Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb Serie 2 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb Serie 2 1x12 Combo
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kenny serane 03/14/2004

Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb Serie 2 1x12 Combo : kenny serane's user review


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Amp Combo lamp 50 W (+ 5x12AX7 2X6L6)-Change of bias possible (6L6/EL34) via a specialist.

An HP 12 ". Possibility to connect an external 2 * 12 in addition.

2 channels each with a switch to change the sound.
Clean channel (+ "Pushed" for a crunch), Canal Vintage (+ "Modern" to boost the serious distortion in the midrange-type metal).

An effects loop with mix, dose of reverb for each channel, line out output.
2 channels with independent adjustment:
Gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, master.

Plus 2 volume, solo and output amplifier in general.

Mesa Boogie Footswitch 3-button, channel clean / vintage, reverb on / off and output / Solo comes with.

Finishing raw, simple smelling of high quality and there's robustesse.Il take the fist to perceive it.


Buttons big and easy turning.
It turns a bit and change away from the son.Pas "We put everything back and it's good ouis." Fine tuning can be done.

The documentation is very complete (also downloadable in PDF format) with a technical explanation of each reglage.En taking the time to read it in its integral we learn more about the work of the parameters.

A multitude of presets are also available to start on a good foundation.

This is an amp that is home to record.


So l claque.C is MONSTROUS!
For all that is Rock / Fusion / Metal, it's hard to beat, the ITS MESA.
The 50 Watts ISSUED enough for you to become sourd.Il would be sufficient for large scenes, with a case or 2 * 12.

Clean sound is in the vein of Fender (it mildly) with his precise, warm and powerful.

Crunch sound, which is obtained by the clear sound by pressing the switch "Pushed" is easily assayable in saturation.Du clean crunch in which the attack on the overdrive mdiator soft.

Lead is the sound when he's the best that we can get this but then merveille.Des low bass depth unbelievable given the unique HP.Un saturation standard that is perfect for music typ Metal without ever having a bouillie.Le mode "vintage" sound softer guides for use "solo" (Satch, Greg Howe).
When the mode "Modern", it emphasizes the low and high medium.C is the sound you hear on the album "Awake" by Dream Theater, the pieces of today's Neo-Metal (Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit ..). There is no need to climb to gain for the big sound, a lot alone.

It's so good that ALL the guitar parts that I will register next come out of this amp.


I bought 5 months ago and it is the amp home (work, recording, plan restaurant ...)

This is the amp do it all, the receiver of trust or may be asked a lot (and does).

I have an ENGL Savage head "special edition" with 4 * 12, also of high quality and the passage of an amplifier without the other is mal.Le Rectoverb sounds of times better than the ENGL, with for the clean and some rhythmic Metal or Mesa-Boogie sounds more accurate.

I tried a combo RIVERA 212, not enough saturation.1 Mesa-Boogie Nomad, a sound too small, no peche.1 LINE 6 Vetta, provides fun ...

The only "problem" is the price ... 2950.Pour my part, I found it on occasion as new 2150.La is interresting but few people break away from the gear (the rationale 9 / 10).

In conclusion:
-1 Amp VERY high end quality with a typical range of sounds, vast, that excels in quality of the saturations.
-Standard settings but extremely precis.Basses emerging from beyond the grave.
-A very high reliability and robustness LAID for difficult situations.
-The impossibility to control via MIDI system.
-1 Astronomical price (justification, however, if you want sound).