Orange OR15H Reissue
Orange OR15H Reissue

OR15H Reissue, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

Leftygil 08/12/2014

Orange OR15H Reissue : Leftygil's user review

«  That's the sound I was looking for »

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Tube amp


Very simple


For those who like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and the sound of the 70 s.Oubliez clear, this is not his vocation.
Really great overdriven.


This amp delivers massive sound typified 70s.
1 single sound but very very good quality !!!

Negatives: Not bad breath past the Gain to 12 H.
Blast also appears after the pluguée effects loop.
Can not use my Big Muff input of the OR15 ampli.apparemment do not like Fuzz ... So I gave it a shot to put it in the loop and strangely it goes pretty well.

Malgrés QLQ these details, the direct sound into the amp is enjoyable ...
Not near to part .....