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Gibson V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars news

  • Gibson Tribal V

    Gibson Tribal V

    03/11/09 in Gibson Tribal V

    Available beginning in early March 2009, the Tribal V will be produced in a limited run of just 350 guitars, and is destined to appeal to both collectors and players alike.

  • Gibson Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw

    Gibson Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw

    09/21/08 in Gibson Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw

    The Gibson Custom Shop has announced the release of the Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw, a limited edition signature guitar in the brand's "Inspired By" series.

  • Gibson Shred V

    Gibson Shred V

    07/26/08 in Gibson [Guitar of the Month - August 2008] Shred V

    Gibson introduces the Shred V, a Flying V-shaped electric guitar.