IK Multimedia Mastering Software 2.0
IK Multimedia Mastering Software 2.0

Mastering Software 2.0, Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from IK Multimedia in the T-Racks series.

Nigel 04/23/2005

IK Multimedia Mastering Software 2.0 : Nigel's user review


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Installing a Linux user could even be implemented: o))) no problemo is a soft modern work preferably with recent OS like XP or 2k.

The software does not TElement focntionne resources and even with standard sound card (AC97, SB and other sound max ...) it's light but strong at the treatment options. Hand grip you have to go through against a lot of time to find their setups because the combinations are huge and if that enables BCQ of thing here also helps to lose his Latin sometimes quite rich mix of tracks.

If each function is called and placed cliarement we are dealing a real virtual rack which incorporates the functions of compressor, gate and enhancer.


The results are really great for mastering mix of amateur gives pumped with output levels and a compression credible. The counterpart to all of this is the time to find settings that may change dramatically while the tracks focntion treated.

In short, here simulates a tube EQ and compression and that makes pretty good if you find the right mix.

I tried plans sondier a compression of a large room of Lille but there's no magic formula that applies to all the mixes, must be addressed case by case and in the end the result is very flattering, even to rework recordings from old vinyl records.


I hit a little bit of everything for mastering and can not afford to invest in hardware to the height I was still on my hunger. In discussing at a formaiton the mix with a sound engineer I found this little app is worth spending time on it. This is the final touch that brings a lot to the mix and can give real credibility to a record amateur.