VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO
VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO

Vienna Ensemble PRO, Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from VSL.

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VSL Product Updates

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VSL recently updated Vienna Ensemble, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Instruments to version 4.1.7043 and Vienna Instruments Pro to version 1.0.7043.


Changes in Vienna Ensemble Pro (since v4.0.5436)

VE PRO 4.1.7043:

  • Added backwards compatibility for Directory Manager.
  • Fixed repetition problem for selected patches with more than 12 repetitions in VI PRO.

VE PRO 4.1.7030:

  • Fixed potential hanging notes during process lock.
  • Fixed potential random crashes in the Server Interface plug-in.
  • Fixed crashes related to VI Pro integration.
  • Fixed glitchy playback of VI Pro when connected through VST3 Server Interface in Cubase 5.
  • Removed VI (PRO) channel from new project.
  • Fixed a small time synchronization inaccuracy when using 2 buffers of latency in Server Interface plug-in.
  • Removed "Check for Updates..." feature for now.
  • OS X: Improved time synchronization of hosted AU's, fixing the issues with FXpansion plugins.

VE PRO 4.1.6853:

  • Fixed keyboard widget not updating when switching between docked VI Pro instances.
  • Fixed VI Pro editors interfering with each other between VE PRO instances.
  • WIN: Fixed crashes on Win XP32 and Win XP64.

VE PRO 4.1.6844:

  • Fixed inability to validate content licenses in original VI plug-ins after installing VE Pro without rebooting afterwards.
  • Added "Convert Project to VI Pro..." feature, which loads an existing viframe and converts all VI's to VI Pro's automatically during loading.
  • Fixed Delete key printing a "turtle" character in VI Pro editor.
  • WIN: Showing proper build revision in installer and application name.
  • OS X: Removed "Vsldaemon" from installer welcome message.
  • OS X: Fixed rare crash when deleting VI PRO channels.

VE PRO 4.1.6776:

  • Added master tuning function for VI Pro.
  • Added master optimization functions for VI Pro.
  • Fixed bug when rendering from Cubase 5.5 which could cause a silence at the start of the resulting audio file.
  • Improved initial startup speed.
  • Removed dependency on vsldaemon.
  • Implemented direct hosting for VI Pro.
  • WIN: Fixed a bug which caused a VST that crashed while scanning to not be avoided on the next scan.
  • WIN: Added Windows Audio (non-exclusive WASAPI) support to audio engine.
  • OS X: Added support for resizable Cocoa AU views.

VE PRO 4.0.6150:

  • Fixed a crash when loading a project in your host sequencer and connecting to a VE PRO Server over network.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting multiple channels.
  • Improved saving/loading times when loading/saving over network.
  • Shortened MIDI port names of RTAS Server Interface to "VEPro" for better overview in Pro Tools.
  • Added hovering effects on some widgets.
  • OSX: Fixed a crash that could occur when connecting to the VE PRO Server with Airport wireless active.
  • OSX: Added workaround fix for a saving bug in MusicLab AU instruments.
  • OSX: Fixed inability to restart VE PRO Server after Kontakt was loaded in it with its memory server set to the manual setting.
  • OS X: Fixed redrawing and inability to interact with the Server Interface plug-in on a second monitor in some hosts.

VE PRO 4.0.5814 public beta:

  • Improved Kontakt sample-rate behavior when loading a master host project.
  • Window geometry of 32 and 64 bit Server is now retained separately.
  • Server Interface plug-in will now timeout after one second instead of infinitely hanging when connecting to an invalid server.
  • Input, Output and Send assignments are now properly adjusted when merging VE PRO projects.
  • Some small optimizations to per channel audio processing.
  • Fixed reassignments of inputs when deleting channels.
  • Minor improvement to server advertisement/discovery.
  • Fixed keyboard input bugs in Server Interface VST2 and VST3 plug-in.
  • Fixed graphical artifacts in the Vienna Instruments interface.
  • OS X: Keep floating windows visible when suspending application.
  • OS X: Fixed hang when loading a *.viframe over network which has AU's that pop a message while loading.
  • OS X: Fixed disappearing main window on application suspend when a Carbon AU view is docked.
  • WIN: Fixed crash when clicking preset bar in Vember Audio Surge VST.
  • WIN: Fixed administrator permission bugs in Directory Manager (these settings are being repaired upon installation).

Changes in Vienna Ensemble

VE 4.1.7043:

  • Added backwards compatibility for Directory Manager.
  • Fixed repetition problem for selected patches with more than 12 repetitions in VI PRO.

VE 4.1.7030:

  • New interface: Vienna Ensemble (version 4) now offers the same basic structure and interface as Vienna Ensemble PRO, with the following new features:
    • Vienna Instruments PRO integration.
    • Removed dependency on vsldaemon.
    • 64bit Service on OS X.

Changes in Vienna Instruments

Version 4.1.7043:

  • Added backwards compatibility for Directory Manager.

Version 4.1.7026:

  • Directory Manager settings are now stored per-user.
  • Codebase is synchronized to VE PRO.
  • Improved initial startup speed.
  • Removed dependency on vsldaemon.
  • Changed control ranges in a matrix span controller to 0-127 (was 0-100).

Changes in Vienna Instruments PRO

Version 1.0.7043:

  • Added backwards compatibility for Directory Manager.
  • Fixed repetition problem for selected patches with more than 12 repetitions in VI PRO.

Version 1.0.7030:

  • Fixed audio burst/silence when playing a note before any previous processing occurred.
  • Added ability to change custom data folder.
  • All Directory Manager settings are now per-user.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of loaded waves count.
  • Fixed crashes when hosted in Notion.
  • Fixed Humanize Preset name not being preserved when copying a slot.
  • Program changes over 100 are now interpreted correctly.
  • OS X: Fixed right click or Ctrl-click not working in RTAS.
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