Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999]
Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999]

2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM900 SL-X series.

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Maxcreed 10/29/2005

Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999] : Maxcreed's user review


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So tube amp of 100 watts!

One channel but two footswitch selectable volumes, personally I only play on the A!

Level connectivity: guitar input, footswitch input, effects loop with level control, output and line out Compensated!

Besides a pentode mode / triode switch that allows the corny at 50 watts (off of mine)!

In short, it's simple and effective!


Setup is super simple, Presence, bass, middle, treble, and the two volumes called two gain settings and gain preamp!

We get easily a good sound and pushing the mediums, it is not aggressive screaming broken ear but more angry, in short a treat!

I personally think that the amp is very well balanced on all frequencies set to hand may be the presence that becomes really effective only after the race!


It is perfect for my style of music, that is the great big muscular rock that veers sometimes grungy metal with trends and quieter passages!

I play with a Gibson SG and a Fender Stratocaster, because I stick a Vox Wha, a Digitech Whammy, Small Clone Chorus Electro-Harmonix, an Ernie Ball volume pedal and a Korg DT-10 Tuner! The head responds very well to the effects of any kind!

You should also know that the game is top marmoset no effect!

The amp is very touch sensitive as they say, it responds well to pick attack and has good harmonics!

I get distorted sounds both bitter but with the body, depending on the amount of gain, it will very nice crunch to the good saturated fat which sends (nothing to be ashamed in front of a duplex, it has the same amount of gain is the only truly Hi-Gain amp brand)!

The bass is pretty without being too invasive, the mediums are very well spaced, it does not change the aggressive merdico bizarre and the treble is by a hair against harsh, but hey, this is typical of most Marshalls mordern that!

Otherwise, there is a way to adjust the silly to have the clean, the Clean and Crunch are also perhaps a little less charming than a JCM800 2203, because the beast is really made for saturax, but it is doing not bad in other areas!

Until then I passed her in the clear knob fiddling with my guitar volume, but now I use a volume pedal and it looks quite effective because the amp responds very well!

In short, it sounds about right and correct in all registers with honors great for large saturations much good punchy!

The amp goes well in the mix and it's a treat!


So I use it for two weeks, I already did a lot of repeats and I had the time to Retube (JJ EL34 in the power to blend personal and small to preamp), it sounds nickel chrome !

I like the side-channel, whereas before I had to finish instead of multichannel amps (2, 3 or 4 channels for some) and I realize it's pointless to have too many knobs, it limits distorts more than anything else!

I have owned a JCM800 2205, too old-school, aggressive and not really focused on the type of sound that I liked, it was too harsh and not flattering and that's never really clean or even saturated as it should I found (super aggressive media, acute invasive), one ENGL Fast Hand Motion (Limited Edition Ritchie Blackmore), not much bass, or body, reactions to the game against excellent (even better than the 800 which, was not bad at all), but amp too focused midrange not sharp with a grain shape, a bit too rigid though somewhere I would still like a lot (also ENGL is a brand that I always even if it is not really what I want), then I went through the box with a single front, then switch to nag too correct dual channel, hoping that would satisfy me orange, but not the fronts (for eh me) are not susceptible to attacks picks, insensitive to the type of scratch, not at all well defined (as it drools impossible) but against the big bass are sending (something that I was missing so far is also why I turned to the side) but hey, I was a little disgusted because of the large low group it sounded a little too soft, my bass player had even thought changed his mind because I'm invading its turf, in short, these amps really weird rectos!

And so there, back to basics with the SL-X and I've never been so enchanted! The saturation is perfect for me, is what to do and the amp responds well to all the same EQ knobs corrections even if it's not the finest, but hey that's fine personal, it's simple to resolve, we want more of a medium with a small lick of bass and treble plus a little back to create a sound a little more work, then hop boom that answers and it works (unlike the weird knobs and front sides of such 'eq of ENGL bland or even my old JCM800)!

Vala, if it again, this is the first time I am really happy with my sound and I do not think I'm over the head when whether it should change anything or not, and I realized account that the arms race was not used much always (I even had his eye on VHT to time to replace the front), I will take it one day and why not a 2203 or a small preamp oriented clean sounds to combine everything!

Vala vala!