Native Instruments B4 II

B4 II, Virtual Organ from Native Instruments in the B4 series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Native Instruments B4 II

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 2 reviews25 %
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songboy's review

Native Instruments B4 II
I run a Macbook with Logic 9 and Ableton 7.  There is no compatibility issues that I am aware of.
I have never referenced the manual, in fact, I am not sure it came with one. 
Although, if you are familiar with a real tube organ, you should get the hang of this right away.  If not, look it up.
In the sense that this is a reproduction visually as well as aurally of a B3, then yes it is setup simply. 
Yes, all the typical functions are easily accessible via the tab bar in the upper part of the window.  Select either Manual, Organ, Expert or Preset and you will be able to find everything you need.


I use it in both programs mentioned earlier as well as a standalone unit from time to time.  So far it has worked very well.  No drop outs, no crashes.  I really enjoy this plugin, but the plugin I find myself drawn to when I need a B3 is GSi's VB3.   I am giving this an 8 out of 10 because the VB3 is 2 units better.
I have been using this plugin for about a year.


What I like about this plugin is the great presets and the excellent attention to detail when dealing with options on an organ. 
What I don't like is what I don't like about a lot of plugins out there.  Its so damn hard to read/use live because its small and therefore hard to read.  The real problem is you cannot resize it.  Hitting fullscreen leaves the plugin the same size and puts a black background blocking everything else out.  Kinda dumb.
I got this in the big package deal I think I paid about $100 or $150 for this.  Thats not too bad, but in the end, I wish I had just bought the GSi VB3.  Sound quality is very good, 2nd only to the VB3.  I have organ patches in just about every sound machine I own as well as software like Logic, Ableton, Reason, and a few others have a ton too.    This ranks number out of all those guys.
In the end, no I would not make the same choice again.  I would have just bought the GSi VB3

pierax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments B4 II
Very easy


Toshiba Centrino 1.73 with 2GB of Corsair Ram (533 mghz)
Sound Card M-Audio 18/14
Case Midi 8x8 m-audio
Cubase SX 2.0
Keyboards Roland A-90 principal and M-Audio MC-43 and more.

No problem ... My performance bar Exceeds rarely 15 or 20 %.... rev slightly when compared to gas plants as Absynth 3 or 4 or HALion String Edition ....
No problem to sync midi ... responds to a hair ....
no crash either in standalone or vst cubase by
I turned with a 50aine tracks at the same time (a lot of audio and 6 or 7 vst more) no problem ... it's really reliable.


I use it for 2 months, I used the first version for 1 year and a half.
Day and night .....
I was glad of the B4 but has really screwed me a slap ... nothing to see much warmer, more realistic ...., percussion is stirring ... emulator cab and just top and then they can choose their tonewheels ...
of quality presets are many and trs
The modulation possibilities are almost endless (dual / single rotor vibrato ... ... ... overdrive reverb ... etc. .. etc)
Farfisa emulators are like the real is quite disturbing ...
Small BMOL Lorqui you play the 88 notes on a vst .... the sharp fall a lot (like a hammond b200 and it's like to rev quickly catchisme !!...)
So be careful to play it on 73 ratings .... especially careful to trs amplification ..
I played on the speakers yamaha s115 with a qsc rmx1850hd and a 01-v ....
mouth and it was really impressive! ...
On the monitor (Event ASP8) is bluffing and nikel mixer (almost nothing to do) it's clean no surprises in the low ...

I wanted to buy a keyboard hammond xk-3c but I have enough ..... wait until my budget to expand ....

For there is no substitute against the touch of true waterfall ... especially nothing can replace the howl of a Leslie 3300 (I tried it in a Malthus andr xk-pro system .... it's madness) but that's another good rate and that's a different world ....

Congratulations and thank you native ... quality price ratio perfect.
I buy it direct