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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Akai EIE Pro

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 22 reviews )
 11 reviews50 %
 6 reviews27 %
 1 user review5 %
 2 reviews9 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

cf357's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The indispensable tool"

Akai EIE Pro
Besides price beating all competition, I chose the EIA-Pro AKAI for its relatively large number of inputs (4 + 4 instrumentals inserts) and its integrated USB2 hub. It's silly to say, but for me that connects a lot in USB (master, nano-kontrol ... Keyboards) on a Macbook with only 2 ports, this is a strong argument that ending up with 4 Additional ports.


Nothing special to report, everything seemed clear. I have a slight defect on one of my knobs: the dress in plastic tends to go if you pull on them, but nothing extreme. I love the ability to mix monitor output and single output.

Little thing that bothers me (I have not tried): It is no longer possible to control the overall volume on the Macbook, that goes over the USB is a level 100%.


No worries for me. I'm easily under 10ms latency 96 KHz, I have not tried to go lower.


I was seduced by its design, and when I saw the price and features, I literally cracked. This is a great tool, very quality without breaking the bank. To end on a detail that crosses my mind, it's a shame not to be able to remove the light on the meters; these are really sharp when working a bit in the dark.

DjCaylus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai EIE Pro
Who needed a usb hub and a sound card in my living room or + mobile mixer that I became pro EIA and am super satisfied!

Use in electronics "Techno etc. .." Using Ableton + acoustic guitar + voice

USB sound card with effective:

- 4 input instrument / mic + supply
- Usb Hub 3
- Monitor output / + single output
- 4 inputs insert

Macbook connected to my "white" 4GB Ram it turns nickel. I use it mostly in IN for recording, the sound coming in my OUT OR A10. Or nomadic ..


Update drivers required to run on Maverick. The map is provided at the base with an ID key lock licenses to carry your PC pc and Protools that you suddenly eat a USB.

Once parametrized in Ableton everything revolves nickel. Parameters depend on the intended use ... acoustic j decrease the size of the buffer to 256 or 128 history to have no latency for recording vocals separately and have an imperceptible latency. Electronic j'm 512 with either Live mode average 8/10 tracks composed by fashion .. 8/10 tracks with an average of 2/3 effects per track and 2/3 effects on the master and everything revolves nickel.

I've tested with a buffer 1024 in live mode and at first glance it seems not change the masses ... I still dig the map for a month.


Updated to make drivers via the akai site for albeton detects ...

If a child configuration.


I AKAI since 2 months max.

I have the A10 which allows me to mix 4 decks but has no instrument input. I also have a mixer Berhinger which is much less portable and whose preamps are all m ^ m a notch below the pre-amp AKAI.

Ability to insert .. USB Hub ... Id lock and key free Protools. (M ^ m if I'm a fan Ableton it is always nice)

A very good product Q / P I would buy again and I would recommend anyone looking for a versatile sound card especially for mobile phones with limited connectivity.

Chlamydiae's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective with a great look"

Akai EIE Pro
Bought it because one of my USB Yamaha MG166C table was totally inadequate ...
Used with said table, and a PC Asus i5 2400 with 8 GB of RAM and Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

Home studio


The driver is perfectly stable, no update since installation.

Used with Cubase Elements 7 64-bit as DAW and VST Hosts for fast driving synths.

Latency input I can get down to 4 ms in 48 KHz


The installation is done without problems, I / O Midi over USB are a real plus, as well as the integrated USB hub.

The manual is a little short, and there are no options for the AKAI software, everything is done by lez host.

It is still easy to use, knowing that my table saw, I do not use some functions of the AKAI


Used since September 2013, to replace an EMU 0404 PCI who died a natural death, and after the disappointment of the audio via USB 1 on the Yamaha table ...
Advantages: strength, audio quality, gauges needle
Cons: the buttons on the front are a little tight, the manual

Very good value for money, I do not regret buying

Reesmo0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good audio interface"

Akai EIE Pro
I was looking for a USB audio interface, with inputs and outputs "lines", as well as instruments, with A / D 24bit, 96kHz converter, for use with laptop or Pc Pc tower (portability), Windows 7 and 8.


Stable drivers, use with Cubase, Live! (8ms latency). I recorded one track at a time but I think it can record 4 tracks mono silmultané. The instrument preamp (guitar inputs) is of good quality and very good results for the price of the interface. We began to feel his weaknesses when multiple virtual instruments are used (3 or 4 max, if some effect plugins used), pure audio tracks, one is less limited (depending, always, the number of plugins used ).


Easy to install and use. No worries


2 months of use and very satisfied with the product that was exactly my expectations performance / connectivity / price. More expensive (motu apogee ...) card is, of course, less limited processing capacity (beefier DSP) real-time, but the preamp is very correct and realize what I want (recording instruments environment component in man studio). Very good choice

citron69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Clean and tidy"

Akai EIE Pro
Four inputs, four outputs. It does not replace a mixer but for me, it saves a mix plus two inputs (with the possibility to choose the type analog input: line / mic (with or without phantom power) / guitar.


ASIO drivers stable, low latency.


Installation (PC win7) is very simple.
The manual could be a little more substantial


I had a recurring problem with my previous cards: I always had digital noise PC that ended more or less polluting my recordings ... a PC that pollutes a lot electromagnetic level ... it pollutes the USB by the power supply, ground loops that radiates. In short, tired of hearing the gruibbbllee and scchhhtric ...

No such problems with the EIA! I think Akai has paid particular attention the analog part of their interface.

tilous's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Comprehensive"

Akai EIE Pro
Use home studio
On Pc
C is very complete with 2 input and 2 output Jack in more out noon
Plus 4 or XLR input jack for instrument face with many setting
Vu meter excellent and allows manipulating a piece of monitoring have 2 listening difference


The driver is stable,
I used the following on live 9
No latency


The very simple installation


I have it for 2 years
Before I tried a blazer sound and m audio fast track
Most of the space in and out different setting possible
The - lack of power for headphones

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not disappointed ..."

Akai EIE Pro
Purchased, at first, to be able to properly register and begin Music without it costing me an arm (limited budget). Assuring me, also, honorable and satisfactory quality to my ears.
In a second step: the ability to insert four instruments / mics and record at the same time. Option that made me buy the Roland UA55 concurence Quad capture ..
In a third step: the possibility, later adding other devices through ports noon, HUB and insert entries.
For now I just use: bass / guitar / drums (stereo) or bass, guitar / drum (mono) / microphone singing live ... And as for me and exercise alone save for the bass or guitar , of course ...
My config if the current is small and veillissante, but it does:
Asus K50C with Windows 7, CPU Intel C220 1.2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive


In use, the original supplied drivers are stable and I do not need to perform updates while the latter is available on the Akai.

As a beginner, I use Reaper and Studio One 2 demo for the moment. Because it is these that I "speak" as well as the Akai is supplied with Cubase and Live ...
Anyway ... Whether one or the other, no worries for the recording and playback of four tracks simultaneously heard ... No latency for me.


No problem with the installation, interface recognized immediately. No incompatibilities. Easy setup and the manual is clear enough. At the limit, you can almost do without ...


I use it for three months and it satisfies the inexperienced I am. I will publish my opinion in the year to bring back more "supported".

The +:
- Nice retro look
- Easy to understand
- An example of my appreciation:
recording in a friend homestudiste: my bass => comp EBS => Radial JDI DI => Audient Mico preamp => Focusrite interface (model?) => Ableton Live compared with a recording of my bass => comp EBS => Akai EIA pro => Reaper or Studio One 2: Same sound, in the end (to my ears) ... And no treatment in addition ...

The -: with time, I will find out maybe ...

The price / quality ratio is very good. Maybe I remake this choice, growing can be difficult: P .... I finally good, I am very satisfied with my small investment ... To be continued ...

pithondeplume's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE"

Akai EIE Pro
MAO make at home with keyboards and guitars,
as very, very amateur


I do not know why, but from time to time a blue screen appears and I have to reboot the system.
For my part I use Cubase 5 with a ton of vst plug in
I can simultaneously record four tracks simultaneously without any latency


no problem for installation.


I use this interface EIA Akai Pro for several months and really if the choice again I was back in the merchant eyes closed.
But hey I'm not a sound engineer but my little person and my old ears that suits me

fidwood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Interface very convincing"

Akai EIE Pro
The most for me was the 4 inputs. And I confess I do not remained indifferent to her look ... And relying on the reputation of Akai.


Used with Live 8. No worries if it's my computer configuration (Vista and laptop base)

Twenty tracks nevertheless turn out well. Slight lag observed (see my config, I think she bit better ...)


Installation could not be more simple. One branch is used.


For 3 months, it makes me great service, with no apparent problems.

Little less perhaps, the space between the knobs quite limited ... but good.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very simple and positive."

Akai EIE Pro
Needing to copy a configuration starting from a console and through a Fast Track Ultra, the budget is tighter, I tested the Akai EIA at its output, but it was USB 1.1 and 16 bits. Then the Pro's output in the wake, phew, USB 2.0 and 24 bits, sample rates from 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz to 96 kHz.
The use should be simple, because everything started from a console (Peavey), but the recording had to go through a PC, a goal achieved through this interface 4 x 4 Look at the beautiful and easy to use, recognized several configurations and all software tested.
The connection is: four combo inputs XLR / jack with phantom power,
Selective listening headphones on the front.
4 outputs on the back Jack 6.35, a power supply (included) and cherry: a three-port USB Hub very useful, MIDI In & Out, and a switch ..


The drivers very stable, no need to update.
Software, Cubase 6, Reaper, Samplitude MX
Pro Tools, in loops, Mixcraft, Maker Premium MX, etc..
Two inputs used, four outputs, for a start of 10 tracks, so no latency observed, it's all good.


Simpler, hard to beat, recognized by many systems, just plug. None known to date.
No need for a manual 4 x 4 with four potentiometers on the four inputs, two portholes vintage VU meters and accurate.


Since its initial availability, if you count the 1.1, except for the final configuration in "Pro" for a month. Yes, too many interfaces, Lol. But what good is a model that I think will make people happy, the Fast Track Ultra, a little more comprehensive but more expensive does not even arise as a rival.
Good quality, price, Look, the results obtained, its simplicity, deserves to be known, see in the future for reliability, but all builds confidence.
Akai, with both EIA, especially the Pro will appeal to a wide audience, a choice recommended to make or remake without problem.