Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

RR3 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 18 reviews )
 8 reviews44 %
 9 reviews50 %
 1 user review6 %
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King Loudness08/13/2011

King Loudness's review"Heavy sounding guitar"

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
The Jackson RR-3 was introduced in the mid 90s as a lower priced yet still high quality alternative to the wildly popular USA Select Series RR-1 Rhoads. It features an alder body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and 22 frets, really cool "sharktooth" inlays, sealed chrome tuners, a licensed Jackson Floyd Rose bridge and two Seymour Duncan pickups (Can be found with either a JB/Jazz combo or two Invaders). It's most noted for its unique and instantly recognizable take on the Flying V body design... the Rhoads is smaller and more compact than the Gibson or even other Jackson designs. This instantly recognizable body shape along with bolt on construction and good choice of parts makes it an excellent metal ax for a reasonable price.


The Jackson Randy Rhoads design is quite ergonomic, definitely more-so than any Gibson or other larger Flying V (Hamer, Jackson King V, etc). The smaller body means a lighter weight overall, and the contouring is a lot more pronounced and apparent on this guitar, making them generally weigh in at only about 7-8 pounds, which is definitely a manageable weight whilst playing a two hour show! The upper fret access is superior to many other designs as well, definitely designed for optimized shredding!

Getting a good sound out of this guitar is pretty easy. It's got a very simple electronics layout that doesn't require a lot of dialing in, and quite frankly most users of a pointy Jackson Rhoads are probably not concerned with the purer clean and low gain sounds that this guitar does or doesn't do well.


I've tried this guitar through various different rigs and can conclude that's definitely best for high gain, high octane metal and shred tones, especially with the Seymour Duncan Invaders loaded in there. Unfortunately I don't find that it does much else as far as tones go. Cleans are really flat and uninspiring overall and the low gain tones are next to useless. However I didn't expect them to be as good as the higher gain sounds anyway. The high gain tones are great for everything from '80s Ozzy to present day molten metal pummeling. The Duncan pickups really pack a punch and offer a slightly scooped midrange, very heavy low end driven sound that works quite well for staccato riffing. If you add in some reverb and dial up the midrange on the amp it works quite well for sweep arpeggios or fast alternate picked passages as well.


All in all I think the Jackson RR-3 Rhoads is a great ax for someone looking for killer metal tones on a budget. They are about $900 new and can be found for about $400-$500 used which is a great deal for someone who is looking for a great and distinctive metal ax on a budget that won't slay someone. It's a great value... and Jacksons are very well crafted guitars overall. You can't go wrong with any of the higher end Japan made or USA made ones as far as quality goes.

mooseherman's review"Randy's Guitar!"

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
This is an American made guitar by Jackson. It's a remake of Randy Rhoads' guitar. Randy Rhoads was the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, among others, and is a legend of early Heavy Metal. This guitar has an alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. It has an interesting, flying-V like shape. It has 24 frets and Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups, two to be exact. It has a three way selector switch as well as three knobs (2 volume and tone).


Playing this guitar is really easy if you are a rock player. Honestly, there's nobody else who'd be interested in this, so playing this type of music is more or less mandatory on this one. The guitar is setup to play lightning-fast riffs and licks, and playing it is like butter. Getting a good sound out of it depends on how distorted your guitar is, but having the right amp or distortion pedal will make it easy to sound good. It's not too heavy of a guitar, and I think it'll be easy for most people to carry around.


This is strictly a hard rock, heavy metal player's guitar. For that type of music, it is great. It actually has a little bit more tonal variety than the average metal player's guitar would. For instance, it can get dirty, guttural, and heavy, or it can be brighter and crisper, depending on the level of gain, pickup switch, and amp you use. I definitely think though, that it sounds best for metal. Especially of the hair metal variety, like Ozzy or Sabbath, or maybe even Metallica. The clean tones aren't much to write home about, but you can get some really rocking distorted parts. And the sustain on the leads is pretty ridiculous. It doesn't really work for most of what I do but I can recognize that it's a sweet metal guitar.


This is one of the better metal guitars in my opinion, as well as being one of the better "Signature" models of guitars that I've seen. I think it's a reasonably priced guitar overall, as it's not too bad. I wouldn't say it's my go-to by any means but I'd certainly like having one if I played in a metal band. Highly recommended to people who feel that they are into the music I described.

MGR/anonymous8's review"Jackson Pro Series RR3"

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
I got it from Ostenak's Music for $959.00 (including hardcase)Canadian. I bougbt it because I've been working off a squier for a long time and decided it was time for something different.

This guitar overall is a blast. The shape is killer, the sound is pretty nice too. The slim neck is awesome to play on and the jumbo frets make plenty of playing room as opposed to some guitars I've played with no room at all.

I do not the like the fact that it isn't a sitting down guitar, because a lot of the time I sit down to give lessons and such. Also the bridge is a bit confusing at first and takes a bit of work to keep it in proper working order. And lastly this is mainly a soloing guitar, if your a chord player I don't recommend this for you.

Overall the guitar is built beautifully. The paint job is great, the neck is amazing to play on, everything just feels right with this guitar. there are no genral problems I had except with the bridge.

If your a sit down guitarist, don't like soloing, and have never even heard of Rhoads don't bother spending the money.If you love to solo and are a loyalist to the great Randy Rhoads this is the guitar for you.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

mika666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Jackson RR3 .. Perfect! But ..."

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
For description check out the site builder.

2 micro ringing after his tastes and colors ..
I have put the paf joe or above those of the guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold .. But it seems to drool too ..

On youtube you can find videos test.

After the original ones, even as it is sharp, cold, it's made for metal what ..
Despite that clean, jazzy style that goes ..


Well, well, it's a fly, not to play sitting H24 lol.
Pulls a little to the front, some changes the location of the screw strap but I find it useful, it is not death .. Or if you call Alexis Laiho ^ ^

Treble not great, but on a much pulling 9-46 but take the Satriani ibanez ..
A fly in 11-56 you play something like that .. (Granted drop of course)


I play on a Peavy, Marshall occasionally, it takes a good sound roughly ..
After as said above, this is not the microphones ..
Sounds, but not as I love, I want something heavy riff in balèze and it is not with the original ones ..

Its cold in clean, accurate at all times except, yes, with the neck pickup, it drool a little ..
But for a hard rock sound that sounds good.


I've had almost two years, I have a yamaha with Dimarzio, your agreement you hold me longtps unlike jackson .. And this is a Yam ..
I also have 2 Ibanez with different microphones course, but Duncan, Dimarzio, and Infinity, a signing LTD Laiho (Children of Bodom), and another lol.

I like the shape on stage you posting YOUR style immediately.

I remake this choice, maybe not, I will ascend to the RR1 with more microphones. Balèze of departure ..

Disaye's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
-22 Frets
Seymour Duncan Pickups,
-Floyd Rose Bridge (the flat ..)
-1 3 position selector, 2 tone knobs, 1 volume


The neck is thin and very nice, but quite difficult to access last two boxes, but one gets to ..

It is also very light (about 4 pounds I think) is quite nice to play up!
In terms of form, it remains to both its strengths and weaknesses, the shape is very beautiful, one can not help but put a strap and see what it looks like with, a really nice guitar, but it stings the nose a lot: two solutions possible, have a strap that hangs the clothes, or to add a mieu fixed the strap behind the neck rather than next

The weak point of the form is that beacoup people (like me), bought this guitar more for form than for its .. the error is ... sitting position to play (once acquired course) is quite comfortable (especially for a solo) but when playing on the bass, it is immediately less enjoyable, it quickly becomes tiresome for the left arm and back also .. (but back pain depends your position too, if you stand right it goes ..) but nothing "really" annoying, do not bother beacoup this problem is far from the principal of such scratches ..

And we will approach the single (very large) weak point of the guitar to my taste: the FLOYD

I warn you right away and I lie to us: the floyd is very very boring ... boring, I'm a regular at the big drop (I go regularly from standard to drop C). And as you say I deeply regret having chosen this guitar as the first electric guitar, the floyd is the worst enemy of the regulars drop ... Why you ask? Well it's simple:

-The floyd, once accustomed to tuning, he wants to stay there, get him used to a different tuning, it is very dificil, if we go from standard to drop C, once your rope relaxed, it will tighten all alone , mechanics will not turn any one course, is the only floyd and floyd who is going to tighten, so you can relax your rope, it tightens, you redétendez .. and so on until the floyd is used ... but the worst is when do we go from the standard, the cord will relax and you will have to tighten the several times, as you say that a rope is not that the tender has to play / relax, dun so after time his case, you will say I am unlucky, but my first 2 weeks but with this guitar, cost me three floyd high E string, ie the I'm broke, I hate that I have 5 strings on my guitar because of this *** to put a floyd the con, and I would even give me more to do ..

The solution: If you really want to have this guitar, do not take it in first guitar, buy a cheaper forward with a good amp (I recommend an Ibanez GRG CORTVX2X or (in total neutrality vis a vis my tastes. .) for example ..) and buy the one after, put in one to do, for a standard, so you do not have to change tuning ... all tell you that I am already eager to be a Christmas 2009 for my ibanez GRG ...


This guitar is perfectly suited to my style of music
I play on a VOXAD30VT, I play metalcore / death / heavy / thrash metal and this guitar is a great sound out for these kind of music .. you can even play rock / hard rock amp if your permit!

The distortion with this guitar is a wake the dead, she is really good, I am very satisfied on this point!

As against the clean .. very disappointed by it against .. .. not too bad but I expected a better now what!


I use it now for 1 month


The handle
The distortion
The shape
The weight

The -

THE FLOYD (I cut him off a 3 point because of the floyd because it has really caused the problem .. pity it was his only flaw ..)
the form

Before buying this guitar, I tried the RX10D (which I definitely recommend a person ..) VX2X the cort, ibanez GRG and the BC Rich Bronze Warlock

Satisfactory value for money
With m'experience, I will not repeat that choice for now, I chilled on the other hand if I had one already before electric guitar again!

Gortch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
It's a Japanese guitar
it has a Bolt with 22 boxes
Seymour Duncan
easel-like floyd
there is a knob for volume and two microphones for I believe
look at it is responsible, super geule!


The neck is super enjoyable, trs end, and the V-shape allows the ACCS Acute easy (even if it was not the comfort of a neck-through). It's a lightweight guitar, no back pain after 5 minutes of play. She is not hyper, but balance is not bad, a varies straps I used too. To play it is not unpleasant sitting (unlike her sister KingV), just play like a classical guitar.
S'obtiens sound without problems.


I took this guitar to play metal and it fulfills its role, it has a sound and sharp prcis that does not bleed but the pickups are pretty cool, it's going for the blast but its clear they lack the gloss . I tried on an old marshall master lead combo and a fender twin and there's not to say there is that the marshall and gain a background for it to pass. I will soon receive a randall RH150, I hope it will have a big sound microphones are the only vritable weakness of this instrument.

EDIT 20/04/08:

I changed the SETTING THE scratching for a drop of C, I also brought the microphone cords and sounds really better! the Randall (I finally REU) is also something. I'll change the note because with the most suitable rglages like scratching the road!


I use it for about 6 months. I love the look and finish, but it's a shame they do not like a better sound (maybe I'll change the pickups a few times). I bought on a whim after seeing a skyscraper of the same shape in a live Sepultura 1994. I think I will not repeat that choice. later can be, I am interested in a guitar the same shape but with other pickups.
monsieur plume04/14/2008

monsieur plume's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
CHARACTERISTICS for all t dja said.

I think that micro Contents you can find much better.


The handle is trs enjoyable, it's a pleasure to play.
CHAC is the acute impcable.
The guitar is really not lourde.La form does not impede to play by standing against sitting is unplayable! I confess that I too n'apprcie these forms even if the c ' True, the look is gnial.


I play mostly rock, punk, hard rock and metal and sometimes quieter stuff like the metal is really reggae.Pour gnial however for clean sounds There's so much better.
I think this guitar should be more rhythmic than the big solos (Angus Young style or Jani Liimatainen).
This guitar is not it trs trs versatile metal shaft, it is suitable for mtalleux parfaitement.Si you are looking for versatile guitars will rather see in Gibson.


I do not possde this guitar but I test in a store and here are the default key that I found this guitar: it is trs (too?) Axis and thus metal trs not versatile and is unplayable seat.
Beware of this guitar should mtalleux but not others (the price is just having a good Ibanez for versatility or 200 euros more you can get a Gibson).
Do not be fooled by the great look of this guitar, I think for that price, it gets better.

cortzan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
2 humbucker Seymour Duncan
A 3 position pickup selector
1 tone knob
2 volume knob
A floyd rose bridge
Unfortunately only 22 Frets


Nice round end
The access to acute, is fairly easy, it's a normal flying
That will be a flying, it is a little hard to play sitting but when we found the technique is good;)

Rather well-balanced guitar, it looks a little annoying but c'es pa ... it weighs 4.2 kg I think

On the treble when you got the fingers of potatoes is not terrible, but the power of the pickups are excellent

Only problem is with the floyd rose, as when any change in diameter of rope, you got the floyd derived by a rather boring background and c


Personally I am a bottom, and company in the metal, but it happens, from time to time to touch the blues.
It suits my style, it fits very well in the rock 'n roll, metal, and other ...
Even if it is not made to play jazz and another, it still gives a good sound.
I play on a 30 amp washburn vga
It disting real difference between the microphone near the handle and one near the bridge.

It has a sound that stands out, but you can do better on it ca


I use it for 4 months
I like its looks (I have black)
I can not say I try to open before falling over, I relied on the opinion of each
I bought € 420 (excluding tax & shipping not live on the mainland)
So I can say it has a good value for money

With experience, I would contribute more to another guitar, but with a budget of less than € 500 I n'ésiterez not

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
I RR3 with the head "reverse" and Seymour Duncan design
(See photos on my profile ...)
made in Japan.
22 boxes
bought new about 6000 francs 3 years ago


The handle is pleasant trs, trs wide end, ideal for sweeping! it requires an adjustment period for those who used to play on the neck like Gibson.
Then, for Access in acute .... frankly, I find it terrible ca.
this guitar is relatively lgre and despite its particular form can even play sitting on (set to "classic"). it is not too bad equilibrated (given the shape!), but AC looks a little bit of the head of the cot when you are playing up and we loose the handle ... but hey, it's really not Gnant as you play! (no relation to a BC Rich "Iron Bird / Injouabledebout!")
the floyd is the road I never support it as a sick but even using it often takes the tuning ca nikel!


The sound?
for metal saturation is excellent for most acute with the microphone, frankly ca "crash" and it's clean! Revenge in the micro serious lack of "punch" of grain and PersonAll. (As a result I almost never use it: damages for solos!)
except for the metal autrechose that is not even bother!
the clean sound is really not great (better have a good multi-effects to correct AC), it sounds "flat", not brilliant, and acute micro saturates quickly ... but good anyway this guitar n ' no t designed for the "blues / jazz man".
even the handle, which is more oriented "modern games" (sweeping, taping, jumping rope) that "traditional games rock" (run off and end no question of passing the thumb over the neck except for ... big hands!)


I have this guitar for about three years. I had other guitars and I test a lot since then.

good, you really have to be blind and deaf to not realize that this guitar is for a unique style of music.

report quality price ... I think these guitars (Jackson, BC Rich ... etc) is way over priced for what it is! you pays particular look and brand, everyone plays jackson and prices escalated ... cot manufacturing is the big industry, Scher left the wood just 4 months and they'll back a guitar with that! for those who are fond of the look, I advise them to move (for the same price) instead of LAG or MOSQUITO.

we can not say whether it be a guitar shit but anyway I would do not have that choice! next time, I will buy a "real" instrument, like Vigier Excalibur, or a MusicMan GAUDIN ....( good on it ... it's not the same price ...)

+ what I love: the look, the handle, the microphone saturation in acute ... excellent for metal and hard rock
what I like least: no trs versatile, micro serious (but hey, you can always change it!), clear sound

I put as global rating 7 / 10 for the report MAKING METAL / qualitPRIX
if I were to note the report VERSATILITY / quality / price I would have put a note of 5 / 10