Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII

TriAmp MKII, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the TriAmp series.

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psychofonic 09/18/2004

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII : psychofonic's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
All Tube Amp Head 3 channels indpendants (3 pramplis)
pushes the extreme versatility, its crystalline clear, feed, crunch funky, bold, distortion fuzz, bass disto ...
possible to control the head from a pdalier noon (via the MIDI card optional)
option nightclub with small lights that light up and the glass BLUISH (effect guaranteed scne)
high power (100w) switchable for 50 rpt w '(we use the two lamps that once the power amp instead of 4)
effects loop with switch-20dcb, adjustable, rverb
all sounds are available directly at the foot via the standard footswitch
three amplifier (pramplis): 1 amp sounds clear, 2 amp sounds that crispy crunch to the bite, 3 amp distortion
and two gains for each amplifier (channel) A and B, A and B will typ vintage modern
except for the crunch (2 amp) that my taste is more modern in A (dry Sustain short disto low effective legalization as the clear) and vintage B (vritable the fuzz).
ah yes, possible to connect any speaker ... c no evil? knowing that the normal would be a branch 8ohm as usual, I have a 16 ohm recently (you can even plug in speakers 2 16 ohms if I remember correctly)
is a red box but I do not use it, I prfre sound to the speaker, two microphones (an "atmosphere" and the other al


Well said big versatility amp complicated ... but good to know what you want, because the many possible rglages promise hours and hours before finding some sounds but each knob acts Fawn effective and radically changes the sound.
The MIDI control is a real treat and should be openly available to any head, I bought the card for the head tube 100 that I possdais before (c card on the same triamp mkII).
good c of the large hardware and plenty of buttons should therefore not be forcment dcourager but complicated or time-consuming even if your as picky as me, but in the end we always find that we like it or adopt new sounds randomly Discoveries


This head has really possible to go further into the personification trs sound, their o everybody branch mesa boogie, the triamp mkII is for me the alternative that its become a bit too common .
the grain is compltement diffrent, and suddenly, it takes some mastery to get what you want but I prfre far the sound of a mesa that my taste is too easy, in Playing as a crme we get to have good sound right away because the amp (mesa) is actually quite neutral and "ensure". APRS is a matter of taste especially between the mesa and the pros ... few fans like me (laughs) Hughes.
I like the sound crystal clear (old limit amp electric piano slamming), and sweet too, the crunch I played a Manir trs aggressive rhythm with a big sound and ample creusbr /> the disto ... c staff, but in any case it is between modern rock and mtal or rather I play a rock with his Manir mtal
there is no sound that repels me in this amp, I finally found most of the cabinet that fits perfectly (APRS a lengthy essay on a Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinet) and the read is a baffle 1960 marshall tv, cabinet team of 4hp 25w greenbacks each slightly larger than normal (for serious) and typ seventies, all the harmonics of the head with the cabinet stand and the sound is trs trs unlike the rich musical connection to a cabinet mesa resulting in a raw sound powerful but not aggressive and loud and trs musical in the end. oh yeah my guitar is a jackson JJ4 (MODL Cheap scott ian signature) team of Seymour Duncan (sh2 and sh4) branch is fairly serious, quite a round not far from a gibson ( sisi)
ah only complaint is not really a .. I loved the last ct "wanker" the distortion of 5150 so that we can not gain in his own half Exceeds under penalty of having only a feedback, but I ador the "Reserved" power and especially the attack close to a quasi percussion, which really is not on this head, the gain is the last but there is no overdose in the attack, so no mtal extreme, the limit of many hardcore big fat (entombed / Hatebreed) but must not ask too much it is not for a


I use this head for a year and a half I bought it before recording the first album of my group, with only one speaker against attax 100 (that of the tube 100) the era that I would prfr one of my buddies, a Mesa Boogie (not the friend, the cabinet).
I love the ct unique sound, bass and amplitude gnrale sounds can be changed radically or small motion a little extreme to the other cgnial .
I like the bcp ct practice (50w switch, the card PM), I with my boss gt3 driver even when! which is one of the few cheap pdalier provide a bypass of its pramplis dnaturer not to sound if you want it through an effects loop (which I did) and that turns ind pendently in pdalier noon with just a MIDI cable
before buying this I tried to head mesa boogie, an engl savage (my word not bad at all) and peavey 5150 (ah the disto ... but even when there is a good distortion and then dye it wind in my amp)
I always sduit t by the brand I bought and sold a succession TUBE 50 (I'm looking for OCCAZ for that matter) and a tube 100 (head + cabinet)
for the quality price ratio, bah c always loved to be said, but hey know any head of this quality cheaper then ....
exprience with this choice I ever did because I have no regrets, otherwise I would have sold or swapped against another