Orange Tiny Terror
Orange Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 39 reviews )
 24 reviews62 %
 11 reviews28 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Anyone

burton51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
All Tube Amp 7/15Watts
A volume control, a tone and a very nice gain ... plus that little head ...
one channel ....


Configuration very simple ... we get good sound from the start and you can not get lost in the settings ...


I usually play on Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier head ... I wanted an all-tube use at home with a pretty rocker ... its connected to a Gibson Les Paul classic the result is very satisfactory given the relatively low price .. .
I wait to try it again to push down ...

I just test the Tiny in rehearsal and it is usable as the power is plugged into my appointment .... mesa 2x12 cabinet, I thought reaching the limits of the head termre of sound volume, and not ... I repeated in 15 W with the volume to 13H and gain in depth and it went ...


Since one week ...
The pros: the sounds, the price (Orange lamp at all anyway ...)
The -: the "necessity" to acquire and boost equalizer and more to exploit all the possibilities ...

price / quality ratio very good in my opinion, most versatile head .. it looks a choice I would do without hesitation ...

Rinaldo76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
Any lamp
7/15W declared ... yes ... May ...
1 in
3 out 2x8om 1x16om
1 tone, 1 gain, 1 volume

if we can give advice to Orange .... middle, trebble, bass! with that would be perfect!


The sound is attractive, it has a phenomenal presence considering the 15w said, with a 4X12 it passes easily to the battery.
Frankly we have here really do not need a manual.
Do not think to go unnoticed by your neighbor, even 7w he screams, even with a simple 1X12!


The sound suits many styles of music except jazz and metal as hardcore.
He can not do everything, May excels in his field: rock, blues, funk, hard rock, all with an aftertaste "vintage".
to my taste it is best paired the "little terror" with a mesa boogie.
Orange PPC112 cabinet 1x12 "60 Watt Cabinet is, in my opinion, really mediocre compared to the great possibility of tiny terror!
There is no precision and versatility of a Mesa Express is another level ... May the price as the ratio q / P's tiny terror in my opinion is almost unbeatable all-tube, sound quality, great personality (in a small box!), endurance, versatility, portable, gadget included (the cover is super).


I depui 2 months
I love the sound and the ability to push a bottom lo!
settings can too ... really a "minimalist"
related q / p it ia almost no better, although it sure can buy equipment that produces much better sound, May ... definitely not for 500 euros! lamp at all!
well sure it does! I certainly take lo.

breiiida's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
Ben is a simple c c is a 15W class A lamps with just three buttons on it ...


A config can not be simple. 3 knobs, one volume, one tone and a gain. No need for manual use c s is so simple!
To get a good sound, plug a guitar and c is!


Fairly typical rock sound, while pushing the gain into a corner gives the sound a "limit" of metal. Simple j have rarely taken such a drubbing at an amp! I rgisseur for studios Repeat 'in the same room and we put a ball engl power and the famous Tiny terror in front ... On paper, the Engl should eat the Orange, error! The Orange has a prsence standard and covers the Engl! Engl well on the metal pushes the record with much more ease, however the Orange possde prsence a standard in terms of frequencies and greatly needed!
It is simply amazing, certainly sound incredible but is not clear rponds expectations of a tube amp in good order. When the crunch Dfine, you fall in the rve! Prcis sound, round, warm and answer each shot mdiator! It likes to play with low light shots "gratouilloux" and insists that ds is dropped on a hot saturated and simply captivating! Each riff become a rve!
And if you want to play a little one pushes the gain 3 / 4 and then we get a rock sound worthy of the greatest!


Test this one hour APRS twelve o'clock I fell in love! Dfiant a price all competition, Reduces weight, small footprint and a cherry on gteau adapter that came with a bag! Once this little amp branch tape on the wall! With three-button you get a range of sounds more than wide and intoxicating! I play on TriAxis Mesa / Mesa 50-50 normally, but I started having doubts about my config, c has to say! The only downside for me is the lack of channel clean / overdrive ... How we do when we alternate Clair / Satu? Good for the price you can buy 2 hh It will remain cheaper than a Mesa head even when at least as much fun!
In short do not hesitate, go try it at least!

fred_etc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
Made in China, bought in December 2007.
15 W Class A / B or Class 7W
The choice of its clear that saturates quickly when the mediator gets angry or strong distortion
no reverb or separate settings bass, mid, treble.
I almost want him to score 10 for the body, uncompromising minimalism that is very refreshing in the whole jumble of computerized guitar world today.
But we judge the characteristics ...


Simpler you die.
This gives a good sound if you have the right firm.


It is not a totally my style, just because I do not have a style, instead of this amp.

Add distortion pedals have great interest as it saturates very well alone.
But he accepts a distortion pedal, even if the difference is not huge when you have already pushed back the gain.

However, my reverb pedal been very psychedelic when the volume is below 10, which is almost forced when you push the overdrive.
Configurations very common in apartments.

I bought the Orange 1X12 cabinet that is "designed" for it is a simple box with a Celestion G12-30 vintage inside that I would replace a well ElectroVoice.

Because the firm orange ppc112 problem. I tested the amp on a different HP and it is 100 times better. The all orange is to be avoided, at least to my ears. The reason is that the amp privileged certain frequencies, especially in medium and firm hold on these frequencies is and enough is enough, or the sound of "pot".
The pc112 to look nice, I just vaix him change the wafer against a good old ElectroVoice.


Excellent, but provided you do not use it with the firm orange

Flyingv1702's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
Let's say 0 for those who want all of the versatile style and 10 for the one who has good stuff around (good speaker and good guitar and guitarist square) and loves rock.


It's simple. I connected the TT on my 2x12 cabinet mesaboogie correct and my gibson sg standard micro emg 81 and 90. I set the tone gain at noon on three quarts. 2 minutes after I started heating up a volume ... and I hallucinated. of the first chords I had goose bumps and a smile that never left me throughout the repeats. I played with the volume at 10 h and it was perfect with the group. pierces the sound in the mix is ​​great. and those who say that it's just 15 watts are big nag. the interest of this amp is pushed to be able to. and therefore it becomes more expressive because the lights do their job. I saw when I started guitar and I thought I was Angus Young and many of the sound I was 70 years old ... What the true rock (with still a larger gain when pushed). the thing is that the gain is very fat cruncher but many acute and super precise, the grain is really unusual and enjoyable. as one of the previous opinion, we rediscover what the rock: a guitar and a baflle playing with the volume knob .. BEYOND scratching the shit for MIDI and multi-channel. For my part with the three-quarter gain: about 81 coupled with the emg I put half the volume and background for the chorus and solo (there is a scratch in my group). for the part I put in clear EMG 90 has 1 or 2 depending on the desired clarity. Be careful though ca crunch a bit but that's what great because it must manage the touch of a mediator and it has its roots which is terrible. blues solos for EMG 90 has 3 or 4 and it is hell. not need reverb. a former I tell you!


For rock, blues, crunch, which Funck. the metal is possible with a boost but it would be more fish than to do with tt.


I use it for one day! but what a day! I precise that there are two versionsdu tt. former Korean made new in China, because before buying I asked the question whether the first was better or not. bein I know. I have new sounds and the fire of God anyway!
ps: this kind of small gille bread on a mesa 2x12 and more class too.

Usped's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
Amp lamp 7 or 15 watts
A speaker input and three outputs (8.8 and 16 ohms) and basta!
Volume, Tone, Gain and let's Rock (we do not forget the roll)
I put 7 because:
-2 Because no headphone
-1 Because no Line Out
-1 Barrier that no effects loop
-2 Because a single channel
3 amp because it is a "let's rock!" I bought it and knowingly ...
(390 OCCAZ to like new 1 month ago)


Config very simple so I use it for now in my home studio (which I use sometimes also room)
This gives a pure direct sound (actually not, if the cabinet is new it must be run in a little j'tais dboussol to beginners with the PPC112 silent because the sound hard but after a few hours use the hp softens and becomes pure pleasure!)
I had no manual, but why bother?
Comes with a carrying case my faith very nice.

8 / 10 (jpeux use the Journe: no headphone jack)


Sound level, this is my first amp so I lamps rferences not too much to compare but what I can tell you is that it sends wood!
I plug in my Squier Telecaster Obey (with hambucker and a single Duncan Designed) and I had a dj fucking hard rock distortion. What sound, heat lamps, is a rgal play. Do not rely on its low power, acoustic pressure in the end it DGIG is important (even become damaged ears) of sudden I'm playing with a volume close to 0.
And unlike what I've read, like what an amp that c'tait n'tait not for clean sounds, I'm not all agree, we can play very well with clean in apart, although the risk can be cruncher if we play with Moon, or Bonahm Grohl: D
It's true that the field is the prdilction Overd vintage. Targets as many as you say he excels.
In my opinion, mtalleux go your way ...


It's been long enough that I have to complte a review. But what I know is that it's good amp magnifies the sound properly. It's muy bonito!
The Tiny Terror is aptly named, a beast that roars, but a bb that can tame compared to animals scnes Messa, Marshall, etc..
So basically, what I love most, the sound, the mouth, and the least poverty of the most connections (srieux what a headphone jack!) But that's what makes him an amp single strong personality ...

9 / 10

simondice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
See previous ones opinion.

all-tube amp

rglages nonexistent (three knobs).
2 output 8ohms and 16 ohms.

The 10/10 is justification for the price, the quality of sound, ct practice (because I think that even when t Designed for a, and not for its versatility and large ...)


Setup could not be more simple, clear c, 3 knobs, one between jack, output and hp hop ...

could be called a plug and play what ...

a manual? learn to turn a knob can be ...


I buy this amp for anything other than mtal ... rubbing shoulders too hi gain amp, I needed something not trs onreux and low power that can help but get the distortion and play back Decapitated ...

It works!

I never rock amp ... and well, I conquered ... plugging in, I want to send the slope and the large rock Rhythmic Smoke on the Water!

trs's bold, clear, pretty bad (like p sounds are clear ... the guitars Scheer has bor ***), overdrive and fabulous ...

I play it with a emg in exca vigier 81/sa/89. with 81, disto trs big rock. the mute dgueule handsomely, I love. with her, and knobs noon blues sound worthy of an orgasm. with 89, I put the tonal background, and I get clear sound less rotten than the other two, with the gain background, ca motivated to do my lines :-)

I put 9 of Manir not do the full fan ... and especially the lack of reverb / Galiza.

but hey, like everyone else has said dj, c not what is asked ...


I do not use it long enough to say what I like more or less. for me, c a super buy for lazy guitarists, who have the ass to type in the port of 50 kg a head 100w lamps used in an apartment or anything in mates for small herds with pals ...
Especially good as you can go from blues to heavy sound while having respectable ...

résumé in a small white shit 5kg, which is now 350 in OCCAZ that the size of a pack of beer and a volume more than enough to play again, and not losing any quality of his apartment, given as the function switch 7w/15w.



xabi4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
See more reviews


A 4 year old kid can make it work


Then the I say simply: be it with a Start, an Ibanez flying V or a team in it ..... Emg ecstasy!
plate every time I agreed, my neighbors meet one ptition to kick me out of the building. it's hot, it's round, it's wild, animal, totally rock and roll, punk and fatally opposed to all the sounds you hear aseptiss every day.
is simple: I found my sound! (or rather my sounds because it has under the hood!)


I've had a little over two weeks. I had to beginners borrowing zik mag in my neighborhood, like a, just to try ...
it is simple I can not bring it back !!!!!
there is nothing to throw, even the lack of reverb I tape! - no!
it's the state's gross!
you plug, you play point-
issue and stuff, god knows I've tried more than one before!
even when the only thing: a try before you buy: we like (like me) or you dtest! view shared not

and it has the "low end" of Orange ?!?!!!!????[ u]

sdehais's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Tiny Terror
So this is new Orange, available on some dj as T. ... N site in Germany ... for 500 euros wholesale.

All Tube amp: amp + prmapli
Power: 15W, 7W switchable (EL84)
Between A, SETTING THE gain, tone and volume (no need more ...)
Output HP of course!

I do not put that 8 as a reverb SETTING THE Tone. A 3-band equa aprciable is always ... (What must criticize ba ...) But you'll see below that it is totally useless ...


Well then there is no clear sound on the other hand, only one channel and the saturated! But we go from crunch sound distortion even when Hard Rock!

In short, we are a "mini header" 15W mono channel with excellent sound!!

it's not hard to operate: one branch prchauffer oin fact, it blew up the standby APRS 2 min, and Rock'n'Roll!!
One volume knob, one tone and gain, it can not be simpler. In addition, they understood that Orange put a button rglage had a REALLY useful if arglait something when you turned the knob. Clearly, the gain is rglage trs trs prcis and is quickly vary the .... GAIN! Tone is the ffective trs!

Ct manual, the Orange site n'tant not days, not their doc and not having to buy, I can not tell by it may be useless ...


Rock it, even hard rock, bluesy but why not? ... Essay Start with a scraper type, single coil pickup, sends a good dj!

THE sound is the sound VINTAGE! Distortion of the Crunch!
Bon ba makes you take the distortion Orange (AD30 / Rocker) you remove the power of these heads, and you have sound but low volume!! Attention 15W on 412 orange makes a noise when even!! I tried it this weekend at the music fair in Paris, is testing a PPC412, CA INSURED!! I t compltement bleuf by his ds premres the notes (without rglage particular any noon!)

trs trs own good momentum, vintage sound Orange what?


Well the advantage of this head: have a good sound trs saturated low volume!

The inconvnient: be small, only do 15W and have only one channel excellent! Unlike conventional heads are large, who are 50 or 100 W and have two great channels!! (If we speak of the same brand of course!)

And those who find my discourses is that of someone who is compltement fan of this brand and our answer is not objective I: THE WAY TO SING and will sing your wallet ... !

Well I have 10. OK this is not the amp perfect, but it is perfect in its range of small head, low-power single-channel!