Peavey Windsor Studio
Peavey Windsor Studio

Windsor Studio, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Windsor series.

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undbitter 12/20/2009

Peavey Windsor Studio : undbitter's user review


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All tube 15 watts
HP Blue Marvel
Power attenuator
Standby (yes, a standby on a 15-watt)
A single channel with a gain and a master volume
A three-band equalizer
1 reverb
2 inputs for connecting guitars, input Low gain High gain input


The configuration is simple, but it is an amp that needs to be worked, you have to play with the attenuator, the gain and master volume which enables a variety of sounds.
The manual is in English mostly, but not a worry!

Yes we get a variety of sounds,

That said, it's a very rock and roll amp, the sound british is typed, but for me it's great, I have other amps, and I did not have this sound, so Peavey thank you.


Yes, it really suits my style of music,

A Stratocaster plugged into this amp is enjoyable, I have a strat fat'50 with microphones, the microphones are too nice on most amps, in fact on all my amps
they were found on the Windsor Studio
Here's my Stratocaster legend.
In fact, this amp is very vintage, rough around the edges,
character of bad boy!

Jazz player, go your way, the Blue Marvel team that this amp is terrible, very rocky, very bluesy, it's huge expressive games, ranging from blues to hard rock.

on the other hand, it is not done for the Jazz, nice variety, or the bulk metal.

But what is enjoyable in its register!

We can keep sound crystallized make cruncher, very easily, I play it with all my guitars, but his forte is with the Stratocaster or the Gibson

He will not go with metal guitars, the sound becomes too hard!

on the other hand, feel free to play with the equalizer and the tone of his guitar.


I use it recently, but in a month, he won me over completely.

From the outside, it's cheap, but from within, it seriously made, the opposite of a Hughes and Kettner Hughes and Kettner my mouth has a hell of a perceived quality of the outside to fall, but when it opens huge disappointment, the H & K is sloppy, completely botched! (I did a review here)
Or just the opposite with the Peavey is an amp that I paid less economic than 300 euros, the surface finish is so cheap, but electronics is very serious.
In fact Peavey will not cheat and has the essentials.
Yes, I tried quantities amp and I have quantities too, am an amateur!

I will ever see this option because it gives me a Peavey sound! He has a real personality, it sounds British! Is not sanitized amp encountered more and more.

What I like most is the sounds and the possibility of having the sound volume too low because of the attenuator. I also like finding a standby on a 15 watt amp for this price. Its price is low, it leaves a big margin to eventually customize it!

I like everything about this amp, there's nothing like it, I will not blame him for not doing it for the variety or Jazz, I have not bought it.

I give 10/10

For me it's like that, or it does, or it does not, half tint that is not my thing, he does, so it's 10/10, and I recommend it,

Long live the blues and rock'n'roll just nasty!