Alesis Fusion 8HD
Alesis Fusion 8HD
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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Alesis Fusion 8HD

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 8 reviews57 %
 3 reviews21 %
 2 reviews14 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Oliver Sp@rk04/21/2009

Oliver Sp@rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 8HD
Touch piano 88 keys ... t says it all ... prcedemment

32kg ... DGIG it an impression of solidity and design trs is enjoyable ...

8 inputs with (great!), 40 GB HD, all beautiful, all over a lume

trs good impression at a glance dballage ... see below


See overall opinion: Hyper confusion


See global opinion


Aprsrflexion to see what Jallais buy to replace my Roland Juno G, I'll say we'll enjoy the famous promo on alesis ... (989 eur new!)
Infinite sound lintrieur! oufti yen is really a package (original bank + banks + banks hollow sun KS + etc).

it's all well and good but has a. ..... sounds how?

(Sorry but I will not chew my words ...)


jai them all nice and Premire dception, they are really shit! my old technics kn 3000 sounds better! (And nothing you do with the beautiful piano rolandj'aurais my good cry on the spot juno G)

Guitar: shit .. but hey, do any synth sounds great at scratch, I spend

Low: shit (my kn 3000 sounds better), no depth, no me neither round ...

I started really take the mouth and indoor .... I'm puzzled: "I candidly con t to sell my roland ..." etc etc

well I persvre:

Sound fx / lead: yeah a will, a lot of napping .. but nothing usable from qques lead sounds (again, roland sounds better)

everything sounds the same when trs amateur free tural depth (a G bte juno roland mid-range is well above! there's no picture!)

I do not even talk about the load times between 2 sounds DSOL dear audience, I support the merger piano (ok it only lasts seconds qques live ... but is not at all if we change the middle of the song!)

moved rabies begins .... I continue ...

Its programming: a really complicated compared roland! jose not imagine even for a combination! (Less than be ing her, you really hold on ...)
Squenceur? ha ha ha. But what is this joke !!!??? I notice no dj read qques top of the net, but frankly I think the quon can not find better level zero!!

HOP ON 18/06/08 RECEIVED AND THE BOARD IN ITS Repacked 18/06/08!
Fortunately satisfied or drawback intgralement within 30 days. Hurry back lexpditeur!
Now one thing is sre .. I'll buy a roland!

I can not understand a passion for the keyboard ... (and only clicked 1000 eur make napping ... it's not really my goal)

dcevant to be the Alesis 8HD.

Voil that said, it's my personal opinion on this synth it sounds trs amateur hack if you do not have a minimum>> programmers who like to spend their night in search of his will no doubt their account .. . (I understand better why there are so many download on his site ... so alesis presets origins hum ... you understand!)

It is not at all my expectancy at and what I wanted to do ... 3 / 10
04/2009 edit: I bought a Roland Fantom X7 neuf 1 month APRS have repackaged the merger ... and since it is pure happiness is pro, ultra sound and complete without fiddling for hours in the manual, and it's clear that I do not spare!