Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

HT Studio 20H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

All user reviews of 4/5 for the Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 13 reviews )
 7 reviews54 %
 5 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"fantastic amp for the money."

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Wow this company keeps pumping out the goods. They are effectively design and marketed great quality and sounding amplifiers. Many touring and professional artists all over the globe are now turning towards Blackstar for their guitar amplifier needs. The have successfully taking a huge niche in the market over the last few years.

This amp sounds fantastic in both the clean channel and the gain channel. The most impressive thing is how natural it sounds and how well balanced the two channels are with the independent voicing gain structures.


Blackstar HT Studio 20 Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

20-watt valve combo amplifier
2 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 tubes
2 x footswitchable channels
12" Celestion speaker
Enhanced tone controls
Patent-applied-for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Master volume control
Digital reverb
Speaker emulated output
Effects loop
1-way footswitch included
Cool vintage styling
Weight: 45 lbs.
Dimensions: 22.6" x 20.8" x 11.4"


The tone from this amp is remarkable. The clean channel is brilliant on its own. It has a sparkle character that makes you feel the tone of the guitar in your hands. There is a quality to the guitar amp that makes you notes just pop and chime the way you desire a good clean channel to give you.

The overdrive channel sounds fantastic in both humbucker pickup guitars and single coil pickup guitars. The tone is robust and smooth at the same time. It is an amp that just sounds amazing every note you strum or pluck on your guitar.


At new these amps come in at around $600 which is just a steal of a price if you ask me. They have such a quality of tone to them that is superb. I only hope other amp companies take notice at the sound of these amps.

If you need a good sounding amp that will not break your budget too much then this might be the amp for you. They have 2 amazing channels and each on their own is worth the price if this amp.

fvibe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
tube amp 20 watts
brief description is on the site of Blackstar
it's simple and effective enough for indoor or outdoor café-concerts, no problem and if transplanted facade.
manages the footswitch does the channel change management loop and reverb would be very boring.


typical configuration:
a clear channel: not simple volume and tone, the tone really tuning its efficiency.
a distortion channel: gain and volume, EQ, ISF.
the effects loop with volume pot + - 10db is very convenient
I have not tested the output emulated
superb reverb, do not hesitate to put in (50% minimum)
a master volume: very effective.
three outputs for HP: 8 ohm 16 ohm
no standby .... just remember to lower the volume before turning off the power, if not the slap.
SOUND: Its Always Rings
the manual? ..... however his serves over


amp very polyvalant finally, even if a first, a modern coat can be, for sure, it is not in the vintage but with a strat on the clean channel with at least 50% of reverb was THE his strat. with a Les Paul, the second ca severe crunch channel! it is his chosen field.
amp accepts pedals very well. has both upstream of the amp or in the loop.
portad when the ISF is mastered, there really is something to please marshall sound is very easy to get the sound Rican may be somewhat less relevant .....
on the other hand is not correct, unfortunately, but with the new pedals from home and boogie equa in the loop, I'm sure it's possible. and then putting at least one SPAX 12AX7 mesa boogie ...
note: I changed the tubes and on the recommendation of gilou of audiotubetech, the sound really took its magnitude.


to synthesize:
bought used in stack (head + 2x12 brand) for less than 500 euros.
I'm using it for over a year. it has never failed me.
20 watts: Power is perfect. what do get on the tour for THE real sound of a tube amp (thank you the master volume)
the connector is standard and effective.
20 years of passion and has owned include: a boogie mark IV (LA class), an orange Hustler (A sound!), a Marshall JCM 800 (reference), passing on the H & K, etc ... peavey passage is rather delicate (normal, that is not the same range either) but just enough time to take possession of his qualties.
only inconveniant: Hp 2x12 is good but the actual sound is broadcast over the distance, the sound is in near dark. the whole is impressive all the same, it's nice at first but on stage .... it quickly cumbersome.

to note: let's say 8 or 9/10. when we owned a mesa boogie MARK IV, the other amps necessarily leave us none the wiser.

edenstef's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" tip top ..."

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
hello, the Blackstar HT studion 20 combo has really connected ....
big fan of his (I played a peavey 5150 for 12 years), I offered this amp to see what it was! and especially to have one in my living room ... tube, because I think there is the way to go ...
This is an amp that has a very good finish (closed cabinet, leather handle, cabinet celestion 12 ', etc etc ... nothing wrong).
At his, no problem either ... a very good amplifier that does not alter too much the sound of the guitar ... very straight, with settings summary very simple and very effective ...
In my room, I really tripp ... big sound distortion at low volume (and good volume) ... but happiness ... top super clear sound, but no crunch without pushing the amp ...
on the other hand, repeating, channel distortion (at 2 / 3) is proved disappointing and a bit runny (knowing that we played hard enough), lack of grain and precision!
The clean channel because I was amazed on the other hand in good volume, it is really the road ...
At that time, I had the choice of him to add a second baffle 12 '(189 euros), or move on ....

I finally went to something else, because I needed a third channel ... ht the 20 has only two (with one big difference between them ... very light or super distortion )....

This is a great amp ... I buy some more when I would play in groups because it gave me a very good impression ...

FYI, I now play on EVH 5150 III ... and it suits me very well now ...

Here ... a +

stef. to see on







Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The versatility of modern"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
20W lamps. See description on the net.

Two channels. A clean and overdrive. Digital reverb.

An effects loop + a line out.


very simple. Very versatile


Start, for light crunch to play 70s rock and blues.

I hate those big distos but it delivers is very good.

For his clear is the shop. Very far from a clean fender.

The HP is poor. A change then.

For the trick to a 12AY7 or T7 preamp on V1. It expands the range of the grain.


Very wide versatility.

blackstorm19's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Love is what I need"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Blackstar direction for the site information precisely. But it gives bulk:

20W All Tube Head 2 Channels: Clean + Tone / EQ Overdrive + + 3Bandes ISF (voicing US / UK)
A master
FX Loop
A footswitch

So 9 / 10 it correspont what I wanted but I admit that a small stand-by switch that is stylish and it makes "real tube amp" ... (What I quibble?)


You plug, you play, you turn the knobs ... and you find your sound
The Sound The slogan in your head is the modus operandi of the amp.
It limits the plug and play with everything you go out at noon that a clean oneself clean or OD. After much you polish up on and it works well

The manual I just looked quickly a priori rather simple and complete

I want to say that apart 'house and it is workable, that said you have to push a bit to get all the quality of clean and distortion, but volume chamber means the heat:)
conditions for groups you will understand by reading that I could not test for now


I play it with my Schecter c1 classic.
So I get to hang any kind of sound because of the split-duncan and voicing of the amp.
I have sound slamming fenderien limit, has sound more round and fat type Gyps .. uh gibson. We feel quite right even though the types are at Blackstar alumni from Marshall, but I really do not like the sound Marshallian.

I was afraid that clean either incipide but by the power reserve is much warmer and deeper than the 5w I tested.
The AO has a bigger headroom I think he said.
So, with my config, I can have a rich tonal palette, and raised his bluesy vintage round and warm, stuff was more catchy and banging, and going up the good big distos modern enough, through the nice crunch and distortion more questions (thank you voicing).

(I will soon be testing with a strat jeff beck buddy we'll see what happens, I leave a few words in OCCAZ)


It's been a few hours I have now, I react so hot.
I really like the ISF, which is doing its work, but subtly thought. It does not fall into the caricature.
I tried the combo 5watt before. Bah its level, we are in the same spirit, but with more richness, more depth, more chest (normal are more horses under the hood). I have a chance to hear the Tiny Terror (very well too by the way) but the Blackstar is more versatile and has an effects loop .... and it's cool.
For the moment it is plugged into my HP Combot peavey (Bandit 112, the one with the red piping around, suddenly I do not know what is hp: s) and it sends fine.
I think the plug later on a baffle V30 I would say more on occasion.
If not next week I'll plug it into a 4 * 12 mounted Jensen (midrange I think) we'll see what happens.

For now I would do this election for 489 € in guitarshop (very efficient and responsive, it lacked the power and immediately sent me) I lack an amp that suits me with the sound that suits me and my effects loop to enjoy my gt 10 (without the simulation of course).
I would come back complete with the differences and experiences more hours of play on the beast (8 / 10 for the short time spent on it, and testing stuff which I still have to do to see all possibilities)