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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Vox AC4TV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 32 reviews )
 17 reviews53 %
 11 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Billy's review"Vox AC4TV"

This is the 4 watt tiny tube combo by Vox. It was built to sound similar to a Vox AC30 or AC15, but on a budget as well as so you can get the tone of a cranked, over driven tube amp without blowing your ears out.

It is an attractive blonde cabinet with controls facing up similar to the standard Vox amps as well as the iconic brown striped grill cloth.

I was in my local music shop testing out guitars and saw the Vox. Everyone is making a small tube amp these days, so I had to see what Vox had to offer.

The price. A Vox AC15 is $599, this is less than half the price at $249. It does an OK job at nailing the chimey Vox tone that Vox is known for.

I also like that you can run it at 4 watts, 1 watt or I believe 1/4 watt.

An EQ and Vox would be able to charge a couple extra dollars. But hey this amp brings you back to the old days, Volume and Tone.

You can tell it's a budget amp. This isn't a bad thing, I just don't see they amps hanging around or taking much abuse. But, hey if you want a fun practice amp, or an extra tone in the studio, this is a cool amp.

Bottom line is this is a fun amp. It is sleightly above gimmick and novelty. It will get you in the ballpark of a AC15, just I wouldn't drop everything and go wait in line for one. If you need the Vox tone on a budget or want a low maintenance first tube amp, this is for you.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

moosers's review

The Vox AC4TV is an extremely small guitar combination amplifier, designed for practicing and possible recording. It is a tube based amp, which is rare for such a small amp, as it has both a 12AX7 and EL84 tubes,and has a single 10 inch speaker. It only delivers four watts of power and has a single 1/4" input for your guitar.


Using the Vox AC4TV is incredibly simple, as there isn't much to work with in terms of parameters. This isn't surprising, as most small amps like this don't. It simply has knobs for tone and volume, as well as one for selecting what amount of wattage you would like to use. It has four watts, one watt, and a 1/4 of a watt to choose from in terms of settings. This is a nice feature as it allows complete control over your output. A manual certainly isn't necessary, but I haven't seen one so I don't know anything about it.


The Vox AC4TV definitely has one of the better sounds when it comes to amps of this size, especially considering that this amp only outputs four watts at most! I've used the amp for practicing and messing around with a Fender Stratocaster and no pedals or effects. While of course not comparable to something like an AC30, you can definitely hear the classic Vox sound even in this tiny amp. I don't think that I'd recommend it for anything other than practicing as it just can't get loud enough, although there could definitely be some creative and cool things done with in the recording studio. Having said this, I haven't tried it out myself for recording, so I don't want to speak about it any further - all I will say is that I wouldn't rule it out.


The downside to the Vox AC4TV is that even though it is small and only four watts, it still has a decently sized price tag. You'd think and like for it to be a bit cheaper than this, as there are bigger amps with a bigger sound available for this price. So while the AC4TV is a cool little amp, I'd recommend looking elsewhere if you're in the market for a practice amp, as you can definitely get something with more power and options for this the price you'd have to pay for one of these.

ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bomb concentrated."

Small all-tube amp simplistic.
Deliver 4.1 or 1/4 watt.
1 socket for cabinet that's all.


No need to book.
More you push the volume it more crunch, I love.
I find the tone a little too effective.
After you have to play on the power to find / clear compromise crunch.
We made it fast.


I will not conceal from you that this amp is a bit exclusive.
I think it suits me outright, I feel like The Edge with just a delay connected.
It is small but very effective in its field.
I enjoy, and play at home it is more than enough.
I'd like to connect an office to see what happens.
Brief in my registry (U2, Coldplay and other ....), it is demonic.


Used for one week, I dropped my big Fender I do not regret at all (except for a little light to the Red Hot sounds).
Not needing much less afford me an AC30, I think it's a great compromise.
I just tried a Blackstar HT5 that I did not like it at all.
For 120 € secondhand, it is an unbeatable value for money.
I love: simplicity, beautiful sound crunchi to perfection, size, look.
I like least: the clear, no effects loop.
I would do a thousand times without hesitation that choice.
Go ahead and buy the crunchez!!!

tsygced's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great for low volume"

4w lamp. Simple.
Zero effect, except natural saturation lamp qd you push the volume.
Product detail.


Minimal configuration.
One branch, three buttons: a switch for power, volume and tone.
The effect of the Tone button is almost imperceptible (with or without overdrive). And from the forums and other reviews, this is the characteristic of this amp: a button that serves no purpose. Too bad, it would have been a plus.
The sound is good right now, zero setting.


Fits very well.
Given the power should not expect a development of deep bass.
A low volume, power 4w, its clear critallin.
Then the more you shoot, the more overdrive appears, warm and very enjoyable to play. Very good sound.
Not possible to have clear sound through against pulling into the south of the volume.
Responds very well to dynamic microphones guitar and guitar volume. Good momentum.
The volume up, good saturation, focus eardrums anyway, then you wake up the neighborhood.
Perfect for playing at home at low volume, the sound niquel vox.
Takes any kind of pedal input, great.
The tone of the amp defaults well, shame about the Tone button used to anything.
Played with Squier Jazzmaster JMascis.
All sounds are good.


Great little extra amp to play with pleasure at home.
Pretty, light, great price, good sound.

froggy54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pretty simple amp with its emphasis"

See data sheet


We easily get a sound; it is a small home amp so no multi-channel, we play with the drive and power to customize the sound.


Its pretty clear in the minds Vox, the drive even 1/4 W is nice.


We have fun with this little amp because the sound is there, this is the most important. it remains an amp with very few features and a sound that collapses a little if you really push the amp.
Perfect for the room but a little expensive for the use made of it.

lyoko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

1 Tone, 1 Volume = gain, volume = 1 Level (4W, 1W, ¼ W) 1 x 12AX7 (preamp) / 1 x EL84 (power) 1 x 10 "Celestion about 9kg
So Simple + effective.


Using single-channel: gain on one side, the volume of the other, not to mention the pick attack + the knob of the guitar in +: This is not modeling, everything is "touch", but all sounds sound good ... but better 4W!


Very good clear sound lamp crunch quickly especially with double thickens amount gain, pushing it became a reference, without typing in the distortion either.
Reserve, the sound is too compressed to even 1/4W 1W, and takes its full extent 4W: sending it severe, forget in an apartment, this amp is not made for that.
Also I find the sound very distinctive vintage, you should play with it.


This amp makes perfect tribute to the reputation of the VOX sounds: it is strong it is typed, it's too good. Cheap, not heavy, very sensitive to pick attack, I used 2.5 years before selling ... as typed too (I wanted more versatility)

lyoko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound Vox"

Controls: Tone, Gain, Volume (4W, 1W, W)
External speaker output 16-Ohm
Celestion 10 "
2 lamps 1 x 12AX7 (preamp) / 1 x EL84 (power)

It is a single-channel with gain rglage + volume and a 10-inch HP quality so not much wrong in this CATEGORY.


In fact the gain is called "volume" and volume "OP Level" but they work well conversely: for a clear gain in mini, 4W volume for a gain distortion at max volume 1 / 4W. .. the house, and yet it is limited, and frankly not advisable in the apartment. The very bottom, it is possible in a group we played the "kindly"
Everything is done ear: you choose your level of saturation between a clear crmeux (not clear) and a stamp well rpeux ZZ Top. In all cases the sound is immediately good.


East blues rock, it saturates very quickly, aussitt humbuckers with my lag roxanne (air norton / air zone). 1 / 4W sound is frankly s'claircit compress it and becomes the top 4W attention to the ears, has already sent a lot!
Point sonorits stiff, straight or modern here. Vintage veil covers the heat lamps that whirring sounds like a Harley: it is very very typ.
You play must live with it.


Play on any lamp is when even top, especially for the distortion. (I had a transistor H & K edition blue) But the house is something else, it sounds really good ( even very good) that 4 W. This sound has forcment enchant you one day, so many groups have played on VOX. But you do have one, it is not at all versatile (compared my H & K 25th anniv.) And did not aim too my pedal Boss OD-3: l I 'So have resold to play more varied.
Oscar the Grouch03/09/2012

Oscar the Grouch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simply right"

This is an all tube amp 4W.

It has a switch to reduce power was 1W and 1/4W.

Side settings, it is very simple. It has three knobs, one for setting the tone, another to adjust the volume and another to adjust the power.

I might be added a knob for gain, but hey it's a good thing.

He's handsome as hell.


We easily get a good sound, just plug and play.


It is perfect for my style of music, I play blues / blues rock (by adding a distortion pedal for the latter).

It has a warm and enveloping.

I use a Boss BD2 for the overdrive, it goes very well with.


I use it for six months, I had tried other models, but too powerful to play in an apartment and I did not want to amp transistor or tube of questionable quality (Harley Benton), so I'm back to Vox.

The special feature I like most is the sound, hot, very hot.

Value for money, excellent, I got it for just under 200 euros. There are few all-tube amps in the same range at this price.

With the experience I would do this choice.

surfy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lamp with an amp between Jack, a gain knob, one tone knob and 3 power (1 / 4 watts, 1 watt, 4 watts) output HP
It has a vintage look that is all the rage and love.
Small easy to transport!


We can not be simpler. Eventually use only regret that we can not rgler power with a switch between 3 power levels. In fact, a simple SETTING THE volume would do.

But if a crunch with the gain fairly quickly.
Note that nothing seems to have power, but I personally have never used the 4 watts, even on a small scne. It's not bad pte.

The same 1 / 4 watts if your apartment, you will not play muted.


The Vox sound is trs type, which goes well with my Gretsch. It is all because my style of play
Attention all the same it's a bold plutt and lacks a bit of flexibility (that is typical as I said).


I use it for a few months, I am delighted.
The report qualitprix for me is excellent, especially the pleasant surprise that I can use it without problem on scne. Since it is easy to transport, it's pretty gnial actually.
At that price if you like the sound typ Vox, do not be GNER
Maurice Gentil03/18/2011

Maurice Gentil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" small disappointment with friends"

Vox AC4TV, lamps, 4W, volume, tone


Simple, manual downloaded from the net, its very proper for the size, price


Generous, but it heats a little bit too, crystal clear, bright, light background noise, buzz, it lacks a headphone jack. To work the arpeggios is perfect, and its small size makes an amp that is kept next to you constantly. I have several effects pedals, compressor, Analogman, a disodium + Mxr a phaser 90 Mxr a Dime Mxr, a GT-OD Overdrive MXR and Keeley. I like to change according to his songs, moods, etc..


for 6 months, he just fell down suddenly.
I like color, shape, size, sound, simple settings.
The price is very affordable for a tube amp, you do not want to see the amp transistors or integrated circuits.
I was convinced by his appearance and weight. The speaker 10 "provides a sufficiently rich and warm sound. I use it with cans of effect when its clear to me tired. But to work in an apartment is ideal.
Except this problem down, I do not know how long he will remain under repair, but it is still under warranty. It is neither of lamps and fuses ...