Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 29 reviews )
 13 reviews45 %
 10 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
 5 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

eskasix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Amp lamp manufacture in China.
Two channels plus a Boost distortion ...
A reverb


Easy has found a good sound.
Knob is very accurate, which allows a multitude of rglage


I play in a group Mtal and is perfect for style.
To all who will say that this amp has no personality to moin ... Al the essay because this amp out a supert ultra prcis in big distortion therefore ideal for rhythm ...
PS: I say that yours has gratteu of mass hysteria is mounted on stage to see my amp because he found her beautiful. Yet I not play on an exeption m on a classic guitar (on LTD F400 FM EMG 81 in Mount original post.
So to all the petty bourgeois who can afford a better tan MESA candle for you m pens although it's not only Mesa and marshall in life ...


I have this amp for a year and I do not hsiter has a ratchet so jav make another choice ... Not chre and good sound quality ... Super report price

papireque's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
- 100 Watts Tube (4 6L6 power and three 12AX7 preamp)
- Input passive / active two outputs HP; taken loop effects
- Bass, midrange, treble reverb + + resonance
- Clean and lead channel
- Distortion and bright


Ultra simple configuration. However, it will hack for a good hour before finding its sound, but once we got it the thing it's done fairly well and we could find a staff worthy of the name.
The manual is very simple and explains the main fonctoions of each knob.

PS.: I read that some people find simple c ****, chauvinists, factory default, or did they not understand that the knobs could be turned slowly (it's not the two positions ...)


I play it several styles (rock, pop-rock, and some metal)
Ects in terms of rock and pop-rock is frankly of the ball ... There is the sound easily and it rocks. clean sounds are rich and piping hot, the distortion, not too thoroughly settled sends serious sound. In addition to the reverb and resonance to enrich the sound hobs (only the bright seems to me not exploitable but surely a matter of taste!)
For metal, disto sends a big fat heavy but well defined. Only problem about it, the reverb and resonance. A 0 is too flat, and when you start turning the knobs, do not be abrupt because it quickly becomes TOO! But if you are not nag and that takes two minutes to set it, it's a treat.

I play with an Ibanez RG, a Zoom GFX 3 (a bit ...), and some slight distortion pedal to metal to give me a meuilleur sustain and harmonics richer but even without, they are already easily comes out and 4x12 ValveKing head fit the way forwards to correct!


I play it since maintenent nine months, and it never made me be good.
I love the sound it out, warmth etc ... Unlike the two negative reviews, I think it's a beautiful lamp!
what I like least is the weight!
I edssayé before a VOX AC 30, which tore bcp but was more expensive, without giving me so much power, and a line 6 Flextone, not bad, but that is not really the kind of amp that m ' has cracked! Otherwise I Agali test Marshall Valvestate or a lot of fenders, but I wanted a double body and Marshall was more expensive (especially for an all-tube) and the sound of Peavey haunted me after ten minutes ( heating time + setup time ... lol)

The report qulité price is correct! For less than 1000 €, it was an amp that sends the steak, reliable, and with his genial!

With the experience I remake that choice again, and would the board (at least try) has everything that one seeks amploi a powerful lamps ... In addition you will remain reasonable in price! The only downside, I will baffle has a cutaway plustot's right pan for better propagation of sound ... It was something else but that!

bouc666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
See other reviews


The use could not be simpler. The knob "Resonance" can easily change the grain of her and get a good sound in a short time. The manual is online but is not used much as the use of this head is intuitive.


This amp sounds pretty typed but it still gets the "us" without much research. I still have to say is that, although the clean sound is not very warm distortion and she knows how to balance those who are "no relief" did not really bother to listen to and although the sometimes a lack of precision in the neck it **** s. When the "severe lack of power" I think if this amp does not lack anything it's power.


I use it for one month and before buying I test my home for a week and I think this amp has the best value at the time. Okay it's not a remake but I dual rectify this purchase again if I had to do it again. For those who really do not like the distortion a little distortion pedal goes well with this head.

sade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Lamps, finally, it seems ....


Sound good ?.... collapsed with laughter!


Its flat. Amplified and wrong way.


One-hour test (the lost). That the guitarist get the idea that a tube amp at low prices is bad anyway. I'd rather play on a Line6! +

monsieur_banane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
100 Watts into 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
4 6L6GC and three 12AX7 lamps
Two independent channels can be selected at the foot
Independent EQ for each channel
Gain / volume boost the main channel controlled by pedals
Double speaker jacks in parallel
+ Reverb level control
Effects loop with protected entry
Resonance and Presence controls
Weight: 18 kg

All these features are, however, look very misleading!


The configuration could not be simpler. A classic. Nothing really new.


This is where the bottom hurts! How people who claim to be musicians may find this "thing" awesome??

The clean sound is nothing transcendent. Flat, without any personality. However, a good reverb for the integrated improves (slightly) the sound.

Distortion ... My God, how horrible! I never had her as a draft on an amp. To think that all the beautiful lights that shine on the inside are there only to decorate and hide it a poor circuit transistor 1950!

Drowned in the noise, the knobs have little effect on the tone. Position between the minimum and the maximum position, we must focus to see a difference. The various boost is useless, and the volume, even mounted up fails to address the severe lack of power of the head.


I used this amp for about 4 hours in a Paris studio, mounted on cabinet Peavey XXL, with a guitar Whale "Red Narwhal" equipped with Seymour Duncan. Therefore, the sound is crap that comes out entirely due to the amp head.

For the money (head + cabinet), I would advise players to invest in a good combo of another brand (eg Randall RG200-G3) which I think will be much better quality than the insult to our ears!

PS: and more it's ugly! She did absolutely nothing for her poor ...

no-reason05's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
All-100W lamp 46l6gc for power stage, three 12AX7 preamp for the floor of
-Effects loop series
-2 HP output with common switch 8 April 16 ohm
-2 Guitar input
Reverb-a ressord with his knob (common to the two channels)
-2 Channels (clean and Cunche / overdrive / saturax) EQ with bass / med / high / master channel
-1 Knob for the presence of two channels
-1 Knob of resonance for the two channels
-1 Bright switch for clean (very effective)
-1 Gain boost switch for channel 2
-1 Volume boost switch for channel 2

I copied an pasted the bottom coms because it is full, this amp is really good: the all-tube, 2 inputs, 2 channels ... distortion of a madman ... PEAVEY thank you!



Super simple setup, I was barely 3 minutes tampering and my sound was perfect!
Comes with a manual (with pages in French, its a pleasure compared to other brands-_-) and the manual is very clear and intuitive, everything is explained, everything is described, perfect!


I play metal and this amp is PERFECT! We just paid a very heavy distortion, although it right and our sound out beautifully. But I also play the red hot chili peppers and clean the sound is perfect for this typte of zik, and a well-tuned distortion and not too aggressive (at the same time it's the red hots, normal ^ ^) you jpeux that his move to ALL STYLES! A real treat!
Reverb is a built-in amplifier and it sticks very well with all ... I said great!


I play with for less than a week and I am more than happy!

I bought a Guitar Studio (Home Studio) in Lille with the footswitch and I recommend this store or sellers are super super nice and really know, you do not force the hand or do not when you fuck vs want to try a product: it vs. explike know what you want and shows you the basics of the guitar or amp, it leaves you alone and then you manage everything your own way (it remains at your disposal ds store well on)! Sincerely GO TO GUITAR STUDIO!

I will leave a new one if I ever edit chgt opinion with respect to the amp but I think I would not have to!


n_fly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
All the lamps 100W
Level connections can we find a ready and all the essentials:
footswitch, 2 x guitar, 2 speaker outputs, effects loop ...
We find a little reverb and a super efficient Regleg of presence and resonance
It was also a key "bright" on Channel 1 which allows treble boost (very effective)
It also has a volume boost and gain boost on channel 2 (very practical)


Config super simple and effective, each channel has its own equalization there is only reverb and presence / resonance that are in common.
It finds its very easy playing around with the knobs
From blues to funk the punk hardrock ...
Mamuel is very clear even if I did not read ...


As said previously there is a little ready to any style even if it is more rock axis
The clean sound is extremely clear, precise and profound (what is expected of a tube amp)
The saturation at the top that ca be crunch or push the gain donf to yield fast something like ACDC, clean and flawless!
I use it mainly with my telecaster 62 and OLP Axis
By plugging my wha, chorus my my delay and my compression is great!
I put 10 for the clean channel
8 in crunch
9 in saturated


I play ssus for a month and a half past
Most are biensur the sound that rips and unbeatable price (less than € 1000)
Try all of fender lights or sound approaches the Valveking for clear sound (super clean)
unbeatable value for money

alex_z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
- All Tube Amp Sovtek 6L6 and 3 12AX7 4, I put personal in electro harmonix preamp and it gives the fire of the gods.

- For a power of 100W, are pushed up its lamps make up their dynamics in this case to use for home j'utilse a lil combo ampl.

- Standard connectors, two inputs high and lw gain, cabinet jack back and impedance switch, effects loop jack on the front.

- The régalges everything easier, quickly found her over the proposed boost on each channel help much, plus they are Inrush to the pedal, resonance and presence and reverb.


- Setup could not be more simple
- Sound in the next minute it was in the after taste.
- No need for manual suaf who acquires a tube amp for the first time


- I play Heavey / Hard Melodic Metal, but I also like good sound and rock roots, I find my account with the battery of pedals that I

- I play a washburn rise and Seymour Duncan JB and 59, in fact tube distortion Cooltron Bulldog SansAmp GT2, TS9, compressor, chorus, delay / echo, pitch shifter, equ, wha, all on a peavey 4x12 "HP Jensen JS rise royally and have a blast

- The clean is beautiful, well built round, the distortion can be a colder, that's why I changed the lights you preamp, the sound is even fatter than the original ....

- I love everything about this head, I would keep even if I buy another.


I use it for four months, I love everything about this head even though I, as I said before, replaced the lamps in the preamp by Electro Harmonix.

I opted for a Randall initially in the same range but at 50 W, I tried this one and I was concquis!

Excellent value for money, thank you to the seller of guitar studio in Lille for their good advice.

I'd re this choice in a heartbeat

Binuz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Guitar amp head 100W all-tube (3 * and 4 * 12AX7 Sovtek 6LG6)
Level connection standards found: 2 jacks output jack footswitch + + HP Slecteur of inpdance of 16Ohms 4ohms for the rear panel for the front and the effects loop and two inputs (High Gain and Low-Gain)
Rglages level, a 3-Band EQ on each channel indpendant classic.


It is a joy because there are a few prs anything you want even if it is true that the prfre Mtaaaaal to Jazzzzzz ... From Blues to Rock .. a happening as well because you can really play with the grain of the bte thanks to the button and rsonnance prsence.
The clean sound is clear and round even with EMG 81 that are not yet in a lace. At the level of saturation as explained above is really good, and the possibilities are quite impressive .....


It should be done all in my style (Black / Death mtal) if only for the grain I think adding an EQ 10bandes to increase the range of sounds.
I play an Ibanez Ergodyne suur EDR470 Micro with EMG 81 in Bridge + Cabinet Behringer BG412H.
The clean sound is really good, and sends what is saturated with a grain well and good fats in mdiums DEFINITIONS. What happiness!
In addition one can vary the sound from the rear panel, a button allows us to move from class A to class A / B


I reus After a few hours today to try intensive I must say that I'm really sduit. I tried several amps lights before, especially in the Peavey Triple X that does not really sduit, the H & K Warp T silent but my first choice available currently. In fact I tried the Valveking sduit not the versatility of Difference Warp T. APRS reflection of Warp T sending too many in a group with 2 DJ Scratch, a synth bass and a Lumberjack + 2 Voice. The report QualitPrix biensre DCID me buy it. To silence the detractors who think a 500 amp lamps is not possible or it's a scam, I will explain why: The Design gnral not really worked the connectors are not numerous, the buttons are plastic and are the same as on Transtube (Bandit etc. .., the footswith is not sold with (By the way for those who have a Peavey Bandit combo, for example, the footswith be used with the Valveking), Sailing maios sound is Submitted and it was especially that achte a head amp is not?. I do it again this choice the eyes closed. Peavey Congratulations!