Marshall TSL100
Marshall TSL100

TSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Marshall TSL100

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 27 reviews )
 17 reviews63 %
 6 reviews22 %
 1 user review4 %
 2 reviews7 %
 1 user review4 %

Hatsubai's review"The more versatile DSL100"

Marshall TSL100
The Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 is the amplifier that actually helped inspire the JVM. It's a three channel amplifier with four EL34 and four 12AX7 tubes that features independent controls, a midboost, deep switch, tone shift, power reduction, output mute, reverb, line out, effects loop and more.


While the amplifier has tons of features packed into it, and they're laid out clearly, I find it is somewhat hindered with all the stuff thrown inside it. I'll get to that later in the sound section. The loop in this is decent, and it's easy to dial in a decent tone. The manual is pretty good for this, and it describes what all the various features do, how they interact with each other, etc.


Despite this being more versatile than the DSL100, I find that it simply doesn't sound as good. I really think it's because they threw in all that extra nonsense that people don't exactly need. One thing is that I find the distortion to be fairly buzzy. It doesn't have that organic gain that the JCM800 has, and while it tastes boosts nicely, it just doesn't sound quite "up to par" as the DSL100 did. The clean tones on this thing are pretty weak too, but that's kinda to be expected with a standard Marshall tone stack. I much prefer a Fender or Mesa/Boogie tone stack for clean tones.


Despite the additional features that this amplifier offers, it just doesn't seem to sound quite as good as the DSL100. Maybe it's because I'm a bit more of a minimalist that I feel that way, but it just seemed to be overall "bland" sounding. The amp needs to be boosted to get a really "good" gain tone. Stock, it has tons of gain, but I just find it to be buzzy sounding once you start cranking. These go pretty cheap on the used market, and unlike the DSL100, there's actually a reason they're so cheap.

babooyn''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL100
Head amp 100W all-tube, pro hardware, trs complete its multiple rglages.

- Between 1, 2 effects loops (non-ngligeable) sparment assignable or jointly which opens the field of possibilities
- Speaker outputs: 2X4, 1X4, 2X8, 1X8, 1x16 ohms roughly the bte little prs can attack all speakers (personally, I added a 4X12 Laney GS412 who never complained).
- Output emulated line out for recording live (I tried & am not sure, stick him under a Palmer in the ass ...)

presence, mix effects loops, reverb sparemment assignable to clear a & ct the crunch / lead of the other. Ditto for the civil tone shift (the hollow mdiums) & deep (below reinforces mdiums)
qualos conventional (low mdiums, treble) & volume & gain SETTING THE indpendents for 3 channels.
A mid boost on the clean channel

rglages if with all these, we come not find happiness ...

10 I will not because I'm kind of picky and that the emulated line out seems to me not useable in a professional context.


The config 'does not seem to me complex, there are many rglages but the rest of the "classic": bass, mid, trebble, reverb, etc ... is clear, not fantastic titles like: "punch", "growl" or "bite" as can be found in some competitors.
You turn the knobs & quickly found a sound! Personally, I like the "deep", which flatter the bottom of the spectrum, I got, is often a bit lightweight in Marshall: big rhythmic Dropped D or 7-string welcome!


The light is amazing trs for Marshall, clear & warm
Crunches are the height of what to expect from Marshall in the register, on my Start or my prs standard amricaine CE24 has always rings the moment we take the time to try all the multiple r tings: the roots of modern as rglages has still sounds warm & trs musical.
The lead is trs prcis, typ Marshall modern features deep toneshift & trs are effective on the latter for sounds & Metal Company.
+ for sounds hot, I deprecated the toneshift that "smooth" over the sound I got.
For the price, it can be by the sound of the BTE, we can prfrer Engl, Bogner, Rivera, Mesa but compare the price, + twice for 3 channels in these brands l.


I use this head for over 3 years, I bought 900 used & nothing for the wrong price. I used it on scne & & turn them over to survcu trpidations the truck, the roadies presss, cuts & juice has never lach. Ah the quality Marshall! In the studio, it allows a fairly large variety of sounds, which is handy when one does not have to pay for a round VOX AC30 Combo, a HIWATT or a JCM 800 for crunch, a fender or a roland jazz chorus for a clear & high gain type or mesa for the Soldano sounds big.
A report of qualitversatilitprix more satisfying.
I pass on TT laney, fender, tech JCM2000 21 & & & in hindsight I do not regret my purchase! Certainly, one can find + high-end but, again, the price is not the same!
I regret Sparer me because I will invest in a mesa roadster and my finances do not allow me to keep the 2 ... shame because the two grains have the most complmentaires t!
Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang06/22/2007

Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL100
It conplet frankly I see no shortage.


It is very conplet in all directions, so it's a little maze, but it's going good, it conpréhenssible possibillity to view.


Then frankly say that the crunch I synthetic sounds, not nice what.
Channel distortion frankly disgusting.

But I like to say I hate Marshall. But I would love to crunch the Marshall amp, but some of it going completely.

Clear by the cons! The light is really great. This clear, it really sounds great. Never heard before. It is not clear jazz. This is clearly a rock but still very clear There's a pa le. It sounds nothing I have heard before. With a tube screamer, it is a great crunch, but then I have ever seen in great ca.

jRemove 2 saturation point for the head but after I know not judge marshall sound is not a fan! Amp TESTED BY ALL SO! PRO-AND ANTI MARSHALL MARSHALL CE TRUK Tater! It is an anti MARSHALL tells you!


I love that marshall's crazy for his clear
This opinion is frankly very perssonnel. I love this light!

listen to the sounds have been with ISPs owned this amp before the guitarist of the group.
lol good then this group may like or not! but I love the sound "clear" Rhythmic and arpeggio! This amp is THE Marshall for me with the new Vintage Modern Series
+ Conection
Light + Sound / Blues / Hard
+ Look


Starwatcher's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL100
100w all-tube amp: four 12AX7 preamp and four EL34 in power
a knob for adjusting the bias very convenient (even necessary to use a multimeter qaund !!!!!)
3 channels (clear, crunch and lead) with eq for each channel
2 effects loops (1 to clear a channel for crunch and lead)
multiple outputs according to the impedance of the speaker
simulated output (AC is not much)
Reverb 2
power reduction is also very convenient for the performance of the lamps
5-way foot controller (3 + channel + reverb fx loop)
in short it is complete
attention to the original lamps no better quality and bias adjustment to the purchase
I takes only 8 because there is necessarily more complete (mesa road king, etc. ....)


You plug the guitar on his chosen channel is the rule and we play.
obtained quickly by a nice clear sound for lead is against the taking of a head for his own if you push too gain.

Finally, the manual is rather successful


I'll try to be objective:
metal guitarist: go your way: not for c
But I play a gibson voodoo Exporer I tried on 2 of 5150 and with my friend, it's the big metal assured: we send very specific rhythmic and wild palm mute effective without being a breakdown in wrist, the receiver also responds to the finger and the eye. With tsl 100, despite hours of tweaking and adjustments, lamps changed (12ax7eh svetlana EL34 and new) set the bias (82mv) etc, its impossible to get a metal drinking: the dynamics is too limited and the sound is rough when you push the gain too far. However this amp is great for rock and maybe hard rock.
The clean sound is still very beautiful and very sweet and is rich with a slight chorus or delay. That will be the only sound that I miss when it is sold.
I put 8 because it still sounds nice and should find its audience among blues and rock musician. It is not at all jute suited to those wishing to get closer to the In Flames.


I have three years now but I want to part with it for an amp oriented metal (engl - Laney - Peavey).
Complete and with few options (bias adjustment - power limiter) it offers many opportunities for a wide range of musical styles except metal.
the price / quality ratio is quite correct.

stoolaman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL100
It's so good already has lamp is good.
it's 100w
rglages and are generally quite simple.presence midle bass treble for each channel. deep down to add a background of low and shift the tone to dig the mediums.


The config is very simple, rglez the knobs at noon and you already have good sound. go somewhere shortly after the ringing. (I personally is not the original lamps)


It is fine for pop, rock and metal. compared to lamps that are in (ruby and electroharmonix in my case) and my rglages j'obtient sound quite round and dirty at the same time (not hear dirty in the sense inaudible) but what I d range much personally that's what's behind cot transistor and acute, which in general gives a cot too synthetic for my taste.


I use it for one month, prices cot quality (having to pay okaz ') c honest, but nine, I do achter probably not. but I do it again if the choice c'tait a remake, because I did not pay much and was always a tube amp of possd.

lagrelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL100
3 channel all-tube amp clean / crunch / lead
3 legalization spares (not like those old JCM 900 !!!!), 2 effects loops, plus some options affecting the VPR (virtual power reduction) or tone shift.
For once in the menu is hearty Marshall


It remains trs intuitive job, is a head amp, so it turns bouteons and it was the sound


This is the amp that I use in rpt. Bah c'tait or a JCM 900!
The light is not bad, you can have sounds quite crystalline.
I have not tried the crunch on the lead I t quite surprised. The amp has a lot of gain, even if to thrash not count on it, but it's not bad at all for the Marshall. Ms. ggain the bottom, it's a clean rcupre trs lens by turning down the volume on the guitar. The tone shift button allows you dig the sound by turning the mids, while the qual is generally more effective than usual, or else my ears make me default.


It is of Marshall, not suitable for the heavy and thrash, but still a good head and a great value to address the hard rock and lightweight.