Peavey ValveKing 212
Peavey ValveKing 212

ValveKing 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey ValveKing 212

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 22 reviews )
 13 reviews59 %
 4 reviews18 %
 3 reviews14 %
 2 reviews9 %
Audience: Beginners

joeguitare666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
All-tube amp (3 * and 4 * 12AX 6L6GC)
100W into 4 or ARO 16.8
ValveKing 2 Hp 12 "
2 channels, one EQ per channel
bright switch, boost gain and volume
reverb, effects loop, presence control
texture and control to reduce power.


Config. very simple, you plug your guitar is lighter and it's madness!
It takes a little tweaking the knobs to find the sound but the settings are simple.
1h found in his place without the manual, it seems that he is with me had y'en Po!
Simplicity itself!


Well I've got a Epiphone G400 with EMG81 the easel so it's more for the big sound and the amp is perfect for this! But in any case it's a tube amp so it mean its super mega tearing your crazy concert even alone in your room!!
Seriously it is a boneur to find the bass line that had been lost with electronics! The sound is very warm, very powerful (the neighbors will appreciate!) Fits all styles: a fan of metal, hardcore, big Marshall signed rock, blues etc ... crunchy, this amp is for you!
Well yes it's not a JCM 900 with speakers that go behind but get a whole lamp is under € 1,000 new. If you find write me!


I use it for a month and it's bomb dla ball! Jme reminds you play on an old Peavey tube 80's and you see they know Always do there!
report qulité prices exellent little flat (ah anyway!) on qulité lamps bah is not the Mesa but Peavey hat!

benbao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
* 100 watts into 16, 8 or 4 ohms (switchable)
* 4 6L6GC and lamps 312AX7
Chanel * 2: clean and lead
EQ * 2 (A by chanel)
* Gain / volume boost on lead chanel
* Bright on the clean
* 2 HP 12 inch ValveKing
* Reverb
* Effects Loop
* Resonance and presence
* Simulation class A -> A / B

the footswitch is not included, it is a shame, so -1 for a.


The rglages are simple and quickly found the sound we need.

the footswitch (not supplied) allows spending appears to lead clean and activate the lead or not the boost / volume.

the manual and only in English, so -1


With a Gibson Les Paul gothic in distortion are obtained his greasy, hot, PRCI, with the boost activated the lead quickly found his large metal, heavy distortion, not like a mesa is good but not m I rate, but there was still some distortion more than respectable.
The clean sound is nice, though crystal-clear, well-slamming.

It happens easily have their metal, rock, ... a bit of everything, but I think this amp is still more comfortable in the metal, which is done all my game: o)

I have not pushed too but I think prometeur.

Deplus this amp offers a panorama of effort interresting, it is not confined to one style (eg big sound)


Bought to replace Marshal VS100R for 560 new, I end up with a 100W all-tube combo terrible.
This is my first amp lamp, and I'm really not deu, quite the contrary.
for less than a 600 amp that I have nine are in the womb, I am well out of the big metal, clear sound and good crystal-clear.
It is a good value qualitprix trs. I recommend it to those who want a light amplifier capable of delivering big sound, but not only, and a relatively low price.