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Native Instruments Virtual Instruments user reviews

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 1

    Native Instruments Kontakt 1 - iTek's review


    Easy installation, no problem of incompatibility of PC with PIV. The manual is clear. AIM I find a little more than CD sound ... Too bad! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Impcable operation of the software. Rponse trs short time. I work less than 5ms. I…

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 1

    Native Instruments Kontakt 1 - Fanch's review


    Installation is simple and classic. I have not encountered incompatibilitbr /> The configuration is also simple trs The manual is not bad, can be a little too vulgaris times ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE PIII 800 EB (6 * 150) ASUS CUSL2, 512 MB…

  • Native Instruments B4

    Native Instruments B4 - Lsan's review


    No problem to install. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Super stable, trs little greedy. OVERALL OPINION B4 I use the past year. it is super stable, trs demand few resources (that is the native, whatever). at her, with jou purists will say that on a…

  • Native Instruments Battery

    Native Instruments Battery - Yosic's review


    The installation is no problem It is fully compatible with cubase sx The software is very well made it click on the pd of the samples and it is no problem tinkering the manual is clear and anyway the software is very intuitive SUITABILITY/PER…

  • Native Instruments PRO-52

    Native Instruments PRO-52 - Psycom's review


    Installation is the hands down (like all the products that I could install Native!). The use also is easy. I do not know if the manual is sufficient, and for good reason: I did not need to open it! It is an accumulation of synthtiseur typical analog …

  • Native Instruments Absynth 1

    Native Instruments Absynth 1 - Web-bros's review


    The facility is impeccable. A simple configuration trs. The manual is clear to all who have bases in synthse. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P III 1 GHz 512 MB RAM ASUS Tusler 2 & ABIT BX 133 HHD IBM Sound Card: Midiman Delta 1010 / RME 96/52 …

  • Native Instruments Dynamo

    Native Instruments Dynamo - Cigol's review


    Installation is no problem and I have not encountered incompatibility of the configuration is easy for both audio for MIDI. The manual is in English, I'm happy. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Cosmos motherboard with Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz. 520 MB RAM, two "s…