PreSonus TubePre
PreSonus TubePre

TubePre, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the PreSonus TubePre

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 26 reviews )
 13 reviews50 %
 8 reviews31 %
 4 reviews15 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

PreSonus TubePre
The Presonus TubePre is exactly what the name states - a single channel tube based external microphone preamplifier. It has XLR and 1/4 inch inputs and outputs and is not a rackable effect. It also has buttons for phantom power, a pad, a high pass filter (rumble filter) and phase reverse. All the characteristics make it a versatile preamp and it also has a handy good looking meter.


The TubePre is a easy to use and everything is pretty straightforward. It has two knobs for drive and gain, and four buttons for the characteristics I mentioned above. All these options does is make this preamp versatile as you can choose or not to choose each of the options. I never looked too much at the manual as it is easy enough to follow and to get a good sound out of.


The general sound of this preamp is warm and sounds good in a lot of different situations. While it colors the tone a bit, in the right situations this works in a big way. I have used it mostly on bass guitar and electric guitar and it has worked well in both of these applications. It adds a warmth to the sound I can't get with my Digi 002s pre. While this isn't the best tube pre in the world, keeping the price in mind, it sounds really good.


I've had this preamp for about four years. It has worked great in the applications I use it for, and I don't use it all the time because it isn't the best for recording drums or vocals in my opinion, as it colors the sound too much. The price is the best part about this preamp as you can get a nice sounding tube preamp for a real cheap price. The price is what drove me to buy this and I'm glad I did as it has proved to work in the right situations.

Toothyz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it works"

PreSonus TubePre
Prampli small lamp, a channel

no pice of plastic! even the knobs are made of steel! has inspired confidence!

UN Drive, gain .. out of phase, a pad, low cut phantom power supply

Between XLR jack Released Same


Nothing to report, really easy .. but useless reduces manual

on the other hand, many minutes you have to go play with the drive and the gain to get what you want ..

I get very often on inaudible sound, but when it works, it works rather well!


so do not expect a wonderful sound, remember that has cost 100 euros .. we must compare comparable !!

there is already a step up as art or behringer in these price range!

test DI Box with a guitar .. it works impeccable dynamics, heat, discoloration of the pleasant lamp!
everything what you want

But beware .. is saturated and can easily be surprises during the catch! ...

In my observation preamp is acceptable !! without a good rglage is literally rotten signal !!!!
but once found the right mix has spent !! even though

The lamp will deserve to be changed, but it tien road all the same!


The +

Di box in a great work!
it's solid!
right preamp
some see no cheap plastic

the -

no on off button - the savings on to? even when it is necessary ..
Case Format (not even 1/4 rack) rounded edge has m'enerve!
may be the lamp? but I was fine with me for my use!
low cut off phase to fine ???
I say when PreSonus same hat for doing a product that is worth the money !!

it's not really the tube or Art behringer low-end manufacturing and bad!

it's on !! 200 or rather 300 euros more was better !!! It was worth every penny! I regret my 100euros

ceddec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
Amp lamp, size 1 / 2 rack. I personally found the original lamp good, I always have. In addition it is tough, I emmne RPET every week in my backpack ...


Trs simple to use. No need for manual turning just 2 buttons!


For the price it would ask for more abuse.


Qq used for months. If c'tait again, I achter 2!

ebrian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
T says it all


Simple configuration, not making the top, manual clear condition to understand English ...


Sound good but if you push too much drive the sound becomes aggressive and you lose the transparence.Je think it is better to replace the lamp with a 12AX EH Gold or equivalent type for less distortion and feedback and more transparence.Toutefois sounds are enjoyable and provide heat and power; trs good for background music or record an acoustic guitar with steel or nylon EXT. microphone. TubePre really brings a more powerful it is and filters are utiles.Si you do not like the lamp buy something else.

Modif. of 14/06/07: relamping; APRS have hsiter between EH and Sovtek I opt for Sov. LPS. Better sound and more dynamic.


Product quality well built, above average, even when it is a prim number fois.Et prampli TRUE! Worth.

Jiem_971's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
Ben is a lamp with pramp Jack and XLR inputs and outputs ditto ...
Otherwise, you have that look the data sheet ...


My configuration is:
PC with Windows SP2 with 1 GB of RAM
160GB external disk
Sound Card: M-Audio Firewire 410 Pro Tools M-Powered 7.1.1
Micro Electronics Z3300 A fan will be

The manual is clear and trs trs simple ... it's useless to use this pramp see mm too simple ...


So l. .. pramp this is a real jewel!
frankly it feels really good heat lamp (if saturation is pushed Drive lamp is loqigue!) and 48 dB gain of 3 is its respectle is when Boost reasonably increases the gain ...

In addition, the pramp is transparent while providing a ptite staining ... it's the sound agrmente enregistrment made in ...

I read it o nbreux opinion criticized the 12AX7 located in, I think frankly it's a good trs lamp, with good quality of light have nbreux mico dts ...

Important: make sure you have a good mic to be able to judge properly the quality. sE lectostatique my trs is a good mic made in China, the output of the TubePre has emerged even more clearly timbret.

This was a real contribution pramp more, especially since Pro Tools is the possibility I take care of voice with EQ and dynamics processing (compressor ...). Plugs


Rsultat races: This pramp does exactly what I expected from him! I aujourdui used for testing.
What I like is the function DRIVE + o I can choose the amount of attack of the lamp that I made to the DSIR signal. it warms my voice as it should although I have yet to test all rglages ...
This is my first pramp. it is not more expensive tt (135 Home Studio and PlayBack), making it accessible to n'omporte any home-studio owners who have no money like me!

I have long hsit take it, I wanted to take VTB1 Studio-Projects in a first tps, but I finally Presonus DCID to trust and play the card of reliability. ..

I do prfre not say whether this choice I would do for now since I did not do much with ... better not talk too fast!

MeisterH.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
- What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
- What is the connection?
- Is this a rack or rack-mount model?
+ See other advice and TEST

is well suited to my use, namely homestudio single recording guitar, bass, vocals


Use ULTRA simple.


Used with a Fender lamp - Sovtek, the sound becomes slightly tinted, it's quite pleasant but not excessive, say it gives a "key" to saving


- How long have you use it?
- What is so special that you like most and least?
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
- How would you rate the quality / price?
- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
I use it for several months, I like the look jacky medium blue buttons but it fits well with my pc. I use my card in front entrance Delta 44.
The price / quality ratio seems excellent.
I use it to record guitar, bass, and voice (use 48 v power supply) with a condenser microphone ATM33a, and also the acoustic guitar with the same microphone. In all circumstances this preamp plays the role expected of him, and that's fine.

siciliano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
It is a small pre amp of high quality should be aware that this is the best at this price it Offredi interesting features


Nothing more simple a child's play


Those who doubt should Changra the lamp is the same thing we discover a new pre amp, the quality onsent certe avalon is not a very good but with a good mix can be behind something quality


I use it for about 3 months it is very good and enough for me I buy it because it is small, useful, and good as long as the User properly and with good set-up is excellent! ! (Buy eyes closed)

Café's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
For the dtail CHARACTERISTICS, see the reviews previous ones.

Note the trs good quality connections, this price is the plutt rare!
Nice also the possibility of two outputs simultaneously (XLR +4 dB (!) And jack-10dB)

No on / off button but ... this is not a switch that makes the quality


J'apprcie much the possibility to mix the passage through the lamp (DRIVE button) to gain ... This provides all possible combinations.

The first tube is Designed and easy to use. With some test recordings are quickly find the way down to breath.

The manual is clear enough for those who can read English!


I use it for voice, associated with a dynamic microphone shure beta 58A. Since the microphone has an output gain lev I have no problem of breath.

Friendly, the DRIVE rglage around 11 noon, which corresponds to a gain little bta58A prs noon for a clean output to 0dB. For these rglages, the voice is warm, clear and bright trs without saturation ...


I use it for a week. After a few initial dceptions, I chose to sing in my microphone 10cm via a pop filter and I tried every combination drive / gain for an output level 0dB own.

Really, the sound is when the nickel is associated with TubePre bta58 for a drive around 11. With a less powerful microwave (test done with my Shure PG58), you must either push the gain too high (and the breath is audible) or increase the attack of the lamp (and the sound becomes diistordu and aggressive). Be careful at the microphone used!

I do not blame it so much prampli studio. For its price, it's really good stuff!

zeni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
Tube amp, phantom power supply, gain and drive, XLR and jack connection


The config is super simple two knob rather a for profit and one for the drive, and four buttons, which I must say I use no ke eh, ah ben manual quite simple!


I have avour ke I'm really happy with my preamp, I had to do research before, I wanted something nice and warm and not too expensive, with my SM 57, I record my djembe and even with my flute good sound, I will develop it, I'm a great technician!
I think the pre amp provides good color


I use it for a year, it is small, easy to use good enregistrment
not try other!
I find good quality, good value quality price I think
yes I will take it, unless you have more tune, but frankly I find it very well eheh

Kelerm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus TubePre
Prampli a lamp, 1 / 2 rack, 80 hz filter, phantom power.
Jack + XLR connectors


Getting started is simple only problem was me c the manual it is englais and a product sold in France it would have been nice to have a manual in french so I'll put 8 / 10


The quality of sound?
I changed the lamp because the original was not what she came up the fast saturation, on the advice of Gilles de in (a n'hesit not ask his advice, r prcise clear response and especially fast I dsern him a grade of 10/10 for its rapid I have a Sovtek 12AX7LPS and I said thank you for the board because it does at least on the Micro and so far I have a microphone quality mdiocre
For the guitar l. ........ saturatoin arrive soon c + damage
I put 8 / 10 because of the lamp


I use it recently but due to its simplicity of use, the service on my prehistoric micro and the price of beet I would do the same choice without hsiter