cedricfourn-78 04/13/2012

Tascam US-122L : cedricfourn-78's user review

" Do not buy"

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On board of a seller for the price.
Use voice recording.


The utisation is simple I never had any problems, use with Cubase.
No worries at latency.
Regarding the number of tracks that can simultaneously record, no idea, knowing that I recorded the voice.
I do not remember against by having an update?


The installation, no problems, and configuration is fairly simple.


I used it for 2 years, it was my first audio interface for the price and therefore I did not hesitate.
To start it's not bad, and again.
It can quickly be totally discouraged by the preamps that are really poor. It blows, occasionally crackling.
I think you can do better but much better at the same price (maybe slightly more).
I recommend to summarize, even for beginners.
For example, my record was better with a sound blaster audigy, a small mixer, and an SM58.