Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded

Flying V Faded, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Flying V series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Flying V Faded

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 23 reviews )
 15 reviews65 %
 7 reviews30 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Everything has been said on this subject ...

This skyscraper proudly 'made in United States "... mention that commands respect!

It is a very classic flying v is: no particular innovation!
The fittings are consistent with the rule: there is the tune o matic torque / stop bar so simple and effective! The path ends of the strings in these vintages to be mechanical: Green Keys, also present on the SG and other Lespaul ...
The couple 496R/500T Gibson, who also equips the Explorer and Les Paul Classic ...
Handle very classic, very round ... gibsonnien!
The only change is the amount of patent ... Here, there is a single layer!
Economic detail, but definitely not devoid of charm, I think ...

A skyscraper of the classic with an arsenal very flattering ... you expect a favorable review from me!


Ah ... In this regard, the Flying V is a source of debate!
The handle is round, rustic, no doubt ... it's Gibson!
The verb is very pleasant ... it does not stick with sweat ... the patent is so fun! key in Ebony is very nice as well ... everything is excellent bill! personally handles this kind of thick suit me perfectly! but they put off pourraons fans soft C fenderiens Ibanesiennes and highways! and again ...
The classic form, but timeless and the junction box to the 17 th allow access to acute exceptional ... we can use without complex highest notes and playing November rain without the risk of scoliosis!
Ergonomics in my opinion ... a table not too large, a light guitar, perfectly balanced! it is easy to play it standing, but sitting, exercise is more dangerous ...
That said, a little less for strap clips impractical or inappropriate ...
But I attribute in no way a 9 has this beauty! A guitar is well balanced, easily accessible and incredibly sexy! a 10, again ...


So my musical style ... I'm crazy hard rock! Aerosmith, ac / dc, whitesnake, guns n 'roses through kiss, poison, motley crue ... as well say that this guitar fills me at the highest point!
encourage the woods sounds loose, warm, presentations ... mahogany body and neck, and ebony for the key ... species are the most noble!
Has already empty, the sounds are very flattering!
Hype is a vamp! Whether it's on the Marshall, Engl, Peavy, Mesa, it sounds divine! it is a gibson not forget!
The sounds are identical to the model factor V 67 'reissue ... and for good reason, the microphones are the same ...
496R in the neck is great! Lespaul a less round, but he fills his role brilliantly ... for a clean sound to die for! its a large, dense, very rich and well defined!
The 500T is killer ... powerful, present, slamming ... for fans of riffkitu! it is built for distortion fat and imposing ...
Suffice to say that we have in hand a very versatile guitar: all styles are affordable!
In all positions, the flying is impressive ... presence, clarity, subtlety and power! all styles are at your fingertips! again a well-deserved 10 property!


So you'll understand that Flying v seduced me in every way!
Gibson does not innovate, the next classic vintage is predominant and indeed very reassuring!
The single layer of varnish that justifies the price of the beast is more pleasant, both in terms of touch as the visual ... it's nice to get out that guitar of his Gig Bag, to speak or simply contemplate for hours ...

I dream of this guitar since I started ... I also owns a Gibson Les Paul Standard that I am fully satisfied ... Flying v but certainly stands out because of its class, and his presence sound!

French market requires us exorbitant prices, that is why I bought this guitar not VPC ... and the vagaries gibsonniens do not help matters!
900 for a gibson is a quite reasonable price, in my opinion ...
transition to a luthier will make truly lethal weapon!

I hear you mutter "this guy is crazy ... 10,10,10 ..."
Would love blind? and deaf?

One thing is certain, you will not go unnoticed with this guitar ... And finally, I paraphrase Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) "PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!"

mikeulkeul666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Made in United States. 22 frets ..... OCCAZ and I had purchased from in the pickup seymour jeff beck (which are really huge) instead of 500t and I always 496R in the neck pickup (besides the two microphones are not quite all) . truk was the only regret is the lack of a second tone knob parcqu'on is only one that is common to the two micro (not cool) but the only fault I found it .


It was a very big stick. this is my second guitar and before I had a round end like all Fender and I did not like. I filled the: a big fat stick ultra comfortable to play but to love. access to acute? ba is a flying question con. but of course it is easy access to the treble. you sound ba branch and sounds of the fire god !!!!! on the other hand of form is a bit Ambet parcqu'elle does not fit into a car trunk (and yes it is a great flying)! I would add that it is very easy to play sitting with a flying v. bcp anyone says otherwise, but you just have a little practice and personally I prefer to play sitting with my flying rather than a Start or something of the same form.


So I play music at the metal scorpion from the most extreme in the genre of As I Lay Dying and it's perfect. she loves it. amp level is following behind a line6 spider ii thing and it's really not that great. ca line 6 of shit sounded a less correctly but its not give the gibson all abilities. after you get the gibson is typical: a well filled with medium and bold enough chaud.le clear sound is OK but frankly I do not use it very often but we can play very well to a very nice clear sound and sound distortion wow no complaints. level settings scratching it's amazing what you can do with just three buttons (two volume and one tone) moving from a pretty Aerosmith Killswitch Engage's always with a nice grain (not like my old scratched) I restates that my pickup is a seymour jeff beck and the alliance of the microphone and scratching cete is simply enormous. level after the sound of flying you throw anything and it takes all! all is well.


I use depui just over six months and I let her go. I even know why they put a bag because I am always with. when it was on the left the more it is simply enormous. models in this price range I've ever tried in my parcque bled best guitars in the store ca not grow on trees but I had to lay in a cash converter OCCAZ a 650euro !!!!! they really did not know what had su'ils. I jump parcque I should have bought a Flying V model if I have a tray this year but I got it before naa.c is really the guitar that made me dream and that the largest the chance I managed to get a cash converter shop. with the experience I do it again but this choice is not often fying v OCCAZ much less often a 650euro!

iscariah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Guitar made in United States made in Nashville.
Mahogany body Maple neck 22 frets neck
496R and 500T pickups 2
Unlike its big sisters there is no the same work at the level of polish and comes in nice gigbag, electronics and violin are the same.
The red color faded painted with matt and absolutely sublime and actually gives the short side 1967.


The handle is a super nice, much more than his big sisters that I had the opportunity to test.
It's a flying thus access to acute, no problems.
Touch is very nice but it will take a small adjustment of the bridge tune o matic to lower the action of the strings the factory setting is too high.
Now talk about her because that's where it differs from its big sisters, the sound is huge for just one branch on a good amp.
The micro acute perfectly meets all the harmonics and stress when the microphone in his grave MAMA MIA clear.
I mainly play metal and this model has a lot more bite than its older sisters more expensive.


This guitar is essentially rocker but it is suitable for lovers of very heavy metal and good rhythmic big greasy.
The handle is a highway for a model gibson course (not a vigier either) so for ultra-fast solos you still have some time to adapt.


Guitar purchased in the United States for the sum of $ 600 a few months ago and when I see the price in France (1300euros) I think that it is cheaper to go out there one week and buy a scratch than to the buy here in France because they abuse serious is the flight limits!
I tried other models Flying V that did not convince me in terms of its (too aggressive).
I also have a Black Beauty 59 Custom Shop, but the flying ... oh I crack.
I do it again this choice without any problem because the value price is monstrous but of course I'll buy it in the United States as I said before.