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Nico38's current gear

Computer Music

iZotope Ozone 3
Other effects bundles or multi-effects
V-Plugs Uranium Compressor
Software compressors
Valhalla DSP ValhallaSpaceModulator
Other software modulation effects
Valhalla DSP ValhallaÜberMod
Other software modulation effects
Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer
Software algorithmic reverbs
Valhalla DSP ValhallaFreqEcho
Software Delays/Echos
Celemony Melodyne DNA
Pitch Shifters / Time Stretchers
Celemony Melodyne Editor
Pitch Shifters / Time Stretchers
Celemony Melodyne Editor 2
Pitch Shifters / Time Stretchers
Cockos Reaper 4
General Sequencers
Voyetra Digital Orchestra Pro
General Sequencers
8dio Songwriting Guitar Vol. 1
Virtual electric guitars
Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic
Virtual acoustic guitars
Spectrasonics Trilian
Virtual Basses
EastWest Symphonic Choirs
Virtual Vocalists
Sonokinetic Voices of Israel
Virtual Vocalists
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Other Virtual Synths
Gunnar Ekornas ME80
Virtual subtractive synths
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Virtual hybrid synths
Native Instruments Kontakt 4
Virtual Samplers/Sample Players
Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin
Virtual violins/violas
Native Instruments Alicia's Keys
Virtual Acoustic Pianos
Sampletekk Black Grand
Virtual Acoustic Pianos
Soundiron Emotional Piano
Virtual Acoustic Pianos
Adam Monroe Music Mark 73
Virtual Electric Pianos
Precision Sound Dusty Electric MkII
Virtual Electric Pianos
Scarbee R.S.P. '73
Virtual Electric Pianos
Sonokinetic EMP Mark II
Virtual Electric Pianos
Virtual Drums/Percussion
Spectrasonics xpander Stylus RMX
Virtual Drums/Percussion
EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum
Virtual percussions
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Xpanded
Virtual Intrument Bundles
Spitfire Audio Albion
Virtual Orchestral Instruments
J jBridge
Plug-in Wrappers
Other CDs & Sound Banks
Soundscan 13-Ethereal Atmospheres
Other CDs & Sound Banks
Soundscan 14-Twisted Special FX
Noise/Sound Design Samples
Curious Inventor VMeter
MIDI Interfaces
Miditech Midi Thru/Filter
MIDI Interfaces
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632
Internal PCI/ISA Sound Cards

Studio & Home Studio

Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496
Analog/Digital Converters
TC-Helicon Perform-VE
Vocal Processors
Mackie 402VLZ4
Analog Mixers

Other musical instruments

Viscount YP 200
Digital Pianos


Moog Music EP-3
nUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb
Delay/reverb combo pedals
TC Electronic Flashback 2
Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar

Electronic instrument

Roland SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II
Expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments
Roland E-A7
Keyboard Arrangers
Sound Modules
Roland JV-1010
Sound Modules
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