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VJ Software user reviews

  • Robotfunk FLOWMOTION 2.0

    Robotfunk FLOWMOTION 2.0 - komar's review


    Used for the past 2 ½ years Particularity: a sort of semi-modular synth video, where you can "cbler" faders give any: lfo, sound, MIDI Clock, bpm, patterns of movement. I have tried many software before visual guide me on Flowmotion and its inter…

  • Robotfunk FLOWMOTION

    Robotfunk FLOWMOTION - komar's review


    Trouble-free installation Incompatibility: ing Config gnrale: trs simple Manual: in French / German, covers well the features offered diffrent Config: p4 2.4,1 GB RAM, Matrox G450, rm1x + Pocket Dial The app runs fine, stable (test 12 hour…

  • Aestesis Elektronika

    Aestesis Elektronika - cascode driver's review


    The instalation is done without problem, the appearance of the interface we understand how it works the manual is in English, we see that c is a french which makes c is not complicated My config 512ddr 2.4G firewire hd for the stock of avi …