Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Mesa Boogie V-Twin

V-Twin, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie in the V-Twin series.

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All user reviews for the Mesa Boogie V-Twin

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 20 reviews )
 15 reviews75 %
 3 reviews15 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money:Excellent
heads on fire11/01/2011

heads on fire's review"Fantastic tube dirt box."

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Handbuilt in the USA
2x12AX7 tubes
2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)
Mode Assignment Switches
Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)
Bypass Switch
Clean Gain Adjustment Control
Record/Headphone Out
External Switching Inputs


This is a wonderful pedal that I wish Mesa still produced. I found mine for an absolute steal, and sold it later for way more than I paid for it. I should have kept it - it is a great tube box. It is a dirt pedal that kept the character of the guitar intact, which is nice. With a direct out, 2 channels, super durable housing, the ability to switch up channel voicings, and a great EQ, this pedal has it all. The treadplate metal looks like a Dual Rectifier, and the pedal can certainly sound like one as well.


The V-Twin excels here - it sounds utterly, ridiculously good. It can get blues crunch, liquid sustain soloing, death metal chug, and about any point in between. The EQ is very responsive, and can carve a nice spot for the guitar (or bass) to sit. It has a ton of gain on tap, which is befitting of the MESA name. It sounds good just being used as a distortion pedal, but being that it is a preamp, it can run directly into a power amp, or even the PA system, as well.


I'm giving this all 10s, all the way across the board. This is one of the best distortion boxes ever produced. It is durable as all get-out, it sounds incredible, it looks like a work of rugged American art, and it is versatile. It's an investment even, as the discontinuation of it has caused it to rise in price. This pedal can make a boring one channel clean amp sound fantastic, and it can make a great amp just sing! I unabashedly love this pedal, and I wish I had another.

iamqman's review"Beefy Pedal"

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
This pedal is basically a Mesa Recto preamp in a little box. You get most of the features you would see on a normal amp but in a small but larger size foot pedal.

The tone of this pedal is great. You get a very thick and fat sounding distortion that will sound great with just about any guitar and or any amp. This is a pedal that will take control of any guitar or any amp. It will dominate pretty much any setup you have because this thing is a beast.



Handbuilt in the USA


2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)

Mode Assignment Switches

Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)

Bypass Switch

Clean Gain Adjustment Control

Record/Headphone Out

External Switching Inputs
Available as:

V-Twin Pre-Amp Pedal

Optional Gig Bag • V-1 Bottle Rocket or V-Twin • Shoulder Strap


The tone is huge to say the least. You get a very thick crunch tone that is extremely close to a the sound of a Dual Rectifier. This pedal will greatly saturate you tone and thicken up the weakest guitar or guitar pickup in your arsenal.

I like this pedal with any guitar you throw at it. I especially like this pedal with a Gibson Les Paul or another guitar with a humbucker style pickup installed. You get a meaty tone that will cut through pretty much and band mix successfully.


This pedal is a great addition to any person who needs a fat sounding distortion who uses maybe Fender amp or Vox or just about any clean based amp. If you need a beefy steroid pedal than this is your best bet.

Another great thing about this pedal is the ability to use headphones or record out with it. SO you can send it to a recording console or the house PA system if you didn't bring your regular amp or if stage volume is an issue.

I don't think Mesa Boogie makes these pedals anymore. So the used market is the only way to go at this point. I think you can pick them up for around $350+ in the classifieds or used market.

nickname009's review

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
This is a tube preamp pedal by mesa boogie, meant to deliver classic boogie cleans and classic boogie distortion.

* Handbuilt in the USA
* 2x12AX7
* 2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)
* Mode Assignment Switches
* Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)
* Bypass Switch
* Clean Gain Adjustment Control
* Record/Headphone Out
* External Switching Inputs


Like an amp or a slightly more complex pedal, there's a few EQ options. There's also 3 modes, clean blues and solo. Solo would be the one having the most 'gain' while blues is just like a mild overdrive and clean of course is clean.

The headphone out is useless everything sounds like static crap coming out of that. The pedal itself is big and heavy! Comes with it's own adapter to provide proper power. You can use clean or ONE of the distortion modes, you can't layer them together, nor can you switch between the two with the footswitch. Which, hinders it's versatility in my opinion.

You can use this as a front end amplifier for whatever combo/amp you have backing or as an overdrive or boost to your original amp's tone. I've found using it as the boost was WAY more useful than as a standalone front end preamp.

The EQ is a universal EQ for all three modes, so it's simple yet not super versatile. You have to settle on one EQ setting for all your modes.

There is also a control for changing the clean's tone making it break up earlier or not via a trim pot.


Cleans: These are your classic boogie cleans. Not too shimmery, not muddy but smooth. I was never really a big fan of boogie cleans to begin with but this is usable and doesn't break up.

Blues: Offers a slightly bluesy crunch to your existing sound. Sort of like what a regular blues overdrive pedal would provide except with the preamp being tube, it's more compressed and smoother in tone. A little bit more organic sounding and not sterile or bitey like a blues driver for example, would sound like.

Solo: This is the supposed high gain channel in which, it's really not. It's more of a classic rock gain structure. For some reason when I bought this somebody suggested that it was a dual rec in a box. This is simply WRONG. The V-Twin is designed to achieve CLASSIC boogie sounds and by that I mean the NON-metal amps, PRE mark IIC+ era. And so the distortion is not high gain, it's full of mids and very smooth, for rock or smooth blues leads.

As a front end amplifier, I didn't like what it had to offer. The blues mode was decent, though I found more tone in the solo mode for blues. And when I wanted a rock sound I struggled. However, upon my frustrations I tried to use it as an overdrive, boosting the amp after setting it for medium gain distortion in solo mode, and WOW. Now THIS is what i'm talking about! What came out was HUGE distortion, dynamic, clear, high gain, thick, everything one can possibly imagine wanting for high gain purposes! It was huge! And I couldn't believe how thick the distortion was! Possibly due to the preamp tube design as opposed to regular non-tube overdrive pedals, but it was just overall WAY juicier!


It's decent as a preamp pedal, but even better if treated as a tube overdrive pedal for high gain stuff. That's where I was really impressed, although the design may not have been intentionally made that way. That's how I used it and that's how I liked it. But as for what it was designed for, I guess it was decent. I would recommend it as an overdrive but not as a preamp pedal for anything else.

There are better tube preamp pedals out there offering more variety in sounds and more flexible EQ options. This was a pretty limiting pedal. If it was designed with just the solo mode and it's EQ it would be an awesome overdrive pedal. But it's not enough to serve as an actual 3 mode pedal since the controls are so limited. So i have to review it quite low as I didn't like anything about it as how it was designed to work, but instead sounded great as something else.

noudila's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The last good thing in Mesa"

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Amplification: 4 Lamps, gain stages op amp, the distortion is obtained by saturation of the lamps. Therefore mixed.
Full of small buttons for the sound you want.
A first stage of the preamp output and a headphone output


No need for manual or just small nimble fingers to adjust the sound.
The sounds are impressive


The must-have for the player to greasy blues.
Nothing to throw in the resulting sounds.


I have 4 years. I played a bit of a Mark IV, and failing to be able to find a OCCAZ good price, I bought it. No regret, I care.
Of course, it is not easy to use live, or else should not have 36 sounds.
Since the release of this thing, Mesa turned to metalheads. This is the last winning shot Mesa for lovers of blues and rock. Since the new sound MESA me profondémment ch ....
So if you want a piece of the legend of Mesa, it is with that thing you can have, for lack of a Mark 3 or 4

madchap's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome!"

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Handbuilt in the USA
2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)
Mode Assignment Switches
Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)
Bypass Switch
Clean Gain Adjustment Control
Record / Headphone Out
External Switching Inputs


The manual is very clear and well done, at the same time, there is nothing really complicated to explain!
like to pedal ca .... is not a gas plant! just use his ears and in any event it sounds live.


I mostly play stuff saturates but a bit of everything and even when AC was a big surprise! I never think a preamp can be comfortable in ALL styles! Whether it's jazz, funk, rock, blues, metal (even very beefy!), It makes everything! ... However I very versatile guitar that gives me a wide range of sounds (5 position selector 3 + humbucker with split filter medium) ... everything happens ... it's almost unbelievable! Also like what I read, the pedal did not have enough gain for the metal?! ... Well I play death more often and I do not even need to add an OD, EQ after or anything ... just the preamp to him a meme!
but with a TS9 or maxon808, it works very well too.

I tested on 2 PowerAMP has one lamp (mesa 50) and a very cheap behringher an amp (the amp ultrarock viel return dun!), Always on my custom 4x10 cabinet ... even if the lamp rings necessarily more "organic living" with the behringer preamp sounded really good ... which attests to the quality of the preamp.

simulates the output is also excellent ... it sounds just like a mesa transplanted. No need for IR or anything (unless you want a particular color well). Plugs into the sound card, you can record live with a very good sound!


I just spent 15 days above background (not that there is need much time to test the preamp ... far from it!) ... And I do not understand why Mesa has stopped producing this pedal They can be ... was afraid to self-compete, so they had created a great product ... I bought 250 euros and if it may seem expensive to some size for a preamp pedal when ... we play it, it's 100% satisfaction. Nothing to do with the stupidity of the current pedal is called "shop" at the same price a few exceptions that are near the wind as we serve!
Here is finally a portable preamp and sounds for everything, without having to add .... this is just perfect! I am so convinced that I can be even buy another one very soon ... just in case!

The only "problem" is inherent to the format ... if you need to spend to clean crunch and saturated ... we must turn to the rack version or so if like me you want the pedal for practical reason, when this happens, simply do a crunch and OD preamp to keep clean and saturates

With this preamp is faultless for Mesa. 10/10
Tiger foods07/29/2012

Tiger foods's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?
What is the power delivered?
What connection?
What are the settings, the effects? ...

A transistor and lamps (2) (finally, someone has to go zieuter the diagram, I know bugger all and I f inally *.
Full connectivity, surround area provided by various inputs and outputs.
No power, it's a preamp.
Settings of classic two-channel amp treble mid bass presence and gain flight. That's all and that's good.
Very heavy chassis, this is the stompbox. Switches that do not clatter and it's fine for disturbing when we play with a headphone.


The configuration is simple?
Do you get a good sound easy?
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Very simple, that's why I turned back to the racks for that.
Easily transportable, clear manual (well, no need to study the manuals that are heat my neuron)
His fakile to get, it sounds live and near settled anyhow (I mean, we do everything at noon and shoo it sounds, then affine)


Will it fit your style of music?
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
What types of sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)?
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

Yes, blues / rock, I like it though. Complies with the sound of the guitar.
must love the clean sounds compressed and compressed distos (trademark Mesa)
By against followers of his correct will be disappointed, that's not it, not you hungry masses and it saturates less
Personally, I not put tons of gain (too much gain kills the grain), just half enough for me (gain at noon, I still have a little room, but I prefer to manage the attack or the volume pot ), I added a tube overdrive to boost sometimes and it sounds great too.
I love all the sounds, to saturated clear, slight preference for the blues channel (light blue), it manages to clear the saturated like that and not need to switch constantly.


How long you use it?
What is so special that you love the most, least?
Did you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Since + / - 4 months (I expected before writing the opinion, to avoid the syndrome at all new, all beautiful)
ls tried Digitech artist (but too effective, too compressed, too nuanced, I lost my sound), I also Pedaltone Koch, so I can compare.

I love its sound, its simplicity, the fact that it sounds even without effect (for me it is a sign that never fails, if I never get tired of her and did not really feel the need to add to it one or other pedals, it's all good)
There is also 2 x more compact than Koch, but not lighter.
Some who know say it is based on the diode bridges heated tube (like a Marshall jmp), I know anything, but it sounds. It's not like they told me to pick up completely against the Pedaltone Koch (which is a circuit based on four high-voltage lamps), it is like, it sounds pretty close with a dynamic rather than for the Koch , which is also more demanding in lamps (four instead of two, a better choice that is required).
In short, a good ratio Q / P secondhand (anyway it no longer produced), reliable over time (it is still being sought and for good reason, it's still the excelent gear, solid, and not obsolete)
With the experience I would do this choice, especially if I had no other preamp. With that said I could do without it because I'm Koch, but for now I keep it.
There's just that it's bad they did not opt ​​for switching different as to move to the clear sound of the machine, must juggle a small switch in his hand. Otherwise, bypassing found the clean sound but the amp. Therefore, it is used more as a distortion. I think there are ways to tweak the thing to add a 3rd switch easily. This is the only "complaint" and also tested a lot of lights on it, as I say it is less demanding than the Koch at this level, a pair or a mix jjtesla tesla Tung ground. No need for expensive tubes, it sounds good with the cheap too (not Koch, it has the taste of luxury)

pitore's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good ... for some styles"

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
this is a pedal tube guitar preamp.
It has two channels: bypass, clear, overdrive / solo (depending on the position of dedicated switch).
In terms of connectivity, there is one input and three output: guitar amp, power amp and headphones.
There are also two control inputs for bypass and channel choice.

In terms of settings, this is a classic preamp, complete and effective (gain, bass, mid, treble, presence, output level).

Finally, there is a setting under the pedal to assay the channel gain clear.

The only real fault is the switch for the overdrive switch (blue) to solo when you're on the second channel.
It is impossible to activate it with the feet, which is a shame for a pedal.
Otherwise, there is no effects loop, which can be annoying.


Configuration is easy for one who has ever used a guitar amp.


It is suitable for many styles of music, including his drive for super sensitive and warm. The distortion (single player) is very good.

For metalheads against my friends (like Korn) are not getting enough sound right to their liking. A bit too fat to really modern, er metal box ;) .

In fact, I tried amps mes (affordable) at the time and I loved their sound saturated but I preferred them for a fender clean sound. So, by dint of saving I made the configuration: V-Twin Nighthawk + + TwinReverb (which only have two clear channels).

Well duh, it gives a pretty vintage style but it still kills! Anyway, for rock, blues, reggea / dub, jazz ... AC does.
A priori, I think on newer amps we must go further


Its very good, it's a bit expensive and I do not know if today we find the best value for money. The pedal is sturdy. I do it again this choice because even if its not doing all it makes me go.

setneck's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Same as the other one who is already said before I say .......


I bought OCCAZ without a manual, it sounds simple and actually not as many, it is a little safe one bad code and it does not open. it is difficult to settle when the equalizer is not in the extreme, this may be kidding myself but I put that time has aprivoiser.
However from the moment you or yours sound ....


From blues to rock / hard rock ... no problem, unlike other reviews I found the three channels interressant.le clear sound and more velvety than a fender twin, but more clear and sharp as a marshall, but hot It is the balance I think!
Position blues however Ploil naziar a grain, it looks like they forgot to put the lamp, but it remains correct, however the position of sending solo well, harmonic knock, has endless sustain , a little too low to my taste ... degeu domage


It's been a year disaine I use, I am a very practical tool because I have a twin reverb (only one channel ... sniff) So here I am with two clear sound quality at a correct a distortion overdrive nickel.elle is polyvalente.j him correctly sour tried before many model, vox bulldog, ibanez tube king, boss blues driver, the marshall distortion lamp! All I can say is that the v twin is more expensive but better! I do not think it sounds great mesa, I find it rather Hibrida marshall fender, but the solo sounds mesa.avec position 13 years of experience I would say I would do it again because this choice has the 'era there was no competitor, now it should look as it is comem dear, I estimated 20/30% cher.Il too need this out of my head that it will turn its amps in fighter aircraft is racy but it does not magic, it will not turn a Marshal Valvestate triple rectifier.Je still think it's a try after noon complete torture to give this avis.Sans ask whether or not lamps are solicited to 100%! The lamp is like the bio you would buy anything as long as it's written dessus.un tube amp ... yes ... a pedal bof ... why not a strap or a plectrum lamp??
FYI I note the strict perfect is not my max is 9
kik@infomaniak.ch06/24/2008's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Lamps? ... everything is relative !--->

for those who can not read a diagram, each small triangle is an operational amplifier, ie the black sheep of amateurs "All Tube". The distortion is largely generated by animals diodes (a heresy for a preamp tube). The advantage: you do grill your lights at a slower pace. The downside: question "round lights" could use some work ... In my opinion it should instead store the machine in the "stomp".


Simpler you die ...


Not tried ... but certainly correct.


Value for money: too much like any Mesa!
vicious A08/13/2007

vicious A's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Tube preamp
good connectivity globally adapts to any type of media outlet
Attention, depending on the type of output used (combo Poweramp or mixer / phones) equalizer output differs mainly in blender.
One possible equalizer for the three types of sounds (clean, blues, solo) but it has never really been a problem.


Simple to use, but the EQ is super important to get the sound you want.
very versatile preamp that sounds as an electric guitar with scratch Elecro-acoustic
highly portable and rugged enough. practical example to repeat, one connects the W-twin in the sound and go, no need to bring his amp! for acoustic concerts I use it live in the mixer and it sounds great with great presence.


Amp on a v-twin really appreciated for what it is with a tube amp (I used it before on a transistor amp and frankly it has nothing to do), I now use it with ESP deluxe one plugged into the clean channel of a fender deluxe hot lights and everything it sends is serious! big metal sound very fat (position 'solo' on the V-twin), crystal clear sound and warm (position 'clean'). I never used the position 'blues' because I do not have the utility and I do not like his tone, the more we can still have very good crunch position' solo 'turning down the volume pot' gain '.
I also use the output line to make recordings in a home studio without eardrums have fun and it looks very very good as long as you refine the equalizer specifically for lead.


Very good horse, very versatile with a well-typed mesa despite its small size. I bought 5 years ago for 250 euros or used on the advice of a friend, honestly now in hindsight I realize I made a great deal, I do not want to part with it.