Bugera 333XL
Bugera 333XL
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Bugera 333XL

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 12 reviews )
 5 reviews42 %
 3 reviews25 %
 3 reviews25 %
 1 user review8 %
Audiofanzine FR12/12/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Bugera 333XL
(Originally written by Bedopodzo/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Everything has been already said...

Small con: the reverb setting applies to all channels.

It would be convenient to be able control it with a footswitch...


As it has already been said, all three channels have a very simple configuration.

The controls are very effective!!!

The treble knob, for example: be careful because settings higher than 4 add something unpleasant to the sound. At least that's the case for the lead channel with my setup.

The response of both other knobs is normal so you can shape the sound as you like...


The sound is amazing!!!

The clean sound is very nice and quite warm...

The crunch channel has a pretty sound. This channel produces a good vintage rock sound...

The different volume and gain settings will give you the crunch sound you like...

The lead channel will just blow you away!!!

Its accurate and aggressive response will make you tremble!!! This channel is like a dream come true for heavy metal freaks...

The low-end is powerful for palm mute playing but I find the high end too present... because of the excessive sensitivity of the knobs. I avoid settings above 4 for the reason mentioned before.

On the other hand, the knobs' sensitivity will allow you to shape the mids and get a typical metal sound.

FYI, I play a BC Rich Warlock BK Bronze 2 with EMG 8 pickups... a typical heavy metal guitar!!!

My guitar has only only one pickup so I also use it for clean sounds and I get very nice results!!!

I tune my guitar in Drop C and I use 13/56 strings. It gives me a fat sound!!!


It's tough for other products to compete with this amp!!!

The value for money is currently unbeatable.

This Bugera 333XL is quite impressive. It's a good heavy metal amp like its brother, the 6262 model.

I tested both combos and noticed that the 333XL has more punch and dynamics than its brother. It sounds more modern.

One last remark, there's no need to be afraid of the brand because it's actually a new brand from Behringer!!!

Try it out first and we'll discuss later. You won't believe what you hear!

johncobalt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bugera 333XL
I have the 6262 from the same brand .... but before long I tried to buy the 333XL (I camped at the merchant) I can therefore make a comment to what is said below. Comparing the 333 at Peavy ... I'm not quite agree. I understand why they say that, but I disagree. O) I know the JSX and the XXX and even if the Bugera is supposed to be a clone, it is quite different in the end. I would compare to a Dual Rectifier. The Peavy are far less clean and have a grain very different ... here for once, that's why I took the 6262 because it really looks like her Peavy I wanted. The 333XL has a terrible finish, the sound is extremely precise, almost surgical, as a mesa. Peavy is the charm of the animal, imperfection ... that's what I like is not a criticism. I admit I was very impressed by the 333XL, but have chosen the 6262 becaufe I just did not want a mesa ... I love the mesa is not the issue ... for the project I have in mind, I needed a different sound than that ... It's the same difference between an album of Dream Theater and Van Halen ... And say that they are less than 500 € .... and we are fighting to see which amps with expensive high-end market is going to look! : O)


Most of the 333XL: three channels ... it lacks the Least 6262: very difficult to have a real vintage sound ... the sound is very distinctive modern rock ... that, he knows how to perfection, but the coup, despite its three channels, it makes it less versatile ... on the other hand in modern sound, it's great art ...


If I played Dream Theater, Linkin Park or Andy James is the one that I would because in this range, it is royal ... But to have a less dense, it is less convincing ... is good, very even ... but as I said many times ... the 6262 down on this point. The clean sound is really nice, we even managed to have a very bold for its funky rhythms, and a well for crystalline arpeggios. It supports very well the effects ... But the crunch channel is disappointing, I can not believe it. In short the Lead channel is the strong point of this amp, both soloist and rhythm is extremely accurate ... Warm, round, light as a speck in fact not at these prices there .... normally


Let those who have a priori because it belongs to Berhinger (it's not them who manufacture, these are only the "bankers" in the case!) Go into a store and try it! After they always prefer to pay € 2000 for a sound to be equivalent in the final mix, good for Mesa and Soldano ... although they must live, these people too ... Just kidding, everyone is happy as he sees fit ... I myself very expensive equipment, because it makes me happy ... But cons, after trying it, if you claim a Bugera, it sounds not, you're a huge "GEAR SNOB" I should not say ... but I think I'll end up paying me the 333XL also ... At that price ... yes, I know it is not reasonable
Petit added a few months later:
One thing should put a flea in his ear to our skeptical friends: there is very little chance. It sold a ton during the Christmas holidays .... and everyone keeps them! There's one or two good combos leboncoin.fr on a 6262 right here ... and that's it!

If it's as crappy as you think, why people keep them? to meditate

deflep73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bugera 333XL
BUGERA 333 XL 120W all-tube head indpendants 3 channels (clean, crunch and lead) Intgr noise gate effects loop or reverb boost


it's a peavey parfaitecopie tiple x (both about the "look" as electronics), which has the advantage of being able to obtain information on the sites of these two brands! the manual is simple and very well get a "good" sound (see below) is very simple, it's plug'nplay for the little that we know how an amp lamps. I put 9 because the reverb is nice but nothing more, we are far from a reverb carvin, but let's put things in perspective ..... the price is all fine.


the head is done all my musical style, blues rock, hard rock 80's, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Saxon ....... SETTINGS its effective and easily measured, we can see their efficiency over the entire stroke of potentiometers. After a few weeks of use I changed the 12AX7 v1 home by eh: the grain of saturation has become tighter, richer, warmer but I is not significant increase in the gain level, conclusion: this head is not a hi-gain head! the crunch sound is convincing and very well defined hot, the level of drive is easily adjusted and can range from the "almost clear" until the limit of the lead channel. The lead channel is also the height, but once again, the resulting sound is more of a "super chrunch" that sound "super metal" and found much compression to the EL34 CHRE Heavy 80's. against clear sound by lack of personality and color, it is not a normal fender or a carvin and it is, you will understand, not strength of this amp. conclusion: this amp does not offer the versatility of a carvin v3 (for example) but very well spell the hairpin game when it comes to playing with the saturation, plus it is quiet (thank you integr the noise gate) and adjustable effects loop is effective for 8 I put "lack" of versatility.


I have since February, and once the discovery phase and running lamps pass is that of happiness .... condition to find the cabinet that suits him! APRS multiple tests I opt for the Blackheart 412sl (4 hp eminence) and once those above rod (it takes patience to get the quintessence of his material, not to mention the time spent refine the sound) the result is beautiful! I zoom g9 (I think the greater good) in the effects loop but I only use the reverb and delay, sometimes a very light chorus sound in any case I have today is done in line with the sound I wanted. I jou long on 412 + JCM800 1960a and marriage BUGERA / Blackheart supports all the comparison! were amazing when takes into account the difference in price. I would do without this choice hesitate

Balance to 06/09/2010

Rcement I bought a (beautiful) Fender Stratocaster roadhouse (try it ..... see me) and I have now more than qualified my opinion on the clean channel!

Start with this and a little research qualisation cot, the clean channel of the 333XL trs strongly resembles a fender hot rod deluxe .. that says it all!

For the rest, I had no problem to this day if not the reliability of power tmoin that s'claire more while the bypass is still working there ... major.

So I change my bill to put a 10!!

Bugera Congratulations to enable us to access a reliable amp, trs versatile an affordable price

If you do not know ..... try this amp!

hugodzilla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bugera 333XL
All Tube Amplifier Head (12X7A etEL34)
120 watts
impedance switch back to 4/8/16 ohms
3 independent channels, with: treble / middle / bass / gain for the lead and crunch channel 2
the other channel is for clear sound with: treble / mid and bass
master with: presence and reverb.


Simple configuration, no need for a tray 5 to find the desired sound
we get easily a good sound, for my part I play heavy metal on this side no problem, big style distortion "British" on the channel distortion and crunch very sharp on the channel "lead" gender-peavey xxl.
the manual is pretty well explained, downloadable from BUGERA and French, it's a good point


This amp is perfect for my style of music, for against, for the trash metal I am more qualified, unless you add (as I did) a good distortion pedal (Rocktron-style silver dragon or MXR)
- I play with an EMG 81 equipped JACKSON, sound is nikel
Them the clear, I hardly used, so try not clear on this point, it is necessary that I look at my other one amp: Randall RG series, therefore, less than the low frequency RANDALL, more distortion couillu sharp but less, in fact, these two are very different amp and that's what I like, so everyone's opinion is above
-I appreciate the two channels: lead and crunch, it is versatile, from blues to rock UNTIL hard rock, for the second view is more heavy speed metal of the 80


I use it for one week (I plan to keep it for life)
the poit low, the pedals (4 flootswitch) the cable is tiny for connection behind the head, seemingly fragile, I think that sooner or later I'll be piss with the connection, I would change later
I try: Marshall MG series (not great, limited shit) and of course RANDALL (I love this brand) BUGERA head satisfies me in a book of mine namely: HEAVY METAL
quality / price ratio unbeatable
no problem I would do this choice, especially since the level look, head on my cabinet RANDALL is terrible, the sound great, look great. (except the pedals, the rest seems to me strong, so not on this appriori amp) to advise

Mb7179's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bugera 333XL
All Tube Amp-120 Watts
- 3 channel (clear, Crunch, Lead)
3-channel hyper practices. Surly lead channel. Function XL (boost) on lead and crunch channel.

level adjustment and out of the loop.
noise gate on lead and crunch

Basically an ideal config


It takes a little while to find the sound you want but it sounds like the same very large very quickly
The knobs are very sensitive


Excellent clear sound,
The distortion sounds are highly variable depending on the settings very versatile
They are very good, and in no way inferior compared to some major brand amp three times more expensive.
Personally I have a tri-mode of radial in my pedalboard, and although I find my account with this much amp for distos, although the tri-mode is more accurate recess.
The noise gate is very interesting because used with caution, it eats everything and that's not quite nice


I would do without this choice problem, even studying the purchase of the combo to see what happens, and to repeat it more fun to carry I think.
I took the head out of curiosity, given the price I did not have much to lose, as I hack a little amp heads to worst, I could have changed, well done in I think I will not even touch it .......
Unbeatable value for money so far .....
I made many brands amp JCM800/JCM900, Brunetti, Hugues Kettner, Mesa, and right there we must admit that I fell to the ground I heard sounded the beast.
To see in time for the reliability !!!!!