Vox AC15HW1
Vox AC15HW1
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Vox AC15HW1

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lemurien.des.villes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15HW1
All-tube amp, including grinder, wired PTP.
15W, no effects, 2ch, 4 inputs: Normal low / high and Top Boost low / high, possibility of bridging the two channels.
Celestion G12M Greenback hp
Interesting point switchable master.
For the rest, see full specifications on the Vox site:
Note: after purchase I started to change all the lights, especially the V1 preamp where I put a 12AY7. The amp saturates a little less but suddenly is exploitable even background. With original lamps, beyond three quarters, it became too rough.


Simple configuration, there are not 50 settings, and it is just fine.
On the normal channel, a gain knob, a switch shine.
On the Top Boost channel, gain, bass, treble, switch hot / cool
And finally, master (if activated) and tone cut
I mainly use the normal channel, master bypass, so two knobs to adjust: volume and tone cut ... Difficult to do less, and at the same time, that's enough.


I play rock eyeing Dead Weather. Perfect for that. I'm not looking for his clear, on the contrary, rather good crunch. On the normal channel, pushed three quarters was a fat sound, quite compressed but still allows good grades gaffe by his attacks picks (possibly also playing on the flight. The guitar).
I use some effects: big muff, overdrive, POG, micro synth, and some others, nothing wrong, everything goes fine.
When I bought it I did a A / B comparison with my old amp, a AC30CC2 (HP Wharfedale therefore equipped): This is the day and night, especially at the bottom. On serious AC15 are round, well defined, and when it starts the POG remains accurate. The AC30 side had low cardboard. The greenback thank you, I think it mainly comes from there.
To the Top Boost channel, I do not speak, I do not use hardly ever preferring to sound normal channel.
The only complaint we could make the normal channel is sometimes a slight acute shortage - the relamping allowed me to open up a little more sound anyway - that would break a little more mix (our config is pretty loaded with bass, keyboards, drum machine, drums ...). The switch "brightness" can help, but it is almost too much. So I sometimes added in parallel a Class 5 marshall pushed to the max, only for acute and with a good reverb behind, and the combination of the two works perfectly: the vox makes a good base sound, the marshall aid drill a little deeper and gives a really dirty side to the whole. After this config request we can play with some volume ...
For most concerts, I only use the AC15 and the master reveals its usefulness to cruncher amp at low volumes.


It's been a year that have, in lieu of a AC30CC2 (which I found a bit too powerful in the end), and the gain in quality is there. In defects, we can note some vibrations at high volume, but nothing really annoying.
Q / P ratio is excellent, and yes, I do it again this choice without hesitation.