Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JVM410H

JVM410H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Marshall JVM410H

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 21 reviews )
 11 reviews52 %
 8 reviews38 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR11/03/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Marshall JVM410H
(Originally written by rockboy51/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

All-tube amp head (5 ECC83, 4 EL34)
Output power: 100 watts
4 channels: clean, crunch, od1, od2
3 modes per channel: green, orange, red
Quality digital reverb
2 master volume controls
FX loop


First of all, I use it mainly with a Les Paul but also occasionally with a Stratocaster, a Telecaster and a Jackson.

Like all tube amps, it must be pre-heated some minutes before you can actually start playing (you have to use the standby switch for this). The head seems rather complex but it is simple and practical in its use.

The amp offers 12 different sounds (each of the 4 channels has 3 gain modes), which allows me to always find the sound I want.

I also like the amp's memory function. The included footswitch has 6 switches (labeled 1 to 6) and control LEDs (very convenient). This allows you to program the footswitch the way you see fit. For example, I assigned the switches as follows: 1 = clean channel, 2 = crunch channel, 3 = OD1 channel, 4 = OD2 channel, 5 = toggles between volume 1 and 2 (convenient to boost a solo) and 6 = reverb on/off for the active channel.
Each channel configuration is stored in the amp. For example, if I'm using the clean channel in orange mode, with the reverb on, master volume 1, FX loop on, and I switch to the OD1 channel in red mode and master volume 2, I can always go back to the clean channel and find it exactly as I described it above. And it's the same if I recall the OD1 channel again.


Now let's talk about the sound possibilities...

I play mainly rock but I like to add thrash and pop elements to my playing. This amp offers me all the sounds I need.

I'll start with channel 1:
Green: Very simple clean sound, there's nothing to say about it.
Orange: Warmer sound with a bit more gain. When I use this mode I also activate a Boss Chorus CH-1 that I connect to the FX loop. This gives me a very rich Guns 'n' Roses sound (think Paradise City, Don't Cry, etc.).
Red: This mode has more gain. It can even produce a slight distortion.

Crunch channel:
I love this channel. Every mode (from green to red) increases a bit the distortion.

OD1 channel (overdrive 1):
This channel's green mode produces nearly the same result as the the red crunch mode. The orange mode produces a deeper distortion and it is very good to play rock and hard rock. The red mode is pretty much like the orange but with more distortion. It sounds like a high-gain Marshall.

The OD2 channel (overdrive 2) has the same design as the OD1 channel but with more distortion so that you easily get thrash metal sounds.

The master section allows to set the sound resonance and presence. Very convenient.

The 4 channels allow you to have different EQ settings to fine-tune certain sounds. This amp head provides me all the sounds I need and it has a warm and brilliant overall sound...


I just want to say: congratulations Marshall!!!

I've been using this amp for 2 months. It's my first all-tube amp and I'm thrilled. It's a killer amp!

My only critique would be that given that it's an all-tube head, it is very heavy and the stairs at my place are very steep.

I find it has a good value for money and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

gregours100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" just what I was looking"

Marshall JVM410H
see other opinions or manufacturer's website, a Swiss Army knife guitarist loving his marshall.


4 channels each with three mode (green orange red) increasing the gain. a clean, a crunch, a od1 an e OD2. manual a bit light for those who have never used a head with a choice of ohm for hp and for the management of effect loops. programmable pedalboard with childlike ease.


I play rock / hard rock: acdc, guns, slashes Snakepit, pink floyd foo fighters and this amp fits perfectly with these styles. od1 orange gives acdc without red OD2 problem gives gary moore ... tt case with alnico pro2. And this is important because the guy that I bought some channels was very difficult to use gain with humbuckers while I should be me wonder. Small flat for the crunch channel is bland without adding an external equalization and a touch of Db2 boss. Excellent, both master volume. I used for a clean and cruch and one for od. I take a point for the cruch that does not really suit me.


I use it for 4 months and it suits me wonderfully. The only real problem with this amp is the neighbors because although it can be used in volume 2, the higher up the volume the sound is more enjoyable o). Those who post reviews saying that this amp is bad have either
- Ear problems
- The bad stuff upstream or downstream of the amp because hp, guitar and pedals are important. (Eg alnico humbucker vs) I just bought an EQ pedal and it gives yet another dimension to this amp. and if a bit is added to the compression was OD2 and sustain an infinite precision in picking in clean
- Musical tastes that do not fit with it as for the rock as described above, it is just perfect.

stephane.nlc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "THE" head!"

Marshall JVM410H
All-tube amplifier
Connections: 1 hall, 1 loop, 1 noon, the output cab to 4, 8 16 ohms!
Preferred connection: the midi input that I use with my boss GT8 connected via method 4 cables + a midi cable.
Thus, the GT8 provided modulations, equalizer ... and head provided the sounds ^ ^
3 types of sound arranged by channel
3 channels arranged
It covers quite a range of sound!


I have bought the Used without the manual.
It took me download one to use midi function (loggings that go with)
After some manipulations, some tests, we understand and treat.
As opportunities, that sounds as effective settings!
Obviously there's LE Marshall, but "not that".
We can get out of this beast a very distinctive metal sound.
I am not 10 out of 10 because it larsène loud when the volume and gain are high (my regular use) and c is THE negative for me. (Maybe the lights are tired)

The sounds are fa bu lous. We really pierces the mix on stage. A treat.


This head is perfect for my style of music.
A share may be extreme metal (?), I do not see what kind of music it should.
But it covers all styles after me.
What sounds do you get?
All clear sounds, all the crunch, all Satus :)
It is coupled with all the guitars that I could use:


"Les Paul
studio (490/498)
classic custom (P90)

"Flying V (496/500)


"EC1000 (Seymour duncan)

"KH602 OUIJA (EMG 81 and 85)


Marshall JCM 900 LEAD with 4 V30
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 horizontal
Without his super clean to saturated most high gain is really an experience


I use it for 1 year and a half

J was able to play on peavey 5501 (?), Hugh and Kettner, ENGL Powerball, Bugera 333 xl.
And for me, the jvm is the best in all respects.

I'd like to try a Mesa Boogie, a NOS or a Diezel to compare.

I use it with my Boss GT8 so the footswitch is useless to me. It seems complete and easy to use hyper. One more point then.

Equipped with a knob for adjusting the bias it deserves a 10 out of 10, and even 11 out of 10!

I find the new prices of all heads "upscale" exaggerated, so I must go with the second hand market, so in these circumstances, I repeat that choice closed eyes and ears wide open :)

Everlost59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" POUWA positive"

Marshall JVM410H
I'll repeat what others have to repeat already. Excellent. versatility due to these three modes per channel.
the distortion makes me get wasted. The clean and very good, add to that chorus, reverb ...


not particularly complex. logical and well thought out


I use
guitar: esp NT2
Style of music: Metal / rock

His bold but accurate distortion. The lead out well.
The clean is very good and opens many possibilities thanks to its 3 modes.


I recently started using.
I strongly struggled to suppress the breath when I was in terrible distortion.
A breath amazing!
Gating has solved my problem! (Integrated with my G SYSTEM)

The best is still to have the ISP DECIMATOR. but mine works.

Thank you that helped me to make that choice! I do not regret and do not regret it!
My only regret, though, and not having been able to buy new, cost too ^ ^
Otherwise, serious, little regret on the plastic finish. This is a detail.

hugodzilla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" love"

Marshall JVM410H
All tube head (5 X 4 X ECC83 + EL34) for 100 WATTS,
Effects: reverb for all channels, especially for all independent equalization


simple configuration, despite 28 buttons (one real dashboard), the manual is clear, no need to get the price "Goncourt" to dip the system;
readily obtained a good sound, especially the large distortions that they have guts


suited to my style: TRASH METAL, then obviously it is thought to brands like RANDALL PEAVEY or that I ever had but this is frankly head ensures good distortion is not cold / clinical but can heat it not hurt, at least for the TRASH is extra, and it sends a lot.
The clean is nice, the extra crunch (for blues or rock, the foot)


I just have so much back yet, nonetheless I have several amp head, also another MARSHALL: The MF350 (oven method) distortion in the JVM 410H possesses may be less compression (or less present low) but this is not a problem because the distortion is really superb, and then the head has 3 modes per channel, as you say you have a choice on the distortion you want used, against the head is more versatile than the MODE FOUR (who is also a superb header)
I also have a BUGERA 333XL (not bad at all, admittedly, a good brand, but eventually good, not comparable, do not push it either) as much as I appreciate these are four independent channels, all with a Programmable reverb and footswitch.
I regret this purchase, on the contrary, I LOVE this amp head

doc_ginero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JVM410H
Specifications mentioned elsewhere.

Do not be frightened by the number of buttons on the front panel: its configuration is very simple but offers plenty of possibilities.

In apartment ':
Gain & Volume in 5 / 10
Master 2 / 10

Trials = direct neighbors!

With a power attenuator is required for home use.


On stage and to repeat them.

The major advantage of this amp is to get under the foot switchable four separate amplifiers.

Personally, I use mostly the first two channels (Clean & Crunch) that can be compared to a Super Lead Plexi and a JCM800. So of course, purists will tell you that it's not worth the originals. But they will be right for the stage and rehearsals is an excellent compromise. It avoids a walk with four heads ... !


Marshall is the pure juice and trendy so obviously it sounds ... No need to dwell.

The overdrive 1 & 2 pushed into the red does not suit me (too much saturation), but rather a history of music style I think.


For me, it really is, to date, the perfect stage amp. It can be really what you want. It's been a year since I have and I have not tested all possible configs.

It allows for four Marshall amps for less than 1400 Euros, ca does not?
Le Taz03/30/2008

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JVM410H
100 w, 4 channels with 3 modes each, so 12 sounds at the base. power tubes? But, you are in Marshall EL34 see!

Question rglages, may scare the beginners. For each channel: 3 band EQ, volume and gain, and the famous three modes. You can assign each of these modes of reverb and / or the effects loop or anything. I think we can also assign the gain, but I'm really not.

A prsence gnrale and rsonnance (bass management) and two master volume.


Frankly, they were strong in trs trs marshall, they really secous neurons. The specs posters are penss, trs intuitive but also very practical. There is a connection noon, but you end up wondering if this is useful.

I think we could not think of a better head. And I did say in one day, especially since I'm plutt "not complicated head with 2 channels and basta!"

Do not count if you want to use all channels of the Marshall substance given to the master 1 and 2 functions of volume changes between rhythm and solo. It is possible, although sr, but they actually have a intrt other, I will return.


You have all seen BMD Site Marshall I guess. Sincrement, I do not know how he did it for her as a ... bof what. In any case, it has not all the possibilities of the beast in value.

No, it's not a JCM 2000. It does not actually worth a 800 (but in this case, buy a 800 point), but it can do more things, and much better, I got that the well heads 3000 channels most expensive in the market. We can not expect a head which offers 12 types of sounds (because it is not only a change in rates proposed by the saturated modes), it has the personality of an amplifier cr to produce a single sound. So this is an amp "boutique", authentically Marshall, ncessitera finger to give it your personality.

Clean channel: Its not only amazing for a Marshall, but also in absolute terms! The lens to bluesy, 3 modes (green, orange and red) are usable, with nice bass the fender.

Canal Crunch: We return a universe more "marshall" dirtier. From clean to crunch of good quality. It may even push a filthy vintage overdrive. I am less convinced by the green, but all the modes are great.

OD1 channel: Canal saturated marshall more standard. We'll crunch the mga saturated. Red did not convince me, I find the prfre "Graoua" about how orange, and green for the rhythmic crunch / overdrive "cleaner" than the crunch channel. The red mode (as OD2 for that matter) is too loaded may be appropriate for some mtalleux solo.

OD2 channel: I think it is not the "suite" of OD1, but another overdrive, which more INTERESTED. Ms. capacity of saturation and rpartition modes, but the grain is more "boutique" us, marshall sauce. Apprcieront Lukather fans. Ms. apprciate on modes that OD1.

After a few trials, it seems to me that the best award we can give to master 1 and 2 and to destination, a channel to clen and crunch, and the other channels od. The first two ncessite that "plays" the volume more than the gain channel to sound, while the overdrive gain jous be a lower volume (corrected so the master, relax guys) for DEFINITIONS keep (especially given the rate of distortion) and avoid feedback and hum all goes. For a single player, you simply switch between the modes of the channel, a TRS is effective without being radical.


First of all, let's be clear: if you do not like Marshall: Why do you read this notice?
And what's deuxio of references? No, you will not find in it the sound of Petrucci. Do not expect a Marshall that sounds like a boogie. They tried with the TSL, we have seen your exact ...

Brief. At this price you will not have the either the ultimate bte can do anything (no matter the price, has no any fawn). Its config the foremost intended be a scne amp, giving you multiple sounds below the elbow, with excellent quality for scne, suprieur I got to the "fighters "I've kind of essay and cheaper too. This amp is not designed for the studio, as have a real plexi, a jtm45, a 800 under the elbow for the "real" sounds. Sr it, but it's more expensive too.
PS: for an amp not full of electronics, and 800 have, DSOL you have to play in Class A on 5w amp with just a volume knob, and use no pedals boost transistors with these horrible ... ;-)

doha1696's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JVM410H
I do not m'tendrai on the bte CHARACTERISTICS, I suppose if you made it this far your is that you know a little what it is ... Just some basic info:
100 W lamps, two effects inserts (parallle / SERIES), four separate channels, each with three modes (green / orange / red) which is minimum 12 sounds DIFFERENT, pdalier programmable channels and Marshall 6 above, all programmable via MIDI !!!!!


We enter the heart of the matter ...
Marshall, who used to deal with the Intellectual fnantise scratch using the above made simple! It is not immediately apparent by a forcment ahead dashboard full of buttons that suggests we will have a factory gas grate but that is the case. In fact, it would almost Whereas we have 4 amps DIFFERENT grouped into one and the same unit. And took indpendamment, there is a classic Schma Vol-Treble-Mdiums-Graves-Gain ... with three options for each channel diffrent its "green" - "orange" - "red" that affect the gain level (plus it goes to red and the greater the gain of the channel). To all this is added with a rverb numrique SETTING THE level, a "contour" (like loudness) and one of potentiomtre prsence adjustable for all 4 channels according to the ( s) speaker (s) utiliss. It also has two master volume, in short is the top: a simple and effective!
Ct connections, nothing very original, still simple. There are two effects loops (one programmable), a cable (jack) to connect the pdalier provided and a SERIES of possible connections for the (s) speaker (s) ... Between instrument and many sr.
And does not even complicated to program sound (as I remind you that this is the one of the main advantages of this amp: it is ...). Fully programmable No need to be a pro the south, just be "guitar" (that is, an IQ of 45 is more than enough ...) and read the user manual of three pages in French (and many translated into more, it's not so frquent ...). There are two options:
1/Vous use the amp alone (or at least no effect twelve o'clock or twelve o'clock pdalier external) you can program six DIFFERENT sounds accessible via the Marshall pdalier provided. To do this, you do your rglages, turn the knobs in all directions, press 3 seconds on one of the switches pdalier, is ay!
2 / You use peripherals noon because pdalier, both sets ... Even simpler: APRS have the religious head amp midi (IN) with (s) peripherals (s) (OUT), you do your rglages you select a program "effect" "pdalier" ay is it in the bote !!!!! No manipulations do not channel rgler Droulez swallow and menus, just watch, listen, play ... Deadly!
The intrt? Is empty: we pass a click sound Mtal no punk hyper saturated with heavy reverb (which is not my cup of tea but ...) and 500ms delay in the Mark Knopfler with rverb compress a bit of background, each with its own effects carefully planned in advance by your little finger enjous ... All shades of legalization, volume, gain are possible within the limits of available memory 128 ... I tell you not walk with squence noon and Program Change ... Y amme need to pdalier, sounds change all alone in gr music that dfile and I have plenty of time to concentrate on the essentials ...
In fact, I've had three days, and I know the amp dj on the fingers so everything is easy. Marshall has really trs trs fort. It gives me the rve watch what I expected for so long and what is the plutt or sounds, the toy is no exception either!!


What can I say? Everything is possible! With effect numrique simple (I personally use a G Major) we obtain a panel of sonoritsdlirant. The saturation is most important for me always but I do not want a dirty trick, I'm in the register plutt Lukather, Van Halen, Gilmour and Co, Gary Moore, Andy Timmons ... I do not play many sounds "crunch", I want the real distorting pure and flawless, sometimes with a little chorus and delay a lightweight. L I have everything! And when I venture into the register Hendrixien, no problem either, simply meter the gain by playing between DIFFERENT channels and their respective modes ... It's really trs trs fort! And yet, I have currently a cabinet "unworthy" of this toy dj hell and is standard!
In terms of its clear, I had a lot of amps and setups diffrent, I have never heard a. .. Who said that Marshall could not make his clear? The crystal blues hot oil, there is the time to spend to get what you want. Although sr, I play the guitar and I Vigier going well but I am sr that even with a shovel, a ring!
The only BMOL is that you need the appropriate mix of DIFFERENT effect levels, the amplifier, the gain and possibly invest in a noise gate worthy of the name (I personally Hush 2 pm) in order to push back the gain and get all the distorted sounds without any limitation. But this is the case with all amps that have!


Well here I will say one thing to finish: forget everything you could connatre before, I have a premium Rivera, a Fender Hot Rod, I had several Marshall I n ' I t never a huge fan but the one worth dtour and especially, its MIDI-ct is unique. I do not mean the price is expensive but we certainly worth the money ...

Simplicity of use copy
Sounds of hell either plain or saturated (never heard anything so good and versatile)
Sounds even without the 1960 A to go with
Sounds even low volume

Is what I would do this choice?
Ben j'hsite l. .. Finally, Carlsbro c'tait lot too ... really cheap ... and the more they sell at Aldi! (You see I do not bump in Marshall!)
Chris Martins10/08/2007

Chris Martins's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JVM410H
All lamps, 100 watts, 4 channels (3 modes / channel all midi switchable or the pdalier supplied), two effects loops ... The total ... Not making the top, it's marshall and easily found its mark, not 150 switches to refine this and it was feeding, the EQ is sufficient and very effective.


4 channels + three modes / channel = sore head? Not at all trs is actually simple, 3 minutes in front of the amp is understood. The sound is Marshall in his heyday, but modern (versatile). Only the program provided the small pdalier ncessite reading the manual, has taken about 20 seconds and the problem is rgl.


Okay so I just tried the JVM410H, and I began to dj in ct sub ... IT'S A FUCKING KILL THIS AMP!

The clean sound is good rev is not a blackface, but frankly at a boogie or Engl ... (Edit: it's better and much rgl is super clean, it's "fender clean" even ...). I think the clean channel and the three modes is trsrminiscent sounds of David Gilmour as rglages diffrent eras and of course uses the guitar ...
The crunch is good to excellent according to the trs rglages and tastes ... One can find the crunch trs LIGHT hendrixiens or a little more carefree supported typs Texas ... AND the will or has bitten the big German brands Rican and is on the drives ... So two things:

1) I need not Russian Exceeds half the gain on the drive channel and I could do whatever I wanted, in every shred of sense of sweep, hard close-ups rock while passing in a game absolute flexibility

2) the effectiveness of an EQ is absolutely Redoute, or you can REALLY dig the sound as grazing and rglages CONTRL of rsonance prsence and add more versatility.

And finally the grain is just standard ... really close to a JCM800 in Strode, growth hormone and nitrouze, a bit less aggressive and much more modifiable home. I found without difficulty the sound of Zakk Wylde, Doug Aldrich, George Lynch, for example, but also those of the old Metallica albums, Malmsteen, and some grains, however, that typical Petrucci plays Boogie ... It was not exactly, but close ... trs trs And many more .... The EQ is effective vritablement and suddenly playing on midrange and treble is played on bagpipes and the same grain can be dirty or smooth grain envy ...

A black dot?


1) no power rduction type TSL 100 or going from 25 watts output with a switch, which is great practice for small scnes (in return for the amp sounds great low volume)

2) I thought I was not able to say one day but there is almost too much gain and as a result if we attack through any block, there is a prpare acouphne families since the amp hook quite easily Feedback with gain more than half ... So try to gradually ... Personal gain between 3 and 4 and me more than enough.


Okay so then, I conquered ... I tried lots of things these last 10 years saying, there must be an amp that sounds like a marshall in stroides and not cost 4000, and then I never found So like everyone else, harder to saturate overdrive, it's good looking but the more ... Marshall returns and will bleed in the gutter ... for 1400 is not even bother to look for the Competition, y 'no ...

EDIT 7/10/07: Well we can play BTIS: yes it is an all-tube, the only electronic content is the MIDI and switchage, the audio stream it is 100% bulbs (except the reverb ). Compare this to the amp JCM2000 is logical, but not really cohrent, the JVM has a more modern design than the 2000 (trs amps unfairly critical but poorly supported by marshall them even saw how bias taient r gls lamps factory and provided that the amp taient not adapted at all. These are good amps nanmoins of trs trs and I am happy with my TSL100 10 years) and especially the management of the gain is compltement Different. L or 2000 ncessitaient volume dcoller the pltres to sound and often a front for overdrive fit a little gain, the JVM is intgralement self-sufficient ... Rpond intgralement and the expectations of a modern guitarist ... To you to form your opinion by trying it, read all the opinion of the world will not tell you how it sounds, and there is that which has a ... And above all, warm up before you go, has to be worth at the top to play this monster.

MusashiChan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JVM410H
- 100 watt all-tube, 5 x ECC83 and four EL34.
- 4 channels.
- 3 modes per channel.
- 3-band EQ (bass, mdiums, acute) indpendantes per channel.
- CONTRL gain and volume indpendants per channel.
- CONTRL indpendant Reverb for each channel.
- 2 Master Volumes.
- Output record silence accumulation of HP XLR format.
- Earrings effects and parallle SERIES.
- 128 MIDI presets
- Comes with a 6-channel programmable pdalier.
- Dim (mm): 750 x 310 x 215
- Weight: 22 Kgs

I found nothing missing from the connection and options proposed; flawless!


In beginners, you sail in the canals and in a haphazard fashion, always finding cool sounds. Then we come to know the best sounds available DIFFERENT and was quick to program its 3 / 4 prfrs sounds, each time with the corresponding volume on the 2 states, and the reverb that goes .

After a few time you get master all the options. And the possibilities are infinite programming noon (I use my Tonelab LE Carrrie a place of pdalier provided for at the same time have the Tonelab effects in the loop and a large number of presets arranged .... something crazy ....).

Not everything is super easy for beginners (including configs a little complex with a pdalier noon and effects in the loop), but any guitar enthusiast will find his happiness soon!


I jou top with a little while, LP, Melody Maker, Start ...
All these channels allow each to have truly magical sound. I play mostly blues and a range of clear and crunch is almost complete. By varying the tone and the presence of two knobs and resonance (gives same sounds ... fenderiens particular sounds quite close to the Bassman ractions ..
I have now more than two strats over which a Jeff Beck, I have everything I want on hand!


Only BMOL, the XLR output emule that I did not use Russi ...

I use the combo with two HP and Vintage Heritage, a planted SM57 .... wonderful. With all the channels, the HP 2 DIFFERENT, I can get almost any sound in my head right now ... I use it in the apartment, and unlike the Vintage Modern, which needs to be pushed, no problem to feel the heat lamps and the dynamics of the Marshall circuit. I went through a lot of other amps (Laney, Fender, Roland) I finally found my happiness.