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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Kurzweil K2500X

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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MGR/Andreas Schroeder aka the Barkeyper05/20/2002

MGR/Andreas Schroeder aka the Barkeyper's review"Kurzweil K2500 X"

Kurzweil K2500X
I bought this baby second hand for *price converted from German Marks* about $1500. My main motivation in buying it was that I needed a synth with 88 keys and the good reviews I had read about it before. I also heard the 2500 rack in a band I play with.

Give me an S - S
Give me an O - O
Give me an U - U
Give me an N - N
Give me an D - D

What`s that spell? SOUND!!!!!

The K 2500 is the most amazing synth I`ve ever played, the flexibility and the pure power of the synth can make about 99% of all other synths obsolete. With my K being nearly maxed out memory wise and having all three expansion boards installed there are literally no limits to the sounds you can create. It loads samples in Akai format too, so that you won`t run out of sounds no matter what.

also, the action of the keyboard is very good, a little heavier than most weighted synths, definitely feels very piano-like

Err, did I say it feels piano-like? It also WEIGHS according to that. The K2500 X is so damn heavy that you can`t possibly carry it around on your least you`re not gonna want to.

Although once you get used to how menus and soft-buttons work it`s a breeze to use I think in future updates the display could be a bit bigger.

Other than that I couldn`t ask for much more in a synth than my K offers me

The Kurzweil is built like a tank. This ain`t no kiddy toy, its rugged housing takes the stress of "being on theroad" like there ain`t any. The quality as I mentioned above is absolutely superior, be it the sounds or the action of the keys, I have not played a better synth to date and it`s not like I didn`t try

The Kurzweil is not a synth to begin with, its multitude of possibilities and controls will surely overwhelm and maybe even scare the synthesizer-neophyte. But once one has overcome the c*sio-level (no offense ever!!!) and want to play with the big boys, the Kurzweil is the way to go.

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SugarRust's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Kurzweil K2500X
88-Key Keyboard not very heavy compared to a real piano.
The modulation wheels are easy to handle, they are both vertical (yamaha). The strip above the keys and simply enjoyable!
The sustain pedal that comes with is really good, and sounds are as true sustain (for piano).
It's a keyboard to plug in stereo. It has entries SCSI, floppy disks in HD format.
The bank of presets (factory sounds) is already provided (198sons). Acoustic instruments such as violin, brass immitis are damned good!
The Kurzweil K2500X suitable for all styles of music. All sounds are editable and can also create any right once you have the RAM on the machine.


For immediate use, the keyboard is very easy to access. We just need to read the first pages of the manual (on almost 300 .....) to understand the buttons and go! It is fast in

As for editing sounds, it's something else ... Being a fade programming I did not have Taté ... But it is quite complex in view of the possibilities.

The manual is clear enough and well enough!


For what I play ... (Rock) .. It is perfect.
The many possibilities for split keyboard (in 8 parts!) Can consist of pieces of classical
As mentioned above, the sounds are extremely realistic for a 1997 keyboard!
Personally, trumpets and violin are wonderful for jazz, for example (there is the sound of Miles Davis in the presets: P)
Some lead was still editing to review their sounds a little better ... but overall the programs are well done .. Besides, the "acoustic piano" in the preset is really ugly ...


I just buy the OCCAZ with piano and ROM is that the World and happy. I love everything about this stuff!
Before that I worked in all Triton (Korg) I found (extreme, the studio of Roland Fantom .....), to ... These are very good machines with very good sound (newer machines)
But the rest of the keyboard K2500X which I found most charming and merit. Because in 1997, with the keyboards sound like, should not have much yen.

Then spend € 5000 for a K2600 ... I do not know if I do it again because this choice Kurzweil does not change much ...

Now it remains to buy some Rack (Triton, Akai, Roland or Yamaha) to flesh it all;)