Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Edirol UA-25

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 39 reviews )
 13 reviews33 %
 16 reviews41 %
 2 reviews5 %
 2 reviews5 %
 6 reviews15 %

theaudioandvideoguy's review"yout gotta start somewhere'"

Edirol UA-25
The Edirol UA 25 is a good usb audio interface for you to use at your home studio and setup. Or if you are the type of person who is on the go a lot your can take it with you almost anywhere because its not that big. I wouldn’t expect to get great quality from it though, its pretty much like a started audio interface. It will serve its purpose though but for more complex stuff it just wont cut it.


Never had any issues with it and never had to pick up a manual. Everything worked like it was suppose to and never froze up my computer or my program. I did experience some more lag with it than expected. Maybe its because I was use to using firewire interfaced and then jumping on my laptop with a usb interface was a problem. I am not too sure if that’s what it was or not.


Is very easy to get started, but as I said before don’t think that you can get great quality from it. Even if you have a good mic you still wont be able to see its full potential using the Edirol UA 25. Not saying the UA 25 isn’t good because it is, its very affordable and compact I would recommend it to someone who is just getting into recording at home and needs somewhere to start. It will provide a good understand of how interfaces work. The Edirol UA 25 would be a good starter interface.


Overall, it does the job. I couldn’t see my self using it for to long though I just felt limited to the ability to only do some demo stuff. that’s why I got it though was just for that reason. I didn’t expect much more. If you are looking for a smaller interface that will give you a better quality you can look into the Mbox line of products. They are small compact but better than this. Overall, still good.

yoTrakkz's review"great for a newb or a pro"

Edirol UA-25
The Edirol UA-25 is an audio interface that has two microphone preamps and can record two tracks at once. In addition to the mic pres, it has two 1/4 inch inputs as well as eight 1/4 inch line outputs. I have run the Edirol UA-25 on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM and have run it with an M-Powered version of Pro Tools.


With the UA 25 you are able to record two tracks simultaneously no matter if you'd like to use the mic preamps or the 1/4 inch connections. I haven't had any latency issues with this interface, but with these type of firewire interfaces this really has more to do with your computer than the audio interface itself. The preamps are decent sounding, but are definitely nothing to write home about.


This audio interface has always run pretty smoothly for as long as I have used it as I've never had any real issues with it. I only use this interface when I want to record on the go and can't bring my whole set up, so I don't use it all the time. The make up of the Edirol UA-25 isn't complicated at all as all of the knobs and buttons are laid out well and easy to find. The features include the basic controls including gain knobs for the preamps as well as a pad for each and a mic/line toggle buttons. It also has two 1/4 inch headphones outputs and an assignable level control section. The manual for the Edirol UA-25 is complete and thorough and while I never had much use for it, if you are a beginner and this is your first audio interface, I would definitely recommend having it around.


I've had the Edirol UA-25 for about a year and I use it as a supplement to my Pro Tools rig so I can bring it around if I need to record on the go. It is a very reasonably priced audio interface and it is nice to be able to run it with some sort of version of Pro Tools, even if it isn't LE or HD. This is really a perfect audio interface for the user who wants something cheap to get some ideas down or to get their feet wet with recording. This isn't the most well made piece of gear out there, but it gets the job done at a cheap price that makes it a viable option for people with all budgets.

moosers's review

Edirol UA-25
The Edirol UA-25 is a simple, USB audio interface for use in home studios. This type of interface is a perfect way to start building your small home studio. It's definitely not going to be adequate for an sort of in depth recording, but if you're just looking to get some demos down it will do the job. There are a lot of audio interfaces out there like this, so definitely make sure to do your homework before deciding on one. The UA-25 in particular has two dual XLR-1/4" microphone preamps, each with their own gain knobs and a 1/4" headphone jack in the front. In the back it's MIDI and digital (ADAT) inputs and outputs as well as 1/4" and RCA outputs for your main monitors. It has built in phantom power and can support sample rates up to 96 K.


If you understand the basics behind audio interfaces, nothing should seem complicated to you about the Edirol UA-25. Once you make your initial connections, there's not too much to be aware of on this, as it's pretty simple. Of course I do understand that those who are looking at something like this probably are just starting out. If you feel lost just looking/hearing about this, grab the manual for some help...


The sound of the mic preamps on the Edirol UA-25 aren't all that great, but are suitable for laying down demos at the least. Those looking at the UA-25 most likely aren't going to need the best sounding preamps, and if you are I'd suggest you stop reading this review and look elsewhere! You probably couldn't make a professional sounding recording, but if you just want something with a few mic inputs to use in your DAW, the UA-25 sounds just fine for that.


While there isn't too much that sets the Edirol UA-25 apart, it's still a solid USB audio interface for very small home studios where you might have this and a microphone and your DAW basically. I do however, think that you can find a comparable audio interface for cheaper out there, as this seems like it should be a bit cheaper than it is. Definitely check out the full scope of USB audio interfaces like those made by M-Audio and others if you're looking for the best bang for your buck in an interface...
Billy Boy 97207/10/2012

Billy Boy 972's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A big YES"

Edirol UA-25
The Edirol UA 25 Sound Card was offered to me because I do a lot of records.
I use it especially for the sound of conferences, but also to catch live musical groups.
It is connected to my Mac and works great, the aillant used on Windows XP PC.


The drivers are very stable. The software used most often is Garage Band, in two simultaneous tracks, Left & Right.


No worries about installation, general configuration is very simple.


I use it, more than five years. Before this card I did not, the experience with me if I will ever have to buy this choice, a very good price / quality ratio. It is compact and very robust as hardware, easy to use and convenient for transportation.

funkygroovyrhodes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
I needed a simple interface that is not the first prize. I stay on the left M-Audio and Edirol and then testing the Mac, I found it simple and effective.
I use a Mac and all types of instruments: Clavia Nord, Rhodes, Bass, Vocals, Talk Box, Micros.


Drivers stable latency OK, easy config.
It is simple to use and yet I hate computer music but I must admit that this interface has convinced me and I learned, intuitively, to make use of such equipment.


Installs without problems on Mac. Frankly, there is not really need the manual. unless you want to use special features: compressor ...
Honestly, compressor and limiter are not great. Considering the price we would have suspected ...


I use it for over two years. It's solid, I took with me in concert and on vacation. It's solid. In addition, she also serves as an interface with my USB keyboard when I want to program the sounds from my computer (and not via menus, sub menus and sub menus in under keyboards including Roland)

To summarize: a simple and strong with perfect sound good (no major deformation or processing also improves the sound). The sound is consistent with the sound.

Professionals, go your way. Lovers on a budget: it's very good

Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
Used heavily at a friend who was looking for exits rather than acquisition.
Since, on loan at home due to TC Electronic once again to leave.

Used on any PC (portable, fixed, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32 & 64 bit), mainly in its output, very little acquisition.

Some limiting points on Caracas
- Obligation to go through a hard switch to change the sampling frequency,
- If an ASIO driver is open, no sound through the WDM.


Drivers stable, used Reaper & Reason. Lower latency, but drivers do not support multitasking too, it cracks easily if other apps running (which is not the case with other interfaces).


Easy installation, full.


Good selection, reliable, convertos D / A clean, without a very high level they have enough work without taking the lead. for mixing / mastering really will require finding the range above, but at that price we are very happy to make the sounds (or foolishly listen to the sound of the other) itself, without the fuss.

Matos although reliable, zero problem for 2 years it is used intensively, the connection holds up (a weakness of a Firebox in the same range), in short, a good horse.

No regrets, except the limits mentioned in the specifications.

superdébutant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

Full portability, flexibility. I'm working on a tower and a laptop.

For what purpose?
Audio recording, processing, mixing.

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
AMD Sempron 2600 +, 512ram, as Rock. for the tower.
Intel Atom, 1024ram on an ultra-portable Asus.
With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
Only then Audio microphone jack headphone output is 6.35 and Beyer dt990 pro or active speakers Esy near05 experience


The installation is done it without problems?
Yes but we would have preferred a manual offering French ...

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

The general configuration is easy?
If you follow the manual's going, but it's a bit choppy, it must go through the SETUPINF.EXE XP ... there are more simple.


The drivers are stable?
Very stable.

What software do you use most often?
4 Wavelab, Adobe Audition 1.5

How many tracks you get to record / play time? ...
2 mono recording (or one stereo) same output.


How long have you use it?
Firmly packed 3 years ...

What is so special that you like most and least?
most: complete portability and resistance (that's tough ... despite going back and forth between the permanent tower and laptop).

the least: it absorbs the current train via the power power supply! Standing at a sizzling USB. Never managed to remove ... This phenomenon occurs only on the tower, never on the laptop.

fanatek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
The product all in one: I / O symmetric optical I / O, RCA outputs, Midi, monitoring mono XLR input.
all for one price.
Usage: computer music with Reason on the PC, some taken his microphone. (Phantom power supply in case one day I invest in a microphone)
Config: Dell Inspiron 9200, centrino 2Ghz, 1GB RAM
A Roland D20 I use as a midi keyboard + Evolution UC33


Install without any problems. It's not the usb 2 because I also used an old portable USB 1 (Pentium II 300 Mhz, 192MB and it works! To watch a movie ... only of course :-) )
No compatibility problem, almost non-existent config (apart from the choice of sampling freq). Driver a little stingy when compared to the possibilities of an m-audio driver
Was a manual?
A little annoying to have to disconnect to change freq sampling ...


No problem driver and when it works better not change.
I use Reason and Sound Forge essentially. 9ms latency in Reason, for it goes up against with Rebirth to 25ms


I use it for a month. I bought it because I had crackling in my monitor ... I hum coming from the trainer on the forums to find the AF economic solution is to forget the earth for my laptop, but hey I'm sorry I have not a "real" sound card.
on the other hand where I was really disappointed is when I preview that you could not cut the sound output without cutting the headphone output: the coup that I had to hack through an external amplifier to to mute the monitors when I record the microphone: no top at all. My next card will have a separate adjustment of the overall output level and the headphone. Otherwise the function is useful for single monitor in mono microphone 2 ears of the headphone.
Sound quality is no problem, obviously, there's no wind, unless you push the volumes of admission to the bottom, where it hisses slightly.
It's still an amateur card, maybe a bit expensive as a result, and to be completed by a small table to manage the sound output and headphones independently.
I do not have that choice would do, but I do not regret either. Hmm not sure it helps that ;-)
================================================== ==========================================
On 19/03/2007: SAV back under warranty. I got tired of whistling to the recording (peak to 13000Hz) and global, in fact, from the lighting of the card, the electronic whistle. After contact with Edirol (fast and serious) they told me it was a known problem (and solved on old today) and need repair. Back then, in Playback (my provider), then wait (long: 2 months). I just started to say that I found Playback waiting a bit long and the next day they sent me backing me answer a new UA25 their own stock, and that I wanted to say here: super happy with the SAV backing for the coup. Okay, verdict: If I had known, it's 18 months I should return it. No more hiss, even input amp cranked. I'm happy!

nocoda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
My config: Acer, Win XP, 512MB, 1.5 Ghz

the technical characteristics of the beast is well detailed in the instructions and on the site, I am satisfied with the product bine according to my expectations.

I bought it and never be required to go through the sound card integrated on my laptop desatreuse notament output. The sound is good and there is no breath (except qand potentiometers are thoroughly but in any case too hard to be heard at that level).

This card allows me to record with no latency and full duplex two runs in both 48 and 44.1 without problems. Besides I have not tested.

By noon, no problem, even if it seems to me that the latency is still a tad too much (that means it is not enough reagent for a keyboard for my taste) but no more playable.


Installation without problems. I had been embarrassed by the M-audio is to reinstall windows every ignition grrr. here is impeccable.

the manual is clear, though I only had the English version.


The drivers are stable but have not yet updated.

I tested it with cubase and live, no problems.


I recently but I was able to test it according to my needs.

I like:
the fact that there have no additional power supply (good for travel)
the phantom power supply, ergonomics and robustness, its characteristics and its price on the opportunity (paid € 100)

I do not like:
Latency too high for my taste for MIDI.

gratox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
Characteristics that motivated my choice is simple, at first I wanted the TASCAM US-122 and the seller told me that he n '(and that were more than a ct discontinued. And that's my advice to in quality is superior at good prices.

My purpose is that of computer music, recording my guitar and my MIDI synth.

My config: HP laptop (P4 3GHz, 80GB + 120GB external, 512MB RAM).

bah the instrument are clabier noon, guitar and bass, and microphone singing.


Installation is no problem in XP
For now it is the only incomptaibilité reading MIDI files with VLC when the MIDI out through the sound card.
Configuration is done easily in the Control Panel, then in the SOUND menu.
The manual is clear, in French, but the downside is that the manual does not explain clearly how to make Windows rules out the sound from the map.


The drivers are stable.
the update, I do not know.
I use SONAR LE that comes with, and winamppour the audio and midi
For the latency, I have never tested
To track the number of simultaneous I have not been tested for HIV.


I use it for 4 days.
I like the special is the integrated limit, the least it came with the separate channels.