Universal Audio SOLO/610
Universal Audio SOLO/610

SOLO/610, Tube Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Universal Audio SOLO/610

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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beigemusic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Universal Audio thank you!"

Universal Audio SOLO/610
Preamp has lamps with DI input
So simple, volume, gain, XLR input with 48V power supply for micro to the rear, a DI input on the front (jack), a low-cut


The manual is clear and useful to understand the overall functioning of the unit. Then you have to use, test, compare ...
It takes time to find the right formula between settings, the choice of microphone (Neumann TLM 103 and SM57 mainly in my case), the positioning of the microphone to the source ...


we have a large range of sound, according to the amount of gain or more precisely the balance between volume and gain + choice of micro and positioning. More transparent, open, the more colorful, hot, compressed by the lamp.
Use that I love plugging is particularly low in the DI with a little gain. I add a speaker simulation bass amp and then the result is very good


I use it for about 2 years, it has nothing to do with digital preamp sound cards, it adds a magic touch!
I would do this choice without hesitation

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio SOLO/610
Analog lamps.
Mic preamp + DI.
Jack input (di) and XLR (mic).
XLR mic or line level
Small transportable housing.


Is the general configuration is simple? very simple
manual is in English ... we are in France shit !!! but hey, there's nothing to understand.


it sounds ... of fouuuuuuuu, magic, a very good grain, very commercial, very hot there anything to hit.


3 months that I use, before I Work with the preamp interface.

What thing do you like most? what sound !!! Least? the design is very soft

I would do this choice? No, I would take the one above to be able to install it in my racks.

qualiter very good price.

miconmac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio SOLO/610
Prampli D / I intgral tube (ECC83 and ECC81) with input transformer and output
see https://www.uaudio.com/products/analog/SOLO610/index.html


Optimized for the casing and scne home studio: mobile and strong
It changes the rack or half rack and allows especially to have on hand when you're not derrire the console.
Ergonomics enjoyable thanks to two standard knobs with gentleness and precision ragissent


By o start?
2 expriences use o this thing put me knees

Recording first, when I com srieusement dessprer an AKG 414 that sounded much too hard and too smooth ... quasi "Stril" through my audio interface pramp
It is thanks to my Discoveries solo610 the true potential of 414, and I began to understand how to use it. I do not know if all other pramps quality of the AKG rvlent with the same insightful, but this couple-the perfect means to distill both a sound and chased pais . A capture proximity with a powerful source, the two knobs noon we understand what it means to sound "in your face": it is standard!
For something more "Aryan", I prfre that moves away from the microphone to drive down the prserver these beautiful harmonics that illuminate the socket. Naturally, the more one moves away the microphone and the more we will capture in the studio rsonnances or pice: The solo610 will work with the microphone to "redraw" the space with a precision of focus diabolical! Obviously, a wrong or happen trs trs well as the acoustics of the space is good or bad. But if the instrument sounds, if the pice sounds, then this is heaven: there is more that shall decide on what you want and find a good investment to get it!

The Solo610 is not a kind of lamp pramp low-cost "and more"
here, no question of floutter, Global Warming or soften the sound. The Solo610 the contrary, above all, a preamp trs prcis rvler will work the microphone. Then you can DCID to compress / saturate the sound by pushing the lamp, but comes more!

Scne on, I used to sing in a OM7 branch in an old Soundcraft Series 200B, rpute (rightly) for the quality of these pramps. I considered myself well gt o until I put the Solo610 between the micro and the table: what a slap!
And the Shure eta58. I HAS yet for years it carrment the miracle! The poverty of this microphone, it's something that I did not understand, given the number of artists (McCarthney among others) who sing the inside with the couple Solo610 / eta58 (and I guess it would be the same with the SM58), I finally understood. This is the 1st time I made the exprience of his "rock 'n' roll" is honey, sprinkled with coffee beans pils, immersed in a pan milk bubbling more or less depending on the dose Drive, ;-) . It looks like the love Solo610 micro bump ... it is as if the preamp has the ability to "liquefy" the mid-bass to make the qt spread molten ;-)
I'm still the same income OM7 for air that has my voice and not to find the problem of feedback typical of Shure. Audix on the contribution of pramp is more subtle, but the chemistry is no less INTERESTED: keep the transparency of the OM7 while gaining in wealth, body, flexibility, .. . in a word in music.


I could write pages on this louages ​​pramp but we have to address these limits, or possibly default:
I guess everyone does not use tapes capture in singing, folk, and ambient ... because, in my case, ca does not: 60dB maximum gain is more than enough for the capacitor, but too little for the microstrip passive. My Tbone RB100 may be particulirement shy, but that gnralement Whereas 80dB are Necessary for a ribbon. The Solo610 s'avre noisy when pushed in the trenches, but it makes perfect sense.

Apart from a, I do not see what to repprocher ....
The price may be?
In terms of tariff, we are trs sr beyond the hundred dollars that it cost pramps Chinese can make good services. But once we were able to compare the two, is easily recognized that the diffrence in price is justified.

riata2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio SOLO/610
Two lamps are used: a 12AX7/ECC83 and another doc ... the internet claims that the second lamp
is a 6072 (thus 12AY7). my solo610 has a 12AT7/ECC81??
these are brand lamps JJ who have been provided.
I guess AU should have equipped its preamps with lamps differ depending on the series?
This may explain some misunderstanding on the net about the gain of the preamp.
Indeed, the 12AT7 has an amplification factor greater than the 12AY7. They are called "interchangeable"

electronic level is serious: condenssateurs WIMA, knobs tracks Cernet has a minimum of chemicals on the audio signal.
3 presents the transformer (power supply, input and output) seem entirely made top.
The metal case is sturdy.
the jack sockets are plastic ... but the connections are gold.

there is a link jack for use in DI on stage or making a studio lined with torque amp / mic.

we have the possibility to leave the preamp with a micro ... blah, I see what it was used but I can not recommend the
do you lose the interest to use a good preamp to do if a second board of poor quality (a
table that does not return a symmetrical insert preamps necessarily suspects, right?)

phase inverter.

highZ switch / LOWZ 500ohm/2Kohm mic for input and 47K / 2.2 M for the instrument input

selector of a mic / instrument

a low cut at 100Hz

I do not put 10 because I liked the metal jacks and none of the chemical signal (but replace one chemical capacity was not free ...)


Using super fun, the gain knob can really have fun with their lamps.
I enjoy changing the lights to find the "ultimate" for my decision. it's fun, it's my side


I'm a fan.
we come to have a neutral sound although it is not his strong point.
I do not know more about a sound that I like that one ... sorry I like booze


I use it for an album ... 12 tracks and rock testing subasophone, alto sax, trumpet, vocals, acoustic scrapes, scratches and various percussion power.

I like the format that allows use on stage.
I like the choice of four input impedances, I always had to have what I need.

I used a lot of range of all preamp.

make this preamp for an individual would stay more or less a 500 euro price.
I paid 219 euros for the manufacture, brand and the various margins of retailers.
if I compare with other preamps in this price range is an excellent ratio.

mako's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio SOLO/610
Analog tube.
Mic preamp + DI.
Enter Jack (di) and XLR (mic).
XLR mic or line level (though seen for the stage).
Small portable box with a beautiful handle.

I would not put 10 because they could have put an output jack (for home recording).


Very simple

Gain, volume, two large buttons well beefy.
Switches for DI / MIC, Impedance HI / LO, 48vlts IN / OUT, low-cut filter ON / OFF and phase in / out.
Two switches on the back: one for the grounding of the mass, one for the output level (line or mic).

I have not even opened the manual!

I would not put 10 because I have not come to know the cutoff frequency of the filter ...


Excellent sound, light and very deep clean.
In short there is low even at high gain.
You can really work for a small gain its large and clear, and high gain for a compressed sound and aggressive.
The output level is enough to boost a low-level instrument, or a ribbon mic.
Little noise, in fact I have not heard ...
This model is less transparent than his brother Solo 110 (Class A) but enjoys the benefits of the lamp (light compression, enhanced harmonic ...).
In short its a légeremnet colorful, but not distorted.

I do not put as qques 10 dB over the gain would have to work even more distortion.
I like the disto me!


I've had 10 days and I used to microphones (static or tapes) or low (big sound guarantees!)
Light, simple, portable, strong and big sound.
Good qual / price because it is the high end (thank you UREI)
Go for it!

I also have a preamp CHANDLER Germanium (much more)
and VTB1 STUDIO PROJECT (cheap and very good value for money!)

I'll put 10