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VSL user reviews

  • VSL Vienna Dimension Strings

    VSL Vienna Dimension Strings - "Vienna Dimension Strings"


    Vienna Dimension Strings has better bow change legato, portamento and too much better legato scripts than Hollywood Strings! It has true "Portamento: espressivo" that was not been truly implemented in Hollywood Strings. That is very important articul...

  • VSL Vienna Instruments

    VSL Vienna Instruments - "nice"


    VSL Vienna Instruments is compatible with mac and with pc. I didn’t know this at first, I bought it for my macbook and then after reading the manual that came with and and saw where it was compatible with both, so that was a big plus because now I ca...

  • VSL Vienna Instruments

    VSL Vienna Instruments - "good vst"


    I purchased the Vienna Special Edition, and everything sounds great! These samples are the industry standard for good reason. Unfortunately, if you really want a variety of articulations (such as ponticello tremolo), you'll need to buy the extended l...

  • VSL Vienna Instruments Solo Strings

    VSL Vienna Instruments Solo Strings - afterglow479's review


    VSL installed without any problems. It certainly does take a while though, because the libraries for the Vienna instruments are really huge. So expect to set aside a couple hours to get this up and running. After the lengthy database copying, ther...

Translated user reviews
  • VSL Orchestral Strings I

    VSL Orchestral Strings I - " reserve"


    Hello, reputation is second to none. However I have always had a concern for doing the sound samples in a composite. I realized after recording the staccato did not play perfectly in time and that there were discrepancies on certain notes with dela...

  • VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO 5

    VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 - " The best software investment I have made"


    No worries, having already Vienna Ensemble Pro 4. (See my previous review VEP4: http://fr.audiofanzine.com/hote-plugin-software/vsl/Vienna-Ensemble-PRO/avis/r.72316.html). VEP4 was enough for me, but I went to VEP5 PT10/11 to be compatible with t...

  • VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO 5

    VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 - " Loved it"


    The installation went smoothly The general configuration is easy although the software is in English with the help of the old PDF French version Audiofanzine forum and Youtube videos. on the other hand to actually enter the settings of the be...

  • VSL Vienna Suite

    VSL Vienna Suite - " Excellent"


    The previous opinion of Pat One sums up my opinion on this bundle. Installation is very simple, with the download of the license on a vienna key or key eLicenser Steinberg. (I put 8 because of this key to use ...) SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE My...

  • VSL Special Edition

    VSL Special Edition - " to start with good VSL c"


    Easy Installation pro and ergonomic configuration. Manual clear! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I5 CORE + 4GB (insufficient in terms of memory.) either vista or win7 it turns like a clock OVERALL OPINION several years and I'm tired, because to...

  • VSL Vienna Suite

    VSL Vienna Suite - " Very good"


    Trouble free installation. Everything is nickel. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I7920 PC and Cubase 5. These plug ins are very simple to use and learn, very stable and consumes little CPU. Except for the convolution reverb a bit greedy. VSL is upd...