Korg M3 88
Korg M3 88

M3 88, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Korg M3 88

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
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DEEJAY MY'Z10/10/2014

DEEJAY MY'Z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)""THE M3 THAT'S MY KARMA!""

Korg M3 88
Having sold my Korg Krome récement 88 for a real heavy hit, the latter being a hybrid between synth and piano at the touch and what a shame given sample piano inside, I took the short unique opportunity, that of become propriétaite Korg M3.

At first sight aesthetically we feel that there is a bit of Trinity with its aluminum, Radias for pink lights, the Oasys with Karma. The ability to record the module M3 and the wood on the sides gives the M3 a real personality ... it's just beautiful.

To make a quick tour at the functionality, it's simple M3 is a high quality color touch screen and a little less accurate and responsive than my Krome, all inputs and outputs possible, possibility of add an extension of memory, an EXB-Radias card to make more than 1000 sounds almost 1700 with several syntheses (HD-1, EDS, MMT optional) a card for Firewire port, no SD slot but two USB ports , buttons and knobs that seem a little fragile, 6 pads less accurate than MPC, Karma is a highly sophisticated and flexible arpeggiator live, a Kaos Pad via the touch screen, a sampler, limited in size malgrès the extension of memory, for a more detailed view, check the cylinder on the M3 61 page form, it is complete. To touch, RH3 keyboard is vraimment pleasant, accurate. Note that the M3 is modular, it can separate the module from the keyboard, or add a second module or rack RADIAS.

Finally M3 to the mouth and we feel we are on the high end.


Having had 3 of Korg workstation, I have my habits even if it offers further programing and thus it will take the floor on the full manual in English, the French manual is a little light ... as usual the rest I begin to know the song. The OS does not move Korg vraimment year after year and so for those who start these offers to date ls more readable menus and menu navigation easier.
For editions of sounds and combis, it's pretty straightforward, although the presence of Karma and more can be scary. The editor sounds via PC / MAC is pretty damn good.
Like talking about it, KARMA is a kind of box effect coupled with a powerful arpeggiator and inspiring for who is willing to have the patience to master for indeed this technology and not so easy to program and you will have to time before understanding the main subtleties. In any case it can create rhythms, play and edit in real time to control many effects on your programs or combis. Having had the Krome and have not tested the Karma, just from a distance on the Kronos, I found it a little gas plant now that I have my hands in it I perceive that we are facing a powerful tool and inspiring and that makes it even more autonomous M3.
There is also the Kaos Pad located on the surface of the main screen is active with XY MODE and you can manage the effects in real time by making diagonal with his finger. There is also the 8 pads in order to assign agreements or samples.
The sequencing part includes all the features in addition to recording, it's the same linear sequencer with my Korg Krome display notes and recorded that one can copy / paste, no loss of sound to the party recording as on my old Korg M50.


In terms of amplification, it is excellent and a good keyboard pattate. Side sounds that had the M50, a Krome and other Workstations, I was amazed by the texture of the M3 and the feeling of power of the synth.

For acoustic pianos there really a plétorique offer, I do not have the fabulous piano Krome, but the M3 offers various pianos grain more different sounds quite japonisant though. A little sibling pianos have summers welcome. For Rhodes and EP & Organs, they are often very good as Korg with a special mention for the EP / very melodious pads ... there really is something to deal with.

For brass and guitars sounds are good bill identical to those of the Krome is to say means, Yamaha motif is much more realistic but it's not new either ... The violins are correct.

The bass is powerful and varied as the Krome.

For Appliances sounds with PADS, MOTIONS part LEADS I served, quality and power of samples make you want to create combis, new programs. This is the big highlight of Korg, but it's even more obvious, I guess not even with the Radias card I already saliva and Karma have fun vraimment beacoup to develop tablecloths and other airborne sound .

Finally for the DRUMS KITS, they are slightly different to those of Krome, especially for everything hip hop RNB after I prefer those of M3.

Conclusion was the choice, power, clean sound, I had already listened to the combis that had impressed me ... there was clearly a big difference between the entry level and high end. The M5O he Camelott near the M3 and sounds are pouraves. For The Krome is different it is better finished and sounds are very good, but hey it does not offer everything offered an M3 (in time) for a simillaire price.


In the end I do not regret my migration from Krome to M3 as this keyboard has its own personality, its going aesthetics into sounds. I think to make it evolve with the Radias card for Blide level electro sounds and I'll pair it with my MOX6 for the world-part acoustic Yamaha. I am delighted with the M3 and are touching piano reminds me of a digital piano at Yamaha DGX 640 that I really enjoyed playing. I have declared the compromise between touch piano / sytnhé, hit heavy / heavy Mi, Samplinf / Sampling ... not entry level, 88 notes / 61 notes, Workstation / Analog synths .... Today I has everything that I have long sought a powerful bike to make Hip Hop RnB, with melodic for pianos, the quality of rhodes, the electros are armored, super heavy touch, the Workstation side ... there are also more (Kaos pad, KARMA) ... I was very beautiful thing with My Krome, I think I can steady myself gear level with the M3 .... it became my toy ... my Karma!

Fievreux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M3 88
Dynamic 88-note keyboard Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 "with aftertouch
Connectivity: USB, noon, 3 entrepdales
Controller: Joystic and ribbon
Possibility of a promising R & D RADIAS rack
Possibility also to lay the devices on the plates around the module M3, for example EMX and ESX Korg s'intgrent perfectly 2 cots (but are not screws)


Synthtique manual into French
Guide Paramtres English

The edition is primarily on the touch screen but the sliders and switches are configurable wish.


I use mainly for electronic music: the sounds gniaux! (RADIAS Expansion Card)


I use it for 6 months. This is a good glove from my Roland xp60.
I have long hesitating with a Roland Fantom G, but the function Karma and the fact that I was less acoustic sound branch, made me look at the M3 ('m saying that the acoustic sounds are better in the Fantom (see with the experts).

A choice I would do it again without hesitating now, can not be in 5 years if evolves a lot ... (I'm always frustrated when he has 8 knobs for 16 runs) and what will they invent?

saaxt88's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M3 88
Workastation keyboard keyboard touch heavier than 88 notes.
Description of www.laboitenoiredumusicien.com Retailer
Trs keyboard with beautiful wood inlays and aluminum hull.


Large color touch screen of an impressionable


Sounds amazing and Varis


Report quality price.