of the trunk, scale, fat - I still love my 600, it will also end I'll play quadraphonic when I found a way to do it.
But there are so powerful that I have to put very gently and I do not profit as much as I would like heat lamps.
I play a Jaguar Japanese so not what is bigger, hefty as microphones, mostly clear sound with reverb / delay (s) and even for me this is what STRONG. How? The gentleman IL TE SAYS YOU PLAY TOO HIGH. Ah, good.


I like this amp. I have two.
It's cheap, it's beautiful, it sounds good, it is quite light and not too big.
But really in really lacks a switch 0.5w/1w/5w as a Vox or a Bugera.

MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" HEFTY IN A SMALL BUT UNDER THE SOLE!"

Epiphone Valve Junior
- All lamps

- Connectivity speaker usual

- 5 watts

- No forms of specific settings such as bass, trebel, Medle, boost volume, reverb ... There is a setting, a large master volume

- No effects, no reverb or tremolo.


Only 1 volume knob = easier you die!

The manual is not necessary cares!

Easily obtained a good sound, very warm, very soft, crunch amount, however little clean unless you have a fender stratocaster and again.

- Overall all the electric guitars fit him.
- Can also be connected a microphone SHURE SM57 vocal style to the singing is nickel, it could serve as a "small sound" in a bar type PUB. Individual or group sound is audible especially for singing. It was a bump in the midrange, if used for singing, but the voice is clean, it's surprising, but it is the case while giving more personality microphone, light color maybe.

- Perfect for blues harmonica if you are, you can connect the microphone SHURE GREEN BULLET adequate or older, good harps, all on one back in time to the era of Muddy Waters, SONNY BOY! (Having long been used as a harmonica, I can talk about it, it's perfect, even as a group, even with two mesa boogie!)

- Perfect also a microphone jack type instrument to sound with a guitar, singing close enough to the microphone. After all depend on the scope of the microphone you use.


I use it now as a microphone amplifier song, again, at home, on small scenes not worry, nickel if they have a microphone SHURE SM57 type.

Guitars that are passed on are a EPIPHONE GIBSON LES PAUL (a pot), GIBSON SG FADED (even a pot), P90 GIBSON SG CLASSIC REEDITION (one of my shovels), a telecaster twisted / broadcaster (one of my shovels also) EPIPHONE SHERATON II in 2008 (one of my shovels also) a priori no worries, a very warm, sweet, little clean!

Both only negative: - a slight "buzz" if you connect it to a power strip (even if it is new I said) with other outlet, connecting other device, regardless of the device, even heating extra.
- A slight difference in sound outragouse yield if you plug a microphone for singing for example, temperature changes, but nothing to panic, it's organic, they are living lamps. A point which has never been observed with an electric guitar

USE CAUTION: let it warm up at least a good 20 minutes, it's been 7 years since I have this amp, the lamps are original, they have not yet let go of me, and yet I use it regularly. Then let stand for 10 minutes after use. Do not ever look back, the lamps have a tendency to move if you do.


I use it for 7 years. I tried small models from FENDER (FENDER CHAMP modern CHAMPION 600, I MUSTANG etc.) GRETSCH before blah blah, I preferred it much more alive than other organic, much more punch. A quality / price ratio slightly above the price at the time.

For a guitar today it Would there possibly MARSHALL CLASS 5 which would bring in more complete with settings. VOX AC4 Handwired, is not too bad, two good alternatives EPIPHONE VALVE JUNIOR to. The must is an old Silverface FENDER CHAMP or an old VOX AC4, which remains the top in terms of small amp.

With the experience I remake this choice, and maybe I would I one day acquire the senior model combo all lamps, which seems more promising than the junior.
the belly05/04/2012

the belly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sound insane!!"

Epiphone Valve Junior
for our lamps changed .5 watts of additions required to pedal the amp apart cruncher


very easy to use very simple.


I play blues and c is perfect! with an old fuzz c is the foot


I use for almost 9 months and frankly it does its job

stratouilleur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
I have a third of the VJ series.
So some changes:
- Exit 4 8 or 16 ohms
- HP Eminence
The rest is identical (except perhaps on the inside of the beast)

I prefer to say right away: I love it!


Very easy to use
It not only gets a good sound easy, but I would almost say that it is impossible to have one bad.
In any case, my humble ears are filled


Used alone, and no possibility to set the tone, I find it lacks some treble, but it is of extreme heat. It was like being in the sound. The slightest friction of rope is attached. Furthermore (contrary to early models described) there is no breath, nothing, nada, nothing, niente, Kay dale! Impressive.
I use a Vox Tonelab and ... I can do what I want.
Certainly a pro will find flaws, but for the amateur guitarist I have is the panancée. I did try a friend guitarist (long) which has a fine collection of vintage equipment quality and he was impressed (dailleurs he will buy one for work "quiet")
Important: it is desirable to tilt it, or better, ask to ear height.


I've had two months, and I no longer use him now to play at home.
Finally ... get sound without breaking the bank ears, and leaving his family sleep peacefully (although if you loose all the power ... it still makes noise ... 5 watts may be, but 5 watts enlarged and multi- vitamins)

In short I love it.
Value for money: the last quality gear at affordable prices

manu59380's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
5W tube (Sovtek), no-frills: a volume control and nothing else.


Operation is very simple, you plug, you play.
crunch that quickly, a tube screamer and blues literally burst.
When the volume goes up, it saturates quickly.


After changing the transformer to a Hammond DSE125, changing the 12AX7 with a 5751EHgold (under natural saturation), then the sound becomes more comfortable in his clear, the combo becomes more versatile.

For blues, rock 70'S, pedals overdrive and distortion ... It's really cool


I use this combo for 1 year, I really appreciate the warmth of heat lamps, bluesy sound with a good OD Tubescreamer type, or rock with a fuzz or distortion. I advice the VJ casual players, or oxen with friends, practicing ...

I also advise to change the transformer to a Hammond (the sound will be less crunchy, but the amp is more versatile).

Gtisa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
All lamp 5w
Between 1 and 4 ohm output hp aditional
A single volume knob
That's only I bought it


You can not get any easier but by no n'altre the quality of sound on the contrary!
No need for manual


It should be a good trs my music (blues and rock)
I play an Ibanez AS73 and squier51 and I have a prference for both single coils sound a little better defined although it is a finding that is only my opinion.
In all cases the sound and power by this small DGIG are poustouflant 5w!
The sounds are fairly obtained "rsons" So the lack of reverb is not very handicap has low volume I use a reverb "corned beef" Danelectro trs that blends well with the amp.
Caution is the sound power delivered by this small combo when used home
The power is well worth a 20/30w transistors!
Finally, I love this amp for the sound and look!


I have 2 years I have never met a problem.
For the price of 150 euros it is difficult to find especially as the default manufacturing quality is remarkable.
If it crashes, YES I Rasht and then the valve junior head!

galapagos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
5 Watt lamp
Between a jack for the guitar

No more, no less.


Easily obtained a good sound is a sr!


I play with a Mexican Telecaster reissue and a 50's ES-335.
Good Orient is plutt blues / jazz priori and valve junior can excel in these two styles, but East is not to say "Reserved exclusively" good sr ... I play mostly the post-rock/math-rock But if you must dcrire sound, we agree that are a lot of mid, and goes from light to crunch well ... What crunch;)
And must admit that this thing is a vamp! It's fantastic, the sound is organic wish, any shade of restitution game is a real amp for lamps which would doubt they have not put anything just to look pretty when you push the amp more than half the volume, the nuances of play possible just with the right hand is amazing.


I use it for a week.
In the same CATEGORY There's the new Fender Champion 600, and many other brands also offers a 5-watt lamps. I have not tried others (I live in a hole, it's not easy ...), I zon all over the net to cost a maximum and in the end I did not hsit take piphone.
The report qualitprix sounds crazy, a sound is to be so cheap ... plutt but I think it's normal and that is by dry intubated against many companies it is ds amp lamps ... dbat other.
I would do well this choice sr. I advise everyone, if indeed you sound very flat sr, to do so.

Brrr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
See more advice. Amp extremely simple, we like it or not, that's a personal that I bought ... ^ ^ Sorry for the small size of HP but is felt the weight of the machine, lugging trs cool.


Ultra simple, plug and play.


The clean sound is really good, I thought the sound without the reverb is not flat but it is lively and dynamic trs. But the highlight of the amp is the crunch sound. It's all good! When the amp is pushed back in with my telecaster branch is compltement crazy for the price, I halucin. With my Gibson P90 is also really good, sound good blues / rock, a rgal.


I've had two weeks. I love his cot plug and play and sound. I just wish the size of HP, I hate to plug a 2 * 12 cab. "I have a Vox AC15 CC1X and also at home I use the far prfre valve junior. I am just be crazy .... but good ^ ^
The report price is no quality gal.

sergiogibson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Valve Junior
See more reviews


Super simple setup, a volume knob, the more you turn it over saturates beyond half after scratching it sends wood


It is best suited to the style blues, rock 70 years, this said with a pédlaier the buttock (GNX4) we get the sound will have.

I use a telecaster squier modified and uen Variax, I personally prefer the Telecaster for it to sound that blends very well with.

I love this amp to rehearse in my garage with 1 / 4 volume copy + behringer tube screamer, this pedal allows low volume to simulate a tube amp pushed, because 1 / 4 volume of the sound is clear.


For 1 year I use it, I played the terrace of a bar for the party in bayonne 2006, amp against a wall, the volume was sufficient to be heard from nearby tables

I love the plug and play, possessing a peavey delta blues this amp is the ideal for small beef, go on holiday etc. .... toutefosi care in the apartment we rarely exceeding 1 / 4 of volume but because it is 5 watts of vitamins

The Excellent value for money is, it can also be used in repeated or cooncert by transplanting with the sound
I would do in this election .... ........ vote