Orange Rocker 30
Orange Rocker 30

Rocker 30, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Rocker 30 series.

tomaya 12/22/2012

Orange Rocker 30 : tomaya's user review

«  irreplaceable »

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EL 34 12AX7, pure british, simple circuit and well in UK. Vintage 30's suffolk, not China. HP gaffe in China is the stew by the R30 against any danger.


Very simple, solid, like a little bull by heavy cons and that is, normal, this is a very good point.'s Transformers are very good, so heavy.

Manuel? ah ah, no need, everything is recorded on the knobs.

sound? ah ah ah!


I play everything, and the sound of this little thing is hell, why? because it is THE sound lights and nothing else, and this is where we can clearly see the difference with transistors. The EL 34 r30 exploits of very crude way and that's awesome.
on the other hand, thus the R30 wants to eat: a good scratch, that's for sure, I played on a PRS CE24 long, it is give and take, a good scraper is great in this amp returned .

I love all the sounds of the cube, I added a 2 * 30 below (also orange) is hell.

I play a lot of distortion (from blues to heavy) the dirty is frankly very wide page (led zep 1) hammet, but with a fulltone ocd behind, PAN! ah ah!


I bought brighton 550 pounds in 2005, I fell in love with her, literally, I had to bring a big Marshall departing, and now ...

I recommend this amp at all, it is very simple and well built ... girls, attention to weight! he broke his back.

on the other hand, consider changing lamps every 2/3 years (it depends of course) will screw up the dirty at a time, the EL 34 are all in the bulb, it is normal.
I never changed the 3 AX7 currently.

advice for those who want the very big sound: put it on a 2 * 2 * 2 or 4 orange is perfect.