Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral

HQ-OR Orchestral, Virtual Orchestral Instrument from Edirol.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral

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Average Score:3.2( 3.2/5 based on 17 reviews )
 2 reviews12 %
 8 reviews47 %
 1 user review6 %
 1 user review6 %
 4 reviews24 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

JoeW1's review

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
Edirol Orchestral is compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC.

The manual that is included with the software is more than enough to obtain the necessary knowledge of how the pack works and how to use it.

The setup doesn't require a lot of time or effort , it's very fast and easy to manage.


The software works correctly in its initial configuration.

The software has a good level of stability , no issues found while using it for some time.

I'm getting great performances in using different orchestral elements in my songs , a very nice grand piano is included here.

I've been using Edirol for two or three years.


What I like most about this product are the different articulations , the different type of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and Keyboards , a great vibrato and tremolo included with the instruments , and of course pizzicato and spiccato.

I also like how amateur friendly is the design , very easy visually to find your right patch or your articulation.

This product has 24-bit/96kHz sampling resolution.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , this product can be bought for 350 $ , which is way cheaper than other orchestral packs.
You get a full orchestra for just 350 $ , that's a good deal , however the quality and the precision and quality of the sounds is quite weak , I don't really like how strings sound , brass and woodwinds sound even worst.

The tremolo instruments sound good , apart from them you get a quality of 60 %.

Not a very good quality of the sounds , but with some compressors and reverbs , you get the effect.

I've tried several models , this is probably the cheapest , and the most amateur friendly product.

Knowing what I know , I don't think I would buy this product , but great product for beginners.

Azuma's review

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program worked really amazing on Windows XP, Windows Seven or even MAC OS.

The book provided with the program was very good , well detailed , all the information that was important was well explained there.

General configuration and setup is fast easy and so it doesn't require a lot of time and effort.


The software works smooth and its stability is very great and epic.
The functions and the performances are very nice , I think its great having your own orchestra in just a plugin.
I've been using this product for about 3 months , but I've used a lot its piano and slow strings selection.


What I like most about Edirol is that you have a full orchestra in your daw , it's very easy to use , it's fast , it doesn't require much cpu power.
I also like how many types of articulation and instruments are present in the product itself , surprisingly I have found that the keys , the concert piano are actually very high quality and sound much better than other huge libraries that cost much more and weight many and many hundreds of gb more.
What I do not like about this product is that you can't really compare the brass selection , the strings , with the top products like east west , native instruments , symphobia etc.

My opinion about the value of price is great , I think this product allows a lot of options and tweaking and it stays in a very comfortable price range for almost everybody.

Precision and quality of the sounds I would rate 8/10 , as I mentioned you get pretty good results for the size included and the price range , however if you want to make something very serious you must consider buying something better.

Knowing what I know , I don't think I would buy this product mainly because if you're a pro , you need to have pro hardware and software.

BeyondR's review

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues with Edirol Orchestral.
The manual provided by the soft is quite clear and enough to understand the basic functions of the work flow. However it has plenty of musical instruments and if you would like to have a better understanding of the connections between instruments and sounds you should search for some additional info.

The general configuration and setup is quite simple and fast, in just a couple of minutes you would have your own orchestra installed as a VST or standalone in your own home or studio.

The typical functions are quite accessible and clear , the design however is quite amateur but straight forward that's why it's pretty easy to use.


The software works decent and the gear is stable, however I've encountered a problem, after closing the daw, next time you open the project, the settings aren't saved, so all of your setting are practically lost.
I've been using this program for more than a year, and I gotta say, it's quite good, however it can't be compared with some massive orchestral like East West Quantum Leap or VSL.


What I like most about it, it's that it doesn't require high cpu resources, you can run multiple instances of Edirol and still work as you would've lunched just one.
The price of this product can match almost every kind of pocket, it doesn't cost much so practically anyone can afford it.
However I would suggest if you're serious about producing orchestral music, classical music, or just some pop involved with strings/ basses/ to get something that has a better quality.

The quality of sounds I would rate 7/10, the precision of instruments and pitch is good, 8/ 10.

Knowing what I know, if I wouldn't have enough cash to buy EWQL or something similar than I suggest getting Edirol Orchestral.

yoTrakkz's review

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
Edirol HQ-OR orchestreal plugin is worth the buy. This plug in creates wonderful sounding orchestral instruments to use in your music. These sounds are the real thing, they are samples of the real instruments and that’s why they sound so full and rich. You could make some great movie scores with these sounds and instruments.


I have been using Edirol HQ-OR orchestral software for about 2 years and no orchestra software can compare to this vst. The price is ok, but if you wait till they have a sale you will get it for a fraction of the cost. So keep checking back online at their website and you will come across some sort of a deal, and they may also let you download a trial version of the software so you can see just how great the samples sound before making your investment in this piece of software.


I ran this software on my windows computer and it worked great in both of my daw’s. Cubase and Fl Studio worked seamlessly with Edioral HQ-OR Orchestral software. This program is extremely easy to use just load it up and start messing with the presets and you will be ready to start adding these instruments in your projects right away.

Overall this program is the great, but its not the best. There are higher priced programs for orchestra sounds that are better than this one, but those programs cost a lot more. So if you are on a budget than this is the one you will end up needing to go with. It sounds great, its simple to use and it comes with high quality real sampled sounds that sound great and are ready to go right away. No need to add too many affects because the instruments are full and rich. You cant go wrong with this software.

Marshall92's review

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
Edirols Orchestral is a plugin that creates orchestral instrument sounds. For me it installed quickly and easily, I didn’t have a single problem. I am using a cheap Dell PC and there where no compatibility issues whatsoever. Once you get Orchestral open you will see how easy it is to us, with the simple tool screen you can pick your instrument and edit it to whatever you desire. I haven’t even read the manual once, and I know pretty much every feature that orchestral has to offer, it is that simple.


The computer I am using is a cheap Dell PC, running Windows XP. Orchestral works phenomenally is this setup, I have not had one problem with it, except for the fact that it really drains my CPU power, but that’s the computers fault, not Orchestral’s. The configuration is super stable, it has never caused a problem for me once, and it works great!


I have been using Edirols Orchestral for about six months now, and I love it. There are many things I like about Orchestral, such as the varity of instruments, the in-depth editing capabilities, and the amount of sounds you get for the money. However my favourite thing about Orchestral would be how easy it is to use, it is as simple as selecting an instrument and playing. The only thing I dislike about Orchestral is the Pizzicato and Staccato sounds, they have way to much Sustain to really be called these things, and unfortunately, after trying many a time, I have found there is no way to get a good Pizzicato or Staccato sound. I did not try any orchestral plugins before, however I have used synths that produce some Orchestral instrument sounds, and Edirols Orchestral beats them by a long shot. In my opinion, you will not find a better Orchestra plugin for the price, however, if you really want a great Orchestra plugin, take my advice and save up for something made by East West, because they will blow Orchestral out of the water.

Wad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
No problem.


P5LD2 - PIV 3.0Ghz - 2 GB DDR2
Cubase SX2.0 in squenceur host.
It turns (heureusement. ..)


Prs a year and a half post APRS have three compounds in dmonstrations sound, I m'aperois I did not cry to review this product. It dsormais done.
When I bought this product c'tait for me the very first time I rubbed the joys of orchestral sound bank and I must say that I really apprci.
For my part, I find some wood and percussion trs well made, even if the same when any lack of "Niack". The strings are not standards but coutable remains, brass, however, are trs ugly, it must be said.
Sr is that if we compare orchestral banks such as VSL, the choice is quickly made, but what price?!
I recommend this software for beginners as it is easy to handle and it REPRESENTATIVES not too big investment (especially if it is found OCCAZ 100 euros).
I do not have that choice would do with xperience, but as a beginners two years ago, yes I would do without this choice problem.

Madness`'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
BLME free installation, no incompatibility, software easy to use ...


My pc: P4 2.6, Asus P4PE-X CM, 512 Ram, 40 GB and 20 2DD, sound card Digigram VX222
there is no problem, a function


I use it for 5 months. This ke use most and I think ki restore good sound is the strings, I find the incredible finesse, with a width of exquisite set of strings that gives me chills. Otherwise, there's good and bad, to sounds Brass, blah, nothing special, that does not give her vertigo must say ...
Qualitprix: I bought it for 100 euros, seemed be reasonable and I am Fully satisfied, I was afraid to beginners, with the MODEL or hypercanvas superquartet, I was expecting a sound rotten but my delight NO! has sounds good, but adpend of c'ke you want to get this plug! K'ils damage have not done just with the violins, one pass s'rait other instruments ...
Good choice all the same

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol HQ-OR Orchestral
No bp of this view (so why give less than 10?)
and then you do not need the manual


No prob with my AMD 1.4 Ghz 512MB RAM SBLive
the software is moderately greedy, I can run without 2modules bp


I lay on occasion bought € 150, and for that price, jen am satisfied
Avoid: the violin, and piano,

The rest is pretty good (with qqs SETTINGS)

You can not make a symphony, but it seems pretty convincing if the strings are implemented in such a mix.
If you are interresting seuelement by the strings, pick up Halion String Edition ...