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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Vox AC4TV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 32 reviews )
 17 reviews53 %
 11 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mazik box"

4 watt all-tube amp
Volume, tone and rotoswitch (??) For
From 4 to 1 or 1/4 watt
Output hp ext.
Beige, vintage look, it is mimi, have no place and easily transportable.
Made in china, but sturdy and beautifully finished.


So with so little impossible not to find his sound.
With 4 watts more can all turn back, this amp is 100% usable.
Good after 4 watts to avoid background 2am in the apartment, it stings a little ...


So how can I say this is a very typical amp but with a lot of versatility.
With clean settings om cr gets its very typical singing vox, crunch, c l. Very expressive and ideal pushing a well biting overdrive is obtained, it will not metal, but punk, hard rock, blues rock it farts.
Rendering is surprising given the size of the box and hp.


I have had this amp to its release, I have kept a few months before selling it reluctantly (my daughter was born + gear too), but I always said that I 'reprove one and I have to recover recently a ac4 cc1 blue thingy ...
Let's say for the price and the lack of content material is frankly very huge, however:
Totally unsuited to the metal
No effect (réverb..) No loop, a raw sound, dc plug and play so well and fair play is essential, otherwise really great.

gibson92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GOING ANYWHERE Sound"

Idem zamis ...
4 watts friends not for the neighbors ...


One branch is turned ...
If you know the sound play (if you apply yourself) it sounds ..
if you do not know what is not good ...
it's not modeling or line 6 which suits your level of play and often ...


I play a little of everything on strat custom shop RG duesenberg half body and CS Gibson LP.
The fewer the better effect. More guitar is good and it sounds more ca respects the personality of the guitar
ca play the old (by volume)
Like effects, I do not put a TS9 or Radial Tonebone distortion and delay TC
It keeps me from wearing a pedal ...
It's like Clean fender
for the distortion ... with double it's brian May .... with simple as Rory gallagher
on the other hand I have trouble on the extreme saturation style G.MOORE


Good in my opinion there is the JCM 800, the Fender Deluxe and AC30, I tried to play on mesa (it's been well ... logo etc ...)
I got 2 (sold quickly) and the big difference is in Mesa, guitarist must adapt to the amp ... Here it is the opposite, the amp is the guitarist
I still have my marshall 1974 (spirit) for scenes ... but I think I'll play with that now with a 4X12 behind sake: less than pots, fewer side effects, less electronic and more "natural" to play when the volume on the speaker is HUGE asse.
Last I do not understand the other more to Mesa in 1800 and this one ... 200

DjCaylus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Full lamps - Combo

Simple controls: 1 volume, 1 tone, A 4/1/0 switch, 25W

4 watts

A guitar input, output 16ohm cabinet


Configuration settings and reduced to their simplest expression.

Selecting a watage, you set the tone, the volume up and control through the guitar.

1/4 watt 4w sounds are more clean. With the cabinet 12 "matched the sound is really different.

Ideal for working from home without deafening the neighbors and roommates, small jams combo .. If you have to push a bit of a baffle 12 "16ohm will do its job while opening sound spectrum.


Basic but good quality it does not go in all styles with prédillection for blues / rock. Lezzep, rollingstones ...

1/4w are saturated faster. 1w more progressive. 4w net sound saturated high volumes more progressive.

Gibson Les Paul, Stratocaster Fener Am Special. Fasle wah, DS1.

All sounds coming out like me.


2 years of use and it remains a favorite tjrs in study and small jam combo. Full easily displaceable lamps. + + + Output to a 16ohm cabinet. The matching firm is nikel c.

Tested before 2/3 orange heads tinny, Marshall haze AC15 "top" Blues Junior. Now I have a Egnater Tweaker head I RECOMMENDED (3sonorités type AC / fender / Marshallian).

I love its simplicity and swith 1/4W 1W 4W

QUality price - Nikel!

I would do this purchase without hesitation. 220euro for a combo av 16ohm output. FUll lamps! that you ask ;)

bert'nortt''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" And EXCELLENT TOP"

mini / lamps / class A/...4W..1W...1/4W
for the rest everything was already said
On lamps, I would simply add:
power SOVETEK/EL84/6B05 (1108). A pr / amp Ruby/12AX7AC5...1H/P Celestion '10 "16 ohm, voracious / decides THE TRUE VOX! beautiful presentation, very classy ... neat and well étudié.le internal mounting weight of a mini 9Kg.


tou'petit manual saw its simplicity .... knobs of reagents in a manner that meets Ultra / fine!


Already having a mini Bugera V / 5 so nice that all the world to me "pique", saw his meers and to have peace I decided to buy another mini ... the famous Vox ac4/tv, (by coores'livré in 3 days ... ha! say that 35 years ago could have wait 4 to 5 months in the province in dealer ... we waited ... was expected .... religiously and fervently ....).
For once the positive review is the height, whether on Telecaster (terrible!!) ... L / P...ou a good ES/335 (sublime!!) ... (Passive pickup, active and autres...p/90 and 57 '....) Made for the English rock ... "hyper british!" and the blues ... (The Jazz, there are better, but he defends himself well clean)
Some stick him a 12AU/7...comme them I did it but you lose all the appeal of his English ... The 12 AY7 reduces the volume slightly less than the 12AU7 ... It is a compromise and I can not help returning to the original RUBY is excellent. (The Ruby in ... veiled lamps that are beginning to talk about "the powder we accept more and more ...") to emphasize at around the 1/4 watts, it's still "hefty".
Beginning of the crunch with the volume knob / noon (see just before) and 3/4 for "overdrive". Note typed quite a good clean too.
Just a nuisance when receiving his infamous one .... I had to open the closed cabinet and has to call all my skills of amateur electrician ... bad ground, the jack "Jack" was also very badly "strappée "in a soft armor to annihilate the electromagnetic waves. I took the opportunity to control the masses.
From: the great annoyance only lasted a quarter of an hour. Since no background noise ... I think it does not heat up too ...


To use this petit'VOX we understand very quickly and better, and why small Amp Cambo are fashionable, especially a lamp ... Their quality is growing ... They have it all!! .. And their prices will still kiss may be that we are on the verge of a mini révolution.D a few years rather than considering the high versatile range of course .. but very expensive and complex to use ... some will opt for the purchase of several amps switchable between 1/4..1 / and 5 to 8 watts. "... Vox Marshall Fender .. ... Peavey ... With successive purchases spread over time of 6 8 years 10 ans.Meme see the "Class Marchall / 5" you will be around 1000/1200euros! your two to three pedals "vintage", see more ... will do the rest with transplanting to pro '.
I 'used for 4 months ... lack of versatility: YES and that's okay, I prefaire warn you, this is an amp excellament typed! To find our 20 years, to discover what other was sound and the Golden Age of Rock (and Blues) English 60/70!
Yes I have tried several and I have several mini 'transistor and lamps .... More any other, sometimes very large old ... I keep them all!
I love this sound VOX ... he did not fault except his 1/4 watts it sends almost too flat for it is better to be in a villa ...
Rich experience of V5 "BUGERA" I knew it had to be good and acceptable, however I would never have contemplated such a performance, more than just a study or cambo chambre.A advisor but to consider a fare available 180/190 euros.Sonorité VOX guaranteed! nothing to do with a simulation! ..... VOX is not fucking **** g of the world!

franfranky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top (once hacked)!"

4w Class A tube (EL84 + ECC83).
correct finish (no particular defects). However, the focus seems fragile Tolex (no protective corners).
an external hp output, no headphone jack or effects loop (damage).
volume (gain) and a tone attenuator 4w/1w/0, 25w (I'll).

brief a simple amp.


to use no problem, you plug and play.
tone looks inefficient, after changing lamps you can hear better.
the volume is on the floor of the preamplifier (amplification of the triode a triode of the ECC83). plain, the more you shoot the more you mail u signal to EL84 (output stage) and it is strong. Passing the output stage saturates quickly (around 1/4 volume) is the deient it interesting ...

the attenuator is used to limit the volume a bit. However, in an apartment in 1/4 volume of 0.25 w is already very strong. This is the main concern of this amp: volume management. difficult to exceed a crunch sound without waking the neighbors.
Fortunately there is a simple solution to DIY attenuator to operate 100% of the amp at any volume (see "trick").


English sound, although vintage ...
the sound is clear simpa although very different from his fender.
between 1/4, 1/2 volume of the crunch comes, nickel for blues or rock oldschool (its very "beatles").
spent half the volume we enter the overdrive with a damn good saturation typed (requires EL84) vox. So its very fat, rappeux, all the opposite of a modern high gain sound.
I play with a Strat, it rocks a max of harmonic distortion, a treat.
The tone can change the texture of the disto: fully open, it is sharp, the sound thickens and becomes rockier, closing (for a perfectly edgy blues rock).


bought a month ago, the amp itself is quickly limited by its volume (too loud). However after a small modification it becomes 100% usable and there is the feet! clear sound, crunch, overdrive rock well. All for 150 euros and 20 euros Cygnus craft.

Since this is happiness.
I had a Fender Supercontrol xd before, malgrès lamps, the sound was to my taste too "synthetic", probably because of the modeling, sounds to me convenais not saturated. with the little vox is certe less versatile but to really sound good live goods (good dynamic, rich in harmonics, extremely sensitive to the game).

in short, a good buy!

saturax08's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It will cross the ages!"

Amp 4 watt lamp. 3 position selector for power.
very good hp that sounds great on this amp. It is really a success.


very simple. If you want more crunge or distortion at lower volume you choose a lower power with the selector. Otherwise we rule more or less acute or rather shine.
Note that the power of 4 watts is more than enough to play in a bar or repeating without any problems. It is well worth a 50 watt transistor.


A marvel. It sounds really vox and roots. His part a little "boxy" works wonders. The sound it gives a good complement as the most powerful amp night train. It's also nice to have the sound of AC4 them because it is very special.


I love it and it's an amp that I would keep all the time I think. In addition it is super beautiful. A really successful at Vox. It changes what was produced just before. The full range of amplifiers to the sound emulation and more impersonal and were ugly.
Vox also did well to take a 180 ° turn to give us back the amps cool at all points of view. I really like the AC4 and also the Night Train, but it's good to have both, for the boxy side of AC4.

jerem's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real bargain!"

Well, j'me decides to put an opinion!
Everything is already said (4w class A all-tube integrated with attenuation of 1W and 1/4W), a 12AX7-ECC83 in preamp and an EL84 power.
Tone of a knob, one volume (which is the volume and drive) and that of the Att.
1pt for me I remove the single 16-ohm connection to external speaker (I do not care I have a 2 * 12 to 16 ohms, but it may be too restrictive for others) and-1pt because the level design (I open to see!) is a little cheapies (the famous carry handle but especially at the PCB and metal poles holding lamps inside), although for the price one can hardly ask for more (on the internet is nickel, mag in France the quality / price is already so good ...).


As mentioned above, config ultra simple, no need for manual (except perhaps to clarify that the internal speaker is cut when it is plugged into an external cab ... and again!)
The sound is very natural and true to the guitar plugged in, it has a really strong momentum for a small amp of this class and at this price.
The tone is rather "open" the next sound attenuation, it does not change much EQ to be that given by your guitar pickups. We'll have to (re) learn to use the knobs on your guitar if it's not the case!
For the clean sound at high volume drop, but for the crunch (playground legendary Vox) it's all good.
Wholesale crunch (13-14h to 15h to see the next volume guitars and microphones), it could almost follow a group (to be tested according to the volume you are playing).
Note that the rendering of the HP 10 ", which has rather good news is really good. I do not think the versions of 8" and 6.5 "are worth the shot under the price difference perso ... Nickel


to play at home or small beef between guitars, I play it at 1W or 4W, I found him in 1/4W little interest, too, because the sound chokes HP does not work enough in my opinion.
Very good first impressions with the original lamps, I still tested changes (especially an old Mazda NOS EL84 and JJ EL84 in place of the Sovtek baseline) and after ... well, I did not could return to the original config so it was better for me! (Less messy, less muffled and more beautiful) music.
If you want a pile of clean and more beautiful but keeping crunch with the volume, in a 5751 Sovtek preamp (instead of Chinese origin) with JJ EL84 power gave me sounds more Cool.
It is true that it seems a little better with single mics, but with good lighting inside the ring less humbuckers can really dark and muffled.
So far I like the cleans that cleans dirty and big crunches with my guitar (a Fender Stratocaster U.S. limited edition Big Apple with 2 doubles and Seymour mounted original split-singles of origin). I have not tried pedals (sound is already top like that), but I think he will eat, like any self-respecting Vox, my Trouble Booster!


Used for nearly three weeks, I was hesitant with other models (including the special VHT 6 but apparently the HP is rotten, but the blackheart, fender etc.) but were more expensive.
I was looking for a small amp to boost my head Orange PPC212 Rocker30 and to bring anything with me easily!
I did not want something that goes too far in saturation, so I have not thought about Class5 I wanted qqchose light and portable for carrying around in rehearsals and small cattle, with only 9kg, it succeeded!
I tried a Blackstar HT5 in the past, provided more connectivity, but also more expensive, and the mitigation side is really a plus for the house. In addition, except in saturated fat which is his domain, I do not think the sound of the HT5 is better ...
Brief 200E, a real bargain for this little amp functional and passes across its really great, I put that 9 in overall rating for the reasons I said and also because we can not know whether he will aging well (despite the attention that I have for him) and support small trips for which he also designed I think.
In any case I regret it's all for now!
To be continued!

logan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Power 1/4W, 1W or 4W choice.

1 HP port. Caution is of 16 ohms. Do not grill your amp by plugging the wrong HP above. It's a shame because most speakers are 8 ohms, 4 ohms or even for very good speakers.


Config very simple: 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 choice of power

Manual useless.

you plug it sounds


Sound saturates rather quickly. To play very clean sound that's not the amp for you.

on the other hand to play its a little crunch is staggering. The lamp works well and quickly, the sound is magnificent. I had a compression pedal, it is good to throw because the compression of the amp is there.

In 4w, I would not be surprised that in ca enough to play with a drummer.


1 week and satisfied.

Value for money unbeatable. The sound lamp for less than 200 euros in your room.

The lack of reverb is not very serious so the sound is musical.
I'm personally a holy grail branch + Prorat solo before and it's a killer!

It is the ideal pocket amp I was looking for 15 years. Incredible

Fozen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little heat at home"

see previous description ... everything has been said


Using ultra simple.
3 power to choose, 1 / 4 W, 1 W 4 W
One volume, one tone.

A manual? ah? ... I did not read:)

They quickly come to play with the parameters volume / tone.


The sound is warm without coloring the sound of my guitar that stays clean ... great.

It is possible to identify the sound brighter or quiet crunch, and add fullness that you want ... I use it with an Overdrive EH Français Muff'n and there it is more a vamp, I miss more than that a fireplace with a wood fire and "Winter can spend as it wants). I play it with a Fender American Special Start. I sometimes add a little more reverb and a holy grail wha, all that input amplifier and the fact that he accepts full of serious stuff coming in this nice little Vox.


I use it for 4 months now

A little retro look beautiful!

Ideal for playing at home, before I had a Fender Frontman 15R transistor, I can tell you that the shock was brutal when I went on a killing ... Vox, my ears and my heart fell in love lamps this little amp.

I think it's an excellent value for money (245 €), to make the difficult I would say a small headphone jack would have been more interesting. Maybe a standby well. But then I become difficult. :)

SupaD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exactly what I was looking for and I'm demanding!"

What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
A lamp of course, otherwise what else?

What is the power delivered?
1 / 4, 1 and 4 w via a selector which allows to have fun at home and be able to repeat with friends if they are not too upset.

What connection?
The basic and simple: a guitar input and an output 18 for a large cabinet Hom.

What are the settings, effects? ...
The very simple and that's what makes it strong,
A power switch, volume to cruncher and a tone control.


The setup is simple?
Yes and yes, that's why we choose it, far from Valvetronic we are here in its basic vintage tube par excellence.
Do you get a good sound easy?
With 3 pots do not pan +10 to understand.
We choose the power you want and we play with the volume to have a clear or crunch to VOX.
For its clear we are far from the fender, but the AC4TV is not made for that.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
2 pages in Arial 15, but it's so easy to use as the doc is more than enough. Your dealer will have you explained everything in 5 minutes.


Will it fit your style of music?
I play vintage rock and soul / blues. I search for organic grain well and I'm widely used.

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play a Epiphone LP Ultra amended with Seynour duncan and a push-pull to switch from single to humbucker.
I get to finally pass a clean sound has a very organic sound to VOX, I love it!
I am equipped with a pedal Maxon OD-808 overdrive to make the grain even with 1 / 4 w. with that I can train at home without disturbing. I think the association with AC4TV this pedal is very good. Advised by my local dealer, I do not regret at all. Even at 4 w pedal strengthens the grain when solo.
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
With the push pedal pull and I pass easily sounds clear Crunch. This is true at 1 / 4 to 1 W but when you shoot at 4W to play with other, more hope to have the sentence sounds clear. But that's not why we're going to turn this amp.
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
What a question ...


For how long have you been using it?
3 months

What thing do you like most/least about it?
The simplicity and the sound of vintage Vox.
The overall look is superb.
Ultra light weight

The -
The handle is cheap plastic
The single output 16Hom
No carry bag available from vox which is a shame

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Ho yes!
I quickly turned to a simple amp with which I take pleasure in playing. Far from the Fender / Roland / Line 6 Vox and others with hundreds of different sounds that ultimately do not lead much against the pleasure of a good tube amp.
I really hesitated with an Orange or a night train. Finally is the possibility of playing at home that has prevailed and also the budget. The tinny Terror will be soon.
What is your opinion about the value for the price? Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Very good value for money and yes yes yes I would do the same choice.