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Ukulele, Ukulele from Blackbird Guitars.

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Blackbird Guitars Ukulele : Anonymous 's user review

« A bit expensive for a beginner Uke but no reason it couldn't be »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Blackbird is a Californian chordophone manufacturer that make Carbon Fibre Guitars. Also as part of their range they make a nice looking Tenor Ukulele (so long as you can live with the old Henry Ford "any colour you like so long as it's black"; and I know he never really said that). The process itself is interesting because the whole thing including both sides of the body and the neck are made as one piece in a single process. On the downside, It's an expensive Ukulele and if you order from the factory there is an 8 week wait while they grow it or whatever. Expensive enough that I never really thought I would get one. I toyed with the idea that if I did go and work in the Middle East I would have to get one as being carbon fibre it is not affected by heat or humidity and so would one of a very few good Ukuleles I could use. Well I didn't get a job in the Middle East, (I did apply), but I did get a Blackbird complete with a top end hard case for about a third the price of a new one. OK its second hand but in perfect condition, (well these are just about the most indestructible Ukulele money can buy - that said I wouldn't want to play cricket with it), and it really is a joy to play. It is still an expensive Ukulele but it really is quality both in build and in sound and it is also very light and very easy to play. Going back to the expensive for a beginner, if you did live in the middle east and were an oil sheik who wanted to learn the Ukulele, then I suppose it wouldn't be that expensive and all of the climate proofing would make it much better and more consistent to learn on