Art Tube MP
Art Tube MP
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Art Tube MP

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 42 reviews )
 13 reviews31 %
 19 reviews45 %
 3 reviews7 %
 3 reviews7 %
 3 reviews7 %
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yed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good start"

Art Tube MP
pre amp non rack lamp with adjustable input, gain, phase-20db. led a clip.
input / output jack or an XLR


very simple, clear manual, easy editing there's not much to tweak.


its own, the lamp does not hear and almost better because in this range made ... (Unless it is fun to saturate). So no coloration of sound in normal use.


Used for 1.5 years it has chandeliers, I Taté quite then some more expensive model of another brand that are often disappointing. In the range above must know what one is looking ... some preamp sound card is disappointing to the mp tube seems cleaner and does not add a dubious color. It's good for started, I had the chance to connect over good micro (AT33, u87 ...) and I was not disappointed, even when the microphone was "too good" for this pre amp.
Then when you want to search for a particular grain, color or simply refine their trimming, they move on.
Excellent value taken. this is one of the only shopping I started I did not regret ...

Dr_Raousse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For sonos faiblardes"

Art Tube MP
Plus: The input & output Jack / XLR is handy
The least: There is no switch for power


The Pros: It's very simple, just grind a little. With the voice, I did not get feedback in any case not more than without the preamp! It happens quickly find satisfactory settings, despite this breath for instruments
Least, I have not read / lost / threw the manual, then stay honest ...


The least: There is a fairly large breath with instruments.
Plus: Not noticed breath through the PA with the voice

So I put no instrument for voice + 10 = average of 5!


I am afforded the starting color for a bass amp that I found MarkBass colorless.
Because of breath, I quickly disconnected and left in a bag. Subsequently, this preamp has proved very useful to boost voice to musicians who played too loud

I strongly deplores the lack of power switch!

The big problem: mine only works with the power supply! So, if you lose the ace in the bone

For the price, it's worth having it in a corner for sonos faiblardes. I recommend for string instruments directly into the amp

So mediocre product but useful to have. I am furious to have lost the power supply

mtwallet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art Tube MP
Already seen above.


Config quite simple without the manual.
I use equipment connected to a bass plugged directly into a PA system.


For now, I do not really seen the impact of the lamp in comparison with the transistor preamp. Small


therefore practical, but fragile.
No switch on / off unfortunate.
Cheap of OCCAZ.