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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI

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Fred the Riffer07/30/2005

Fred the Riffer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
First tube amp.
Works on amp or PA system.
Guitar, bass and keyboard


Trs easy to use, it is a good "Swiss knife", it helps to have sound in all circumstances (ATPS, recording, concert ...)
The sound on sound good, if you need a ride for rptitions or concerts, it gives you a great sound in all circumstances. It sounds branch on any amp.

The manual settings with examples (his Santana, AC / DC, Blues ..)


I use this material for over 12 years is reliable, it sounds, it's hell!
I have a 3 channel Marshall head customized by VHM trs that gives good clear sound and HUGE saturation, a small combo marshall 75 reverb (an amp viel trs cool), the Tubeman allows me to have a different kind of saturation, + sweet (msa / Santana). I use it sometimes on the combo, especially for large saturations crmeuses and solo.
I also played bass on a Gibson amp superbre 3 body, Tubeman also sounds very low.
When I travel or when I have to play away from home, without the possibility to take my guns, the Tubeman is the solution. Compared to the Pod or the Tonelab is the effect that there is a difference, because I Tubeman grain is superb. Modeling low-volume sound good, but when you shoot, you must spend a little time on rglages. So Long Live Tubeman.


Used for 12 years
Convenient, portable ...
Interesting find opportunity, regardless of the MODEL.

blackmore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
Rackmount guitar preamp with 12AX7 tube not.
4 presets (jazz, funk, blues, rock)
A foot switch that switches on / off the pedal (when it's off to the sound of the guitar does not pass!)
pots gain control, bass, middle, treble, volume, and switch to boost the mids
TS connections: between a guitar, a headphone output, 1 output amplifier, a mixer output
Making power (watch the original power supply is a bit feeble and if you replace it must be the 9v AC (very important!)


The config is very simple
You choose what style you want his (jazz, funk, blues, rock) you set the gain and volume your convenience as well as pots and sounds of Tone!
The problem with this pedal is that you can not leave the ground because you have all the time tweaking the pots (rotary switch to change the presets). I say because you can not preset channels that since we can not change them while playing. Problem solved on tubeman 2.
All fawns my opinion it is a preamp homestudio East, not scene.


L is meaningless, and even sounds a very bien.On can really have any kind of ultra clean sound of the funky killer distortion! It's great for blues The gain is very gradual to find a good crunch!
I use it with a strato "all black" tubeman 1977 and is connected to my console (Akai mg 614) and I'm super happy. I also connect to the lower register and is also excellent!


I've had ten years and is an excellent preamp (same attention when the dust in the pots I clean 1 or 2 times a year).
The pros: the sound or sounds (it's not a pod with 200 presets even when)
simple but effective

the -: not used on stage
when the switch is off the sound of the guitar does not pass (a lousy!)