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rb.muzik's current gear

Computer Music

Roland VG-99
Audio/MIDI Converters

Studio & Home Studio

Zoom HD8
Digital Multrack-studios
Beyerdynamic TG-X 81
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM58
Dynamic Microphones

Other musical instruments

Yamaha SLB-200
Electric Cellos & Double Basses
Korg MA-30


Bass Guitars

Gallien Krueger MB150E/112
Bass Guitar Combo Amps
Markbass CMD 102P
Bass Guitar Combo Amps
Markbass Micromark 801
Bass Guitar Combo Amps
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass
4-string bass guitars
Ibanez ATK405
5+ string bass guitars


Portable Guitar Amps
Laney LC30-112
Tube Combo Guitar Amps
AER Compact 60/3
Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifiers
Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum
Guitar Power Amplifiers
Morley ABY Selector / Combiner
Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon
Wah-Wah/Auto Wahs/Filters for Guitar
Rocktek PHR-01 Phaser
Phasers for Guitar
Martin & Co D-15S
Dreadnought Steel String Guitars
Blade Texas Standard Pro
STC-Shaped Guitars
Music Man Steve Morse SM-Y2D
Other Shape Guitars
Fender Stratacoustic Deluxe
Other acoustic-electric guitars
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Tuners/Pitch Pipes/Tuning Forks
T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic
AC Adapters for Pedals
Zam Power Zam
AC Adapters for Pedals
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