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  • Sm2


    03/03/08 in Numark Pro SM-2

    You can put vestax faders on it. The connections are basically the same. Vestax has 4 pins and numark 5, all you have to do is shift it over. Tip written by dj skredy

  • Positioning Your DJ Equipment

    Positioning Your DJ Equipment

    03/03/08 in DJ Consoles

    IntroductionTo be a good DJ you must first be a well-organized DJ, who knows how to set up his gear in a way that’s best adapted to his style. If you’re a beginner DJ and you don’t have any idea how to place your gea…

  • MR-8 update and utilities.

    MR-8 update and utilities.

    01/13/08 in Fostex MR-8

    The latest update for the original MR-8 is v1.21, available here. The programs that can be used for transfering .wav files between the MR-8 an…