Steinberg Groove Agent 2
Steinberg Groove Agent 2

Groove Agent 2, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Steinberg in the Groove Agent series.

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Guillaume LANGEVIN 01/30/2006

Steinberg Groove Agent 2 : Guillaume LANGEVIN's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Install without any worries
Config gnrale software very simple and intuitive, even if in ergonomics nothing has changed from Groove Agent's first name.
Manuel trs clear.


My config: 3000 +, 500 GB, 1.5 GB RAM, Terractec Phase 22. I use Groove Agent as Cubase SX3.
No instability meeting, it's all nickel, not a single crash.


I use it for good two months Maitena.
Most of Groove Agent 2:
- Sounds diversified.
- Software trs intuitive and well thought out.
- Possibility of shuffled Kits & Styles.
- Many samples in the original software.
- Possibility to make breaks at any time.

The - Groove Agent 2:
- Nothing new from the first album (except for some kits).
- It's expensive for what it is given the evolution from Groove Agent 1.
- At a time when the quality of BFD Groove Agent 2 is indented trs. You may say this is not the same price either ... and if bin, € 50 prs. Too bad.
- Impossibility to extract the original MIDI samples of soft. Re-injury has had the permit to work in other rhythmic BAR.

If you fall for it to expensive or if the Magic Pony (Pony mchant, mchant!) Allows you to have Do not hesitate, if not also to be sr loot that you GA2 appropriate. This software is especially useful to make some Jams 2-stage 3 movements. As for the rest of it pretty quickly limit in fact. GA2 seems to be a final big patch of GA1. A patch of the same rating while nine € 250 ...