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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI

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chris061982's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I would not have dreamed better!"

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
4 channel tube preamp, pedal format, with a red box output + output directly integrated amp and guitar amp (preamplified).


Super simple setup. The manual is useless.

To find the sound you want, it's pretty simple, when we know the pedal, there is still time to adapt.


For grain, have love, or not, but me it's the best I've found!

I played with several guitars, I made myself (I made the violin as an amateur) and a vox night train with a 15W 4X12 celestion kustom equipped with baffles.

What I like best is inimitable and grain are the red box built for the recording studio, I add it with two mics on the speaker and adds an enormous precision.

The least is that it blows, but it is mainly a result of adjustment, I found my sound on the blues with the gain channel has almost the bottom, it's ultra rock, with a better dynamic than the rock channel.

So it's not really a weakness ...


My disto official for 10 years I have different distortion and od, but for various things, I worked for several years in the studio right, I found full of groups with lots of distortion, but nothing that I was fact changed his mind.

I love the sound of this preamp on the other hand, and architecture are average, I wish I had the same architecture as the tubman 2, which is perfect, but that does not come close to the ankle (sound level) to my taste.

I was cold for 3 years, because the lamp was tired and a few years ago H & K did not sell their retail lamp, I tested a lot of lights and sounds like none of his original lamp. the blows she finished the closet for almost three years, until the day I found lamps H & K.

Despite these small negative details, its level is the best for me and I rachèterais if a mine has just died.

Florent91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" lamp!"

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
- Selection 4 game styles: rock, funk, blues and jazz
- Bass, mid, treble, master, gain, mid boost
- Non-rackmount preamp (used as a distortion pedal)
- Technology to 12AX7


- Config super simple
- Manual clear and effective (with different presets included)
- Edit sounds very simple


- Lots of heat, the distortion is round, pleasant to listen to (especially the crunch ...)
- I use a Gibson Les Paul Studio with (1994)


- I use this pedal for over a year
- I tried a pedal Rocktron before (in the same price range), nothing to do with the TUBEMAN it day and night!
- I love the blues sound (crunch), I almost never use the position JAZZ
- Unable to find new, I bought 80 € and for that price what can you find a better light? Very good preamp
sorgen  :shoot:06/01/2005

sorgen :shoot:'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
Pramp guitar lamp (one 12AX7)
A master, a knob to select channels, a TREB, mid, bass & a gain,
4 channels (Jazz, Funk, Blues & Rock)
A Red Box intgre for exit,
1 input, 3 outputs (to Guitar Amp, and to PowerAmp To Mixer)
A switch to enable or disable the preamp.

Cest very simple and basic but not too good this doriginalit pramp adj few years and replaced by the t TubeMan 2nd generations.


2 uses:
- In a guitar amp for RPET and home (a Laney HCM15)
- Live on a console for the night.

Not very practical in concert for there is no switch to turn on the channel DIFFERENT. Not to mention that the volume changes a lot depending on the channel (which is logical given as the Difference of gain).


With regard to the sound of Laney:
Jazz: Its nice clear and warm, it lacks a rverbe.
Funk: The most slamming, Naime I too this kind of sound but its not trs goal cest got a question, I all the same the User to play few pieces of Reggae with Wha
Blues has become the good. Pushed a little on the gain, we did a good rock, Angus Young did that well to keep the Blues AC / DC cest really great, never heard a crunch jai so convincing.
Rock: the distortion is the grain of Lampl (which I do not drang) a big rock sounds trs trs gain was 5 and 8 sounds with trs Trash trs a grain similar to Slayer finally Lampl has a lot to a rgal

When this is bte branch directly to a console:
The clean sounds (Jazz Funk) are fairly close rendering of the branch pramp Lampl, and then ntant not a big fan of crystalline sounds, I dont try too hard either
Blues: the rendering is quite similar to that of Lampl but with less gain (which is the console), damage, but still sounds terrible.
Rock: the grain is totally DIFFERENT from what comes out of Lampl but also exploitable, there is also a decrease in gain but to play the Scorpions or Gunsnroses cest perfect.

In incidental, jOperation just jazz channel (clean sound) with the gain between 4 and 5 and a few pedals (a Boss PW-2 for distortion and a Cry Baby). Its a nice config, easy win but I lack just a delay and a chorus for a wider range of sounds.


Lai I had a few weeks ago for 110 euros doccasion, very cheap for a pramp lamp.
The sounds are his strong point, they are terrible and you can really do anything with this pramp, it is super versatile.
I found a warmth I Navais not with my Vamp Pro but it did not sound pramp too extreme
Only default, select the channel really not practical (with a knob!) And lacks a rverbe (and I'm quibbling)

Basically, a good pramp, cheap Docce, which surprises with its sounds really terrible.
I think all the same to change the lamp for a Sovtek davoir history a little more gain but without changing anything but good dj EST
I would a thousand times that choice.