airdee 12/17/2006

Roland Fantom Xa : airdee's user review


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See more advice, but in any case he is everything you need where you need it!


The manual is not clear enough in my opinion but the synth is not too complex to use anyway. In addition there are data sheets in PDF format on the website of Roland even easier using the keyboard ( -> tab " support ").


The sounds are for the most part very good, a true source of inspiration (it's roland, we like it or not ... I love me ...).


I was abitué to compound on a computer with 4 octaves midi keyboard. With the Fantom I find all the basic functions of a sequencer software. While it is not as advanced and ergonomically but you learn very quickly to use it. Do not forget that it has more of a sampler and effects of good quality. And those who want new sounds, the sounds are editable and there is possibility of adding an SRX. What happiness! I can finally concentrate on my compositions!
In short I do not regret my purchase at the cost that I paid! € 700, not a scratch !!!!!!