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Abosaur's current gear

Computer Music

SSL Duende Native Channel
Software channel strips
SSL Duende Native Bus Compressor
Software compressors
Apple Logic Pro X
General Sequencers
XLN Audio Addictive Keys
Virtual Acoustic Pianos
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2: Custom
Virtual Drums/Percussion
Focusrite Scarlett 18i6
USB audio interfaces

Studio & Home Studio

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo
Delays / Echos
Audio-Technica AT4040
Large diaphragm condenser microphones

Bass Guitars

ProCo Sound Juggernaut
Bass Distortions/Overdrives
Ampeg SCR-DI
Bass preamp pedals
Ibanez SR305EB
5+ string bass guitars


Behringer Ultraroc GX110
Modelling Combo Guitar Amps
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Wah-Wah/Auto Wahs/Filters for Guitar
TC Electronic G-Major
Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
DigiTech Whammy WH-4
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Choruses for Guitar
MXR M101 Phase 90
Phasers for Guitar
MXR M107 Phase 100
Phasers for Guitar
ProCo Sound RAT 2
MXR M269 Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay
Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar
Ibanez GRG270
STC-Shaped Guitars
Jackson DKMG Dinky
STC-Shaped Guitars
Epiphone Goth G-400
SG-Shaped Guitars
Jackson JS32 King V [2010-2012]
V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars
Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist
Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars
Bare Knuckle Pickups Ragnarok
Humbucker guitar pickups
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